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  1. It's still lobster season in Gabarus and Forchou . I am on my way home tonight. My dad has 14 market size lobsters cooked and waiting for our arrival. Came out of the water at 2 o'clock. I can't wait!!!
  2. I am going to have to agree that Fourchu lobsters are the best. A close second would be the next village, Gabarus. I have had other lobsters and nothing compares to them. Of course part of the difference could be that we drive out and pick them off up the dock. That really does make anything taste better. It is a very short season from May 15 to July 15 or sometimes the 21 to the 21. My husband did not even eat lobster until we introduced him to these. now he tells anyone who will listen that they are the best. We also plan part of our vacation around a trip home during the season. An aside about shopping at Clearwater. When my in-laws were in Halifax last year we thought we would have a feed of lobster. I know guys who sell to Clearwater and knew it was the right season for lobsters from home. I thought I would ask if they knew where the lobster in the tank was from. The girl looked at me straight-faced and said "Downstairs". I had to walk away. Those lobsters were good but not the same.
  3. If you are looking for good home cooked food and not ambience or "experience dining, try the Eastside Diner in New Glasgow. It is in a little strip mall right across from the hospital. I never remember the exit number but I just look for the green H for the hospital and follow that. They have fishcake and salad, homemade hamburgers, hot sandwiches, fish and chips, cold plates and standard lunch fare. Last time we were there Hubby had a sparerib burger, bbq sparerib meat pulled off the bone and piled on a bun with fried onions. He said it was a new must have. They also have home made desserts including butterscotch pie and chocolate cake with boiled icing . we haven't had a bad meal yet.
  4. In our family "Fat Archies" would never have raisins and were not quite as puffy as the ones shown above. The biggest difference between a fat archie and a regular molasses coookie made by my mama was that the fat archies were made with the bacon grease that was saved in a cup on the stove. When there was enough Mama would make her fat archies for us. I can still taste them now although I haven't had a cookie made with bacon grease in 25 years or more.
  5. I'd have to go with Feast as well. I have the others and they have great recipes but my favourite thing about Nigella's books is that they are a great read. I think Feast would fit the bill as it has a wide range of recipes from appetizers to desserts and a variety of geographic influences. And has someone said above it has pictures. Breathtakingly stunning, lick the pages pictures. Enjoy!
  6. Don't forget the Pink M&M's in both plain and peanut. Yes, I'm only buying to support the cause
  7. I wish I had a perfect answer for you but I do have one suggestion. Find out what is recyclable in your area and try to follow that. In our community we can only recycle 1 and 2. It really bothers me that packages like that are available and our grocery store uses a majority of plastics that are not recyclable here and a small percentage that are.
  8. I don't know if this will help but one of the more popular caters for weddings in Sydney is Island Caterers. I don't know what their menu includes since the weddings I have been to both included stuffed chicken breast and vegetables. If you are having the wedding at your own site they are able to go there, I believe. Depending on your location there may be other choices. I don't know if Joe's warehouse does off site catering but they do have a nice restaurant and good seafood. They also have a fabulous pastry chef who make beautiful cakes. Most churches and local firehalls have ladies auxiliaries that cater. Don't write them off completely as many cook wonderful meals. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
  9. I guess I am on the opposite end of the spectrum. I grew up on the east coast and always ate our own grass-fed beef. My dad always raided his own and we ate a lot of beef. Once in a while my dad would bring home western (grain-fed) beef, and we kids wouldn't eat it because it tasted "funny". We still get beef from my dad and my husband does really enjoy it except for the "gamey" taste from right around the bone. I usually give it a little wash in tobasco to tame that bit. Last night I BBQed three t-bones on the gas grill. They ended up being cooked to almost well because I got distracted. They certainly were not dry or chewy rather moist and tender. My neighbour now wants to buy a quarter from my dad. The other difference I find is that while Dad's hamburg looks far more marbelled than lean ground beef in the store, it gives off far less fat and is much jucier. I guess it is all in what you are used to. I really enjoy grass-fed, that doesn't mean I would pass on a great dinner from Hy's or elsewhere but whan I choose for myself it's what I am used to.
  10. As the supplier of the above "shine", unless you have other sources, I have to tell you it did include sugar. The makers were friends of people who owned a bakery and therefor were able to order these things in large quantities. Of course we never "knew" where it came from, it just appeared in the tool box of the tractor. Other times it showed up behind the seat of a truck. I don't remeber an earthy taste possibly because it burned the lining of my esophagus, but I do remeber walking home. Thank God it was only across the hall.
  11. While I understand the exasperation some people feel with so-called allergies popping up everywhere, when you have a problem you really hope people don't try to change your mind. I have an allergy to casein (milk protien), diagnosed by an allergy test. I don't bother to tell anyone, unless they try to feed me a full dairy dinner. As someone else stated it involes a stuffy nose and wheezing. I can deal with it with OTC and Rx medication and LOVE my cheese. OTOH, I have a severe problem with scallops, not any other seafood, just scallops. I am not allergic but with in 30 minuts of ingesting them, let's just say the exit my body in a violent manner. I would not call it a "tummy problem". I don't really care for the taste and texture of scallops anyway, see the body does try to tell you. Because I can eat dairy without a noticable reaction but not scallops, I say have an scallop allergy only. Nobody wants to hear any details after that.
