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  1. I had a light lunch there last sunday. glazed shrimp appetizer was perfectly cooked and a decent sized portion. The shrimp po boy was pretty small, but quite tasty.
  2. I'll be in Salt Lake City from August 22-27th and Telluride, Co from August 28th- September 5th and would like any restaurant recommendations you might have. All cuisines and price ranges welcome. Thanks, Tom
  3. helltrout

    Beer Can Chicken

    I have beer canned many a chicken and find it to be a delicious, trouble free way to cook the whole bird. Just a little dry rub on the bird and in the beer, some oak chips and 2 hours over indirect heat and you've got a great meal.
  4. allen makes a great duck -- and his prices are much better than the rest of the upper echelon joints in south florida. His tasting menu is $55. Norman's is almost twice that at $95
  5. If you're looking for ethnic food, you should get out of south beach. The best places on sobe are Nobu and sushi samba -- and you can go to both places elsewhere. For high end stuff try Azul and La Boche on Brickell key, Cacao and Normans in Coral Gables. Cheaper fare can be founf at cafe nuvo in north miami. Excellent Haitian / Carribbean stuff. For seafood -- try Garcias, on the miami river just west of downtown miami.
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