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  1. Thanks for all the help, I will let you know of my decision once I made it and will give a full review of the place.
  2. tommyf

    South African Wines

    I have once tried the Roodberg it was a bit too fruity for me, the Pinotage I tasted had a better robustness to it. I also tried an interesting colombard chardonnay blend lovely silkiness in the mouth with good pear in the nose
  3. tommyf

    South African Wines

    Having looked through the discussion groups I am amazed to see the absolute lack of mention of any South African wines. I recently tried an amazing Pinotage - a cross breed of Pinot Noir and Cinsault by a company called General Bilimoria. It was absolutely wonderful with a most complex finish; and I guess since it was from a relatively unknown label/country the price was exceptionally modest 11.99 Has anyone else got any good reccommendations for other South African Wines in a similar price category - I'm searching. Also has anyone else tried this Pinotage and got any additional comments?
  4. British guy new to NY is looking for reccommendations for an amazing romantic restaurant to take his wife to on Valentines. We're real foodies with a love of almost every genre of cuisine. A special emphasis on desserts would be a help in wooing my lady. All reccommendations welcomed. Many thanks
  5. Ok so there I was looking for Indian Restaurants in Vermont - a common hobby with my pallette sensibilities- and to my utter amazement I couldn't find any. Vermont answer my call. Where are you Indian Restaurants. Are they good. This issue must be addressed.
  6. My favorite beer has to be Cobra Beer. Has anyone here in the US tried it? Its a Czech recipe, Anglo-Indian beer. Really good flavors and not too gassy, meaning you don't get bloated. I haven't seen it in the US, but I beleive the company is going to release it over here soon. Do not confuse it with King Cobra which tastes like dead cat!
  7. tommyf

    Beer Can Sizes

    Hi, does anyone know the laws regarding the different sizes of beer cans allowed in the US? Do any such laws exist? If so are these regualtions national or state wide. If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions I'd be really grateful. Thanks
  8. Tommyf is in NY but occaisionaly heads to NJ on business
  9. tommyf


    Ok so Snackbar took a deserved hammering at my hands so now I feel it is time to say something good. The name is Bond.....Bond St. Ok this place has a rep as being a little shishy, but the food mmmmmm!. Pricey? Yes! but the food mmmmm! Did they put gold leaf on some of the sashimi? yes? Was I dubious about eating it? yes.. but it tasted mmmmmm!. If you are feeling rich, as I was once along time ago- This place is fantastic. Romantic, intruguing, definitely worth a visit. Ignore the schmultzy poseurs and enjoy, what I have found to be, some of the best food in NYC. If anyone needs a taster i would be more than happy to oblige!
  10. Hi, I am an English guy who has just moved to the US and have just been talking with some some other members on this site about Liquor licensing laws. I was wondering if what the regulations are in Fla regarding restsaurants and liquor licenses. I know NJ operates a system that only allows a restaurant to get a liquor lisence if someone else gives one up- making them like gold dust. Is there a similar case in Florida or are liquor licenses offered freely to all? As a result in NJ few restaurants have licenses and the BYO system is prevalent, is this also the case in FLA?
  11. I recently went to dinner with a friend to the Snack bar in Chelsea on the recommendation of a colleague (used to be a friend). It was terrible. Overpriced, my Mahi Mahi had been so overcooked that I was tempted to use it as a snow shoe this winter. The cocktails come in two price ranges $7 and $9 - nice trick, the $7 dollar is a thimble and the $9 is smaller than most restaurants. The food was so unspired - burnt or relatively flavorless. Then again I guess, as the name suggests it is not some where you go to eat, more one of those "have to be seen" places. On my way home I bought some Pirates Booty which was one hundreth of the price and considerably better.
  12. Friday evenings going out for a curry, some poppadums, a few Cobra/Deccan Beers ended with an Irish coffee. This is something I am to have to introduce to the US . It is as we like to say....absolutely pukka!
  13. Having just moved over from the UK were the are four of five Indian Restaurants in every town, I am amazed by how few there are in NY state. Manhattan has a fair few but outside this there seem to be be very few. Is this the case or am I looking in the wrong places. My love of spicy food is massive so if anyone could reccomend any other types of food that they reckon NY does well ( preferably ones that serve beer or wine) I'd be really interested
  14. Is NJ the only state that operates this policy? "Stone: mentioned Mass. used to. How much do liquor licening laws vary from state to state.?I have heard Utah has some strict regulations. Other than that is it an open house policy across the US, or does anyone know where I can find out more about this. What is really interesting is the history behind these varying state laws?
  15. Fair point on being saved the restaurant's mark-up. However, is there always a Liquor store in the vicinity, and surely you are missing out on that unique experience of tasting "Indian Beer"???
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