  12. I have to agree with the comment that lamb tastes like wool sweaters. I cannot not agree that it would be "old" lamb either. When I was eight or nine my Dad decided to change from raising beef to raising lamb. This meant there was a lot of lamb prepared in our house, and it was young (6-8 months) and eating both fresh and frozen. It was grass fed with the ocassional scoop of oats. I could NOT stand the taste and still think it taste's like wet wool. It had nothing to do with the cuteness factor. I thought the calves were cute and still devoured fresh liver and whatever beef my mom cooked. Baby chicks were adorable and my mother did a beautiful roast chicken. I wonder if there is some taste gene I just don't have. My mother could never trick me into eating lamb> I would have potatoes and vegetables only on those nights. Everyone else was digging in with abandon. I just didn't get it. Years later my mom told me that my GG wouldn't eat lamb either. She told everyone she could taste the BAA off it. See, maybe it is genetic?? My poor husband can only eat lamb at a restaurant because he knows I won't cook it.
  13. Do the McDs lobster rolls really have real lobster in them? and in decent quantities? $3 sounds like an awesome deal, especially because I usually hear them going for quite a bit more in NE lobster shacks. ← Here in the MAritimes, They still roll out the McLobster every summer. I alos noticed tham when we were in Maine. Here they cost between 6 and 7 bucks. They do have real Lobster meat but not in huge quantaties. It is like a small sub bun NOY a new england style hot dog bun. It also seems to be hit or miss depending on the franchise. Some seem to have more lobster or more mayo, sometimes you get celery, sometimes not. I would hardley go out of my way for one but if you really had a lobster craving I guess it's better then one of those frozen cans of bits.
  14. Al last, I have found someone who feels the same as I do about certain food. Actually it was someones. I LOVE the smell of coffee but I cannot drink it at all. I don't mind mildly coffee flavoured things (coffee crisp more smell then taste) but I don't even like coffe ice cream or milk shakes. I also cannot stand raw tomatoes, I will pull them off a sandwich and pick around them in a salad. I really think it is more of a texture thing than a taste aversion. Whip those puppies into a pasta sauce, bake them on a pizza, use diced canned tomatoes and I'm fine. I'm not a big fan of olive either but that seems to be more of an even split between like and hate, as opposed to "What do you mean you don't eat tomatoes? But they're so good"
  15. moira27

    Brown Rice Tea

    Thanks!! That's a great site. I can't wait to try it. Mo
  16. I was at a Japanese restaurant and had brown rice tea. I really enjoyed it. I have purchased a package (it's loose tea) from a local Asian store. The instructions are all in Japanese, so I'm not sure how to properly prepare it. Not sure if it's the same as regular loose tea and even if it is, not sure of the proper measurements. I have a teapot with a basket stainer and thought that would be similar to the teapot they used at the restaurant. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Mo
  17. We had a very traditional coutry wedding. The dinner was cold tomato juice, a full turkey dinner and strawberry shortcake. (it was July after all). Everyone seemed to enjoy and I ate about 1/2 of my plate. We had a plain very good pound cake., Iced in white with fresh flowers on the top.
  18. In my building now, we just have one dumpster for everything. We are supposed to take refundable containers (all beverages except milk) to an enviro depot. Across the whole municipality and in our new house, we have to seperate everything. All organic or wet garbage goes in a green bin picked up evry two weeks. Refundables and recyclables in a blue bageveryweek, newspapers in a grocery bag weekly. and everything else in a garbage bag on the weeks the green cart is not picked up. After 6 years of living in this building and biffing everything out, it's going to take some getting used to all the seperating. It's a big deal around here because your garbage can get tagged and not picked up if there is something wrong with it. WIsh me luck.
  19. Carolyn, My sincere condolences on your loss. I have to say your story also caused the tears to flow at my computer. Your story was beautiful and a touching tribute to your mother as well. Both your father and mother knew you would be the right person to pass on that family heirloom and to appriciate all it means. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
  20. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I do believe that Ches' is not in operation right now. They had a fire not to long ago which started inone of thier buildings and spread through most of them. The buildings are all wooden and basically next to each other so a fire speads quickly.
  21. Rob Feenie's Lumiere in Vancouver has a wonderful cookbook. Coffee table sixe-hardcover, full colour. Lovely
  22. When we crossed back into New Brunswick after an afternoon of shopping in beautiful downtown Calais , we stopped at the St. Stephen border. We were asked about our groceries. One friend had bought a turkey, no problem, and we all had yoghurt and milk. We were allowed to take everything trrough. I asked about thinks like pepperoni, and was told that even a frozen pizza could not come across. Some of the American grocery stores had problems because Canadians were trying to return things when they found out they couldn't take them homeand of course they wouldn't take perishables back. I wonder when the dairy thing happened. My MIL is going to be very cranky without her American yoghurt.
  23. Take-out It's gotta be a donair, hold the tomato, add mozz and extra extra sauce. THe only thing to eat when walking home from dountown when I was in university. Course there was also some dinner I tired to cook while doing shots of silver, I know it was good because there where no leftovers but I almost forgot to turn the carrots on because I was dancing in the kitchen. It's nice to know I earned something valuable with all that student loan money.
  24. First trip to visit what are now my in-laws. Walking to the patio holding a piece of cherry-topped cheesecake. My FIL stepped to the side of the doorway, I thought to let me through, I walked into the screen, popped it and had the entire piece of cake in the middle of my chest. Next day at the farmes market wearing a white shirt and pale shorts, I was eating a chicken pita wrappped in foil. As I get rid of the wrapper i realize the bottom was leakin and there is juice and greas from my chest down to the shorts. From the on the joke has always been the joke is on me. I carefully look for dark or printed clothes when I know i will be eating standing or outdoors.
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