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  1. I love how so many say those who haggle are the ones driving expensive cars. As, I look in my driveway, there's a 1990 pickup truck with 300k miles on it. And, I'm one of the few who admitted that haggling at the farmer's market was the norm. I won't pay too much for anything. If the price isn't right, we do without.
  2. Haggling is fairly normal locally, and if I didn't I'd be paying a lot more than I should for produce. But, I also live in a rural area with a lot of farms and low wages.
  3. I love them and if I came across them locally, I'd even purchase a set for my home. As long as they table setting goes with it, keep them.
  4. Suzy

    Teflon: Health and Safety

    20/20 information is listed here. I don't use Teflon coated pans, as I hate the way they cook.
  5. If only we had fall. It's 85 degrees today, with very high humidity in small town Virginia. Halloween night was 70+ degrees, no kids had coats on, even. I'm really wishing for real fall weather.
  6. "dumplings... arghhhhhhhhhh" tongue wagging out.
  7. Ah, I'm so hungry but I have a stomach bug and can not eat right now. I'm really enjoying your food blog :)
  8. You could just pack the books and send them to me :)
  9. Jager's like a strong black licorice. I love it. I drank my first glass of Jager not long after my 21st birthday and it's been one of my favorites ever since.
  10. Suzy

    Cooking with blood

    My Grandma used to make duck's blood soup. I can't remember the proper Polish word for it, as Grandma has been gone a long time. It was the most disgusting smell on the planet, but her and Grandpa used to love it.
  11. My mother is not a cook at all. We grew up with very basic, bland meals. Hot dogs, spaghetti, hamburgers, overdone chicken, mac and cheese from a box. The three spices she has in her kitchen are salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Everything comes from a box or a can, maybe a steak baked for a while after it's been marinated is some overly sweet storebought marinade. Yet, her Mom is a fabulous cook. She can and does cook anything you can imagine and it's always fantastic. I've learned a lot from watching her and from my mother-in-law, who, again is an amazing cook. The few times I ever cooked when younger for the family, I would try to expand our horizons and be shot down over it. I was told how horrible of a cook I was. Of course, it was because I didn't cook like Mom. It wasn't until I moved in with my husband and started cooking for us, that I realized I'm a pretty damn good cook and that there is a vast world of food beyond what Mom made.
  12. Eww, back to the breasts after tommy's last post I'm extremely large breasted and I'm always wearing food. There is no way a dropped piece of food could get past them. I do not wear white when we're going out to eat, as I will wear the food in spectacular ways, should I tempt fate. The worst spill was at our wedding rehearsal dinner. I was wearing a cream colored sweater which was tight across my chest, we were eating something with a sauce and bam right on my chest, in front of 40 people. I wiped it up and moved my scarf so it was covering the spot. What can you do? I did not spill on my dress the next day, though. I ate very little and was extremely careful as I did not want food on my wedding dress.
  13. From my interaction with Alton, (small ones on a discussion forum) he seemed like a nice guy. My favorites: Alton Julia Two Fat Ladies I can't stand Emeril or Bobby Flay and (don't shoot me for this) don't particularly like Mario Batali. His attitude annoys me, I don't care what he knows about food.
  14. That's one of the scariest damn sounds, too. A great big boom from the kitchen.
  15. Anything with massive amounts of garlic. I love garlic to a scary extreme and my husband only likes it in small amounts. When he's gone, I'm all about the garlic.