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  1. We had a similar rule..."pass the salt, pass the sorrow." So we always just placed the salt shaker down somewhere near the undersalted person. And I always shake it over my shoulders, both left and right, when I spill it. Silly... I always throw a pinch of salt over my left shoulder if I spill it.....
  2. I love Cadburys Creme Eggs too. Kids got some from Grammy for Easter, do you think they actually got to eat them ? Nope. I ate all of them. One other thing that I will confees to eating on occasion is Saltine Toffee. Saltines covered in toffee (brown sugar & butter), melted semi sweet chocolate chips & slivered almonds. So good. Everytime I have made it no one believes that it has saltines in it, until I tell them to look at the bottom.
  3. Not exactly in DC, but I shop at Weis. And they have really good selection of everything. Their meats are always fresh & the seafood guy (Dwight) is very good, and steams the shrimp just right. You aren't going to find some specialty stuff, but a decent selection nonetheless. And the stores are always clean. I have found that most of the Giant stores in my area are filled with less than helpful staff & mediocre selections of meat. My local Safeway has a horrible salad bar; I won't go there for a quick lunch salad again.
  4. Prepare to be horrified. ok, here goes...... * sharp cheddar chunks wrapped in turkey bacon, sometimes with peanut butter. * ramen, preferably beef flavor, after cooking dump the water, add butter, flavor packet, hot sauce, Sazon, pepper etc. Stir & eat. * 7-11 HOT Jamaican beef patties; often consumed in the wee hours of the morning, after a night on the town. * saltine toffe (?) saltines, chocolate, sugar, butter, baked. A co-worker makes this & brings it to work. At first I was horrified & refused to eat it, but now... * Jose Ole frozen mini tacos. Just "meat w/cheese" and corn tortillas. So greasy, so unauthentic, but so good. * I too love pigs in a blanket. Have to use the crescent rolls and add a slice of American cheese. * Hamburger Helper, the man of the house makes this on nights when mommy works late & mommy is often too tired to make better by the time she gets home. The beef noodle & lasagna flavors are not too bad. * Little Debbie Zebra cakes, my mom used to pack these in my lunch. I still love 'em. * Chili cheeseburger & fries from Checkers. (Please forgive me...... )
  5. I also like Blairs Death Rain Cajun flavor chips. They are really good, but HOT.
  6. Gibbles Red Hot Chips, Lays Hickory BBQ, and Snyders (I think that is the brand) Jalapeno. I too have a chip addiction. I can eat a whole bag & not even realize it. Until I reach in to get some more & feel nothung but the empty bag.
  7. Let's see. For those hungover mornings McDonalds Sausage or Egg McMuffin with the hashbrown added to it. I really do like Hardees $6 burger. On sourdough, with bacon, covered with grilled onions & two kinds of cheese. I try not to eat them very often, just looking at the fat/calorie values make me queasy. I also like Checkers Double Cheesburgers & their fries are good too. They had a chicken sandwich at one time that wasn't half bad. I think it was a bacon ranch chicken sandwich.
  8. Not a story from NY, but I was recently in the Bahamas and the woman in front of me bought 4 tomatoes..........$20.36 !!!!! And this is everyday pricing. I understand it is due to importing, but what a shock !
  9. I am eating wasabi peas. What is your snack of the moment ?
  10. Onions, and their family members, are among my favorite foods. I eat spring onions fresh from the garden, sprinkled with a little salt. Carmelized onions in french onion soup, fried onions on steak & cheese, raw onions on sandwiches and salads. Real onion rings, cut thick and fried in beer batter. Stuffed onions baked in the oven. Roasted leeks, chives on baked potatoes. Carmelized scallion and potato tarts. I especially love the onions that come with the Honey Roasted Duck w/ Basil & Chili we get from our favorite Thai restaurant. I always ask for extra onions there. My kids however have to be tricked into eating onions most times.
  11. I wouldn't say my mother is a bad cook. Just uninspired. The meals she used to make; married to a wonderful Italian cook these days, were very basic. Broiled fish, hamburgers, basic spaghetti etc. Nothing inedible. Nothing exceptional. My father and his mother, that is where I got my love of food and cooking. That and my grandfather, who never failed to eat my "recipes" when I was young and still learning. However, I did have a boyfriend who's mother was of the cream of mushroom, cream of celery, cream of chicken variety cook. Some of her creations would put those Weight Watchers cards to shame. My mother used to have the dullest knives, guess what she got for Christmas one year ?
  12. I love Dirty potato chips too. I liked the Jalapeno Heat flavor the best. They have a website www.dirtys.com, that you can order from. I have also seen Ketchup potato chips in my local Weis. I think they were Lay's brand.
  13. jilli42

    Thompson's Turkey

    I made this two years ago. I think it was worth the effort. The turkey itself was moist, the stuffing was very good, and the gravy you can make from this is excellent. Should have seen the look on my mothers face when I brought it to the table...she thought I burnt the turkey ! I forgot to tell her it was a "Black Turkey".
  14. Yesterday I ate Wavy Lays Hickory BBQ chips dipped in cottage cheese. Followed later in the day by Beef Ramen. Drained of all water. Mixed with butter, seasoning packet, hot sauce and adobo. Dinner was a lovely concoction of leftovers. Pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies. Microwaved and combined. Threw in some sharp cheddar for good measure. Eaten on potato bread. I was all alone all day, my boyfriend had to work. So, I didn't have to hear him say " Eww, how can you eat that ?". I also love Flamin Hot Cheetos. I eat them plain or sometimes dipped in ranch dressing. I have many, many more weird combos but cannot possibly remember them all.
  15. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Goldbergs Peanut Chews
  16. Snyders has a new flavor, BBQ Rib. They are really good. Nice smoky taste.
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