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  1. Hula Hula ~ if you're looking for a Tiki Bar, they have decor, but nothing vintage, the drinks are sugary sweet . the vibe is Frat Boy. the food isn't anything wonderful. oh and karoke after 9. try Tini Biggs next door if you want drinks, Jamie Boudreau has changed the menu and its supposed to be great. they share the same kitchen, but have different menus.
  2. at Boren & Yesler: Northshore Hawaiian BBQ turned on their sign today (they remodeled the Rocket)
  3. Honey Court (Honey Court Seafood , (206) 292-8828, 516 Maynard Ave S, Seattle 98104 ) is our favorite for both dim sum and dinner. i've brought my visiting family here (we're chinese-american, and even my mom likes this place a lot!) we've eaten at Imperial Garden, House of Hong for dim sum, its' "ok". we've driven all the way to BC, and was underwhelmed by the dimsum there. we've had dinner at many other restaurants in the ID, but wouldnt choose them for dim sum. you can order off the menu, but its much more fun to let the ladies with the carts show you what they have. dont be intimidated when they set items down you didnt ask for, just say NO, thank you! theres a pocket guide & flash cards to Dim Sum by Kit Shan Li if you're worried about what to order. i'm tempted to get the book, since my cantonese is so rusty, that the waitresses often just speak to me in english... have fun!
  4. i quit believing any of Penelope's reviews when she gave her opinion of Alexandria's on 2nd. she neither attended the pre opening media event, nor did she return when it opened to the public. instead, she "perused" the menu and wrote up her review. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/182858_dining21.html glowing review for somewhere she's never lifted a fork! again, in "ask the critic" colum, to someone seeking Hawaiian Plate Lunch, she fobs off her job by listing a bunch of restaurnants. Proudly proclaiming "... there are several Hawaiian-style restaurants that sound very promising. I haven't yet visited any, but they're on my list to try. If you check them out any time soon, let me know what you think. Mahalo!" http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/212468_ask18.html guess she wont eat out, but will rely on others to help her do her job.. slacker.
  5. we had a couple bowls of hot and satisfying minced beef congee, wonton +meatball noodle soup and fishball noodle soups at Mike's Noodle House. i'm chinese american, and "jook" (congee) was often served at home ~ the stuff at Mikes was better than moms (hopefully she wont see this) and the wontons were big and full of meat and shrimp. we also had some "chinese donuts" long fried sticks that you dunk in the broth (they remind me of big, non sugared churros) the cauldron-hot plastic bowls are offered in 2 sizes. we chose "small" and ordered way too much (we also had noodles with spicy pork) so that was 4 dishes for 2 of us. its cheap and fast and filling. we're going back soon, as we both were lusting after the plates of chinese broccoli with oyster sauce... and to try the wide rice noodles instead of the thin yellow ones. Mike's Noodle House 418 Maynard Ave. Seattle, WA Phone: 206-389-7099
  6. my favorite dipping sauce: 1/4 c fresh chopped ginger and 1/4 cup slivered green onions and 2 teaspoons kosher salt in a heatproof dish, then pour 1/2 cup (or more) smoking hot peanut oil over (careful, it splatters!) with warm Dungeness crab.. mmmm heaven. theres a Asian market at Raineer Ave S and 23 Ave S that is selling big fat live crabs for 2.79/pound. all this crab talk ~ i'm going tomorrow!
  7. i second Albert Lee ~ i went to the store near ballard..and they are extremely helpful! bought fridge with freezer on the bottom (really, i shoulda bought one on the top, based on our ice usage, but i wanted "something different). the sale went smoothly, they fit your needs, and dont try to sell up the delivery was on time and they were awesome in the installation. and they had to bring it up 2 flights of outside stairs, removed the back door.. and hauled away the old one. we used them when i replaced the range too. again, the delivery & installation was what made these guys top notch.
  8. deja vu! we ate at andy's last year, and ordered the same items,with the same results!! howver, our fried chicken was merely cold in the center, as it had been previously cooked, and redunked into the fryer! anyone want my Entertainment coupon for this place?
  9. FoodieGirl, would you be so kind as to share your chicken liver pate recipe? we're going to do our New York New Years Eve party (we pop the champagne EST ~ 9 pm seattle time!) this would be a perfect dish to add to our buffet! thanks!
  10. im not able to read your post either, well, the important part, like the name and street of the pizza joint. i get a bunch of symbols.. could you try again, please?
  11. after reading this month's Cooks Illustrated, i've decided to make my holiday pie crusts with lard ~ but not the plain ol supermarket variety. Cooks recommends Dietrich's brand from PA,any idea where i can find a local source? thanks. e
  12. its Kosher in the religous sense ~ but its just cold cuts on bread as far as being a deli. i did have a knish from the bakery, which was not bad. but i'd say Albertsons is WAY better than the sandwich and knish that i ate at Roxy's on First.
  13. most regular grocery stores carry POM pomegranate juice in the refrigerated section ~ http://www.pomwonderful.com/
  14. thanks for the welcome, beans! the drink request came from a Tiki List i'm on ~ i tried to get more info from the person who made the original request. i'm going to direct him to this thread.. such a wealth of info.. the best i've found on the web! thanks again. elicia
  15. This drink is served at Emeril's Tchoup Chop restaurant.. Banana Rum, Bailey's Irish Creme and fresh pineapple, its cold and frothy and topped with toasted coconut. I have all the ingredients listed (at least those were the ingredients listed on the menu), but I am not sure of the quantities of each, or how they are mixed to get the drink as cold and frothy, or how to get the consistency correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  16. i am new to Washington, and pretty darned new to drinking n mixing ~ but i need to stock my home Tiki Bar with rum(s).. if you give me a short list of "must haves" ~ i'll try out the special order feature that is offered!
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