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  1. Smithy, that was the one part I never had to deal with, though another mixologist I met in a Ybor City hotel told me what a pain they were in a Chicago bar he worked in bringing them up from the basement 3x a day. I'd be more excited dealing with 150~ish year old 22" square frozen solid blocks of unfiltered natural lake water. That would be awesome. But, the modern machines he used are these: ## Polar Temp IBM300 300 lb. Clear Ice Block Maker - 220V, 4.6 cu. ft. https://www.webstaurantstore.com/polar-temp-ibm300-300-lb-clear-ice-block-maker-220v-4-6-cu-ft/622IBM300Z.html I remember skating on thick, clear ice when I was a kid though, when it was still relatively unpolluted. Right now I'm happy with large, round, cracked, pebbled, and crushed as my available forms... though I find Masahiro Urushido's "The Art of the Japanese Cocktail"'s hand chipped perfect spheres intriguing.
  2. I have no control over other people's reactions.
  3. No weinoo, but I won't be providing anything specific as I was twice doxxed in two different work locations which amounts to repeated cyberstalking with intent to do harm. (So, a word to the wise.)
  4. I'm a bartender, but unlike the various culinary levels, titles, and specialties within cooking (which each mean something specific), "Bartender" covers everything from shot & beer no cocktail recipes, to full craft cocktail bar every syrup, tincture, infusion, and fresh squeezed juices/cut garnishes from scratch, hand carved 300 lb blocks of ice, a few hundred classic recipes memorized, a proper tool supply, and a few dozen methods to make them all. There seems to be an issue (not saying with whom, but a some percentage of bartenders in general) with the definition of mixologist being reserved for people who 'serve drinks' (primary focus), and not 'serve people'. I disagree. A mixologist can be 100% great at the craft of the cocktail, and still be 100% about the customers' experience, just as a Chef can be a great chef and love delighting the diners in the restaurant, and even coming out occasionally to view the room and interact. So, without further ado, I'm a NY NY born, bred, trained and experienced advanced bartender / bar manager and mixologist of retirement age (living in Florida) but still working, and always learning. It's good to be here. Looking forward to reading some posts.
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