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  1. ooh, I must try these! We're moving near a TJ's next week. The Ginger People chews are awesome. I bought some chews from the asian market and they were cheaper, but not very gingery, more sweet than anything.
  2. hmm, maybe it is an unripe Meyer- It doesn't sound like a ripe one, but could probably sub for one if it's not too acidic. I have a potted Meyer lemon tree (which never bears fruit for me here in CO). Maybe you could get a small tree and keep it indoors during the frosts. They are awesome fruits!
  3. What would I do without e-gullet here in suburban Colorado? I just started reading her blog last week and it is addictive, even though I'm supposed to be getting the house ready for our temporary move to CA. Actually, I'm surprised Julia wouldn't want to meet her, after all those long nights preparing her recipes and all that butter used.
  4. Tana and Jules, I love those websites- whenever my husband or I need a good laugh we browse the recipes. OPJK, I have some family members who wash their lettuce in dish soap too. It's supposed to remove the pesticides. I can't even compete with some of these posts and I grew up in the midwest (well, Great Lakes). Mostly I've been served a lot of over cooked to death meat with no seasonings and canned vegetables, which is pretty hard to choke down, but not too mysterious. I'm seriously thinking of buying some spices and a pepper grinder as christmas gifts for them.
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