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  1. denise_jer

    Sweet Lemons

    I don't know if this helps or not, but we have a lime tree that we bring indoors for most of the year (we are in Minnesota), and we have limes on there all the time. I don't know how it would get pollenated, but it is by far the best $10 we've ever spent. It just got moved to the back yard, and has about 10 itty bitty limes on it right now.
  2. denise_jer

    Hey, Hey, Donna!

    I think Donna Hay was the food stylist for Marie Claire in Australia, which is why everything is so visually stunning. I love her books, too - I kept looking at New Food Fast in the bookstore when it came out, and it was just so pretty, I had to have it! We cook out of there a lot over the years, especially when we are just pooped after work. Will probably use it a little more now that there is a new baby in the house! I stopped buying the magazine, though, to keep household costs down.
  3. denise_jer

    Is Famous Dave's any good

    I do know that this is the best Minnesota has to offer. Lee's & Dee's in St. Paul is much better than Famous Dave's for ribs, wings and catfish, but it is much less predictable in terms of side dishes. Their ribs are delicious, and their catfish is sweet and crispy. They give you the whole wing when you order wings! Sometimes the sides are a mystery, but we consider that part of the fun and charm! Sometime you get a dinner roll, sometimes a slice of white bread, sometimes you have greens instead of beans... Hickory Hut on University is also pretty darn good...
  4. We tried this over the weekend, and it was absolutely heavenly! Thank you so much for the recipe. Served it over rice and the only sound in the house was "mmmmmm!" There were very few leftovers, but the one serving that was left did reheat nicely in the microwave. I think the cornstarch in the sauce kept it from going crazy when reheating...
  5. denise_jer

    The Tragic MooLatte

    I'm not sure cow smell is really a good draw at a Dairy Queen, but what to I know! Here's a short story on it: Moovin' On Up The author actually had some interesting suggestions for other Dairy Queen products.
  6. denise_jer

    Badly-made food you love

    My mom used to make something along those lines: Creamed cheese, Hormel Chili with no beans and some cheddar cheese on top, some times some jarred salsa. She popped it in the oven until it was warm and gooey, and then we ate it using Fritos to dip. I remember once in a while, when she was super busy, she'd make it for us for dinner - with a salad on the side, of course!
  7. denise_jer

    crimes against grocery

    You could just freeze the stems and save them for making stock...
  8. We are going to be in Chicago to visit my family for the Memorial Day weekend. I think we are going to have to swing up to Evanston for the Farmer's Market on Saturday! Is there anything we absolutely shouldn't miss? We might have to bring a cooler along!
  9. denise_jer

    The Best Bit

    You can! Cracker Jack Nothing But Nuts But would it be the same yummy goodness as picking them out of the bottom of your Cracker Jack box? Probably not...
  10. denise_jer

    No to Wal-Mart Supercenter

    I've never been a fan of Walmart, but this article made me dislike them even more. Wal-Mart Wants Your Job It doesn't paint the prettiest picture of Wal-Mart, and I don't know how accurate it is, but I wouldn't want them in my neighborhood either.
  11. denise_jer

    Ideas for a Retro Party

    On Roker on the Road last night, he was at someone's house where they were doing a 50's theme party. They had a book that looked interesting, but now I can't remember the title. It was something like Recipes from Legendary Hangouts of the 50's or something to that effect. I knew I should have written it down!
  12. denise_jer

    Chicago Martini?

    My friend at Holiday Club in Chicago made me my first martini with a blue cheese stuffed olive. Love it! You used to be able to get pretty good ones at Whole Foods. When I first moved to Minnesota, I was reduced to making my own; I couldn't find them at all! But I think once in a while, the Whold Foods here has them. Now I might have to stop on my way home...
  13. Hot garlic shrimp chips. Yum!
  14. denise_jer


    I am so glad I'm not the only one! I thought I was a freak or something... Once in a while, I will eat a little box of them, but for some reason, I can not stand them popping up in my other food. And I don't think I can even give a good reason why, I just really don't like it. I agree though, that the sultanas are less offensive to me for some reason. I won't go out of my way to pick them out, but if they fall off my fork, I don't chase them down either!
  15. denise_jer

    Discontinued Products

    That was some wonderful ice cream. It just kind of disappeared.