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  1. I am attempting to cook a Cantonese black chicken soup. I noticed at the local market that both black chickens they had in stock had some dark splotches on the skin. Slightly discolored spots a bit like a bruise. I chose the chicken that had fewer of these. Below are three images, one of the whole chicken (Sorry for condensation on the plastic), and two trying to focus in on the splotches. Would you let me know, based on these pictures, if this chicken is OK? 1) whole chicken image: https://postimg.cc/kRdYcTfh 2) splotch on far left bump of leg drumstick: https://postimg.cc/BXpHYmmP 3) splotch on lower right abdomen area above where feet are tucked in: https://postimg.cc/nX8r1BJ9 Thank you
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