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  1. I got my postcard in the mail today announcing that Fine Cooking is no longer, to be replaced by Food & Wine. I am in mourning. i have been a devoted fan of Fine Cooking maybe since its inception, 25 plus years ago....So many recipes in our home have come from this magazine that was always focused on technique. And great menus. Our Xmass and Thanksgiving dinner menus, all Fine Cooking. Granola; pound cake; peppermint brownies; gratins; it just goes on and on. And the web-site. What is going to happen to the web-site? So I have been downloading like mad to capture as much as I can before it goes dark or is 'blended' into F&W. Oy. Sad day in our house. I feel like I grew up as a cook with this magazine. On the bright side, I have passed the joy of culinary arts onto my three daughters and we certainly celebrate this joyous magazine in our home. Too bad Merdith, you killed the good one. If someone could provide the link to the Facebook group, I would appreciate.
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