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  1. I'm probably into meats more than anything. I make Salami, capicola, all types of sausage, especially Linguica. I smoke fish, turkeys, ducks, brisket, jerky, and pork ribs. I usually buy whole roasts of beef, like New York strips, etc. and cut my own steaks. I also grind my own hamburger. I like a large grind and that is the only way I can get it. I do most of this because I like to keep busy and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end. And I like to cook, I've only made a couple things in my life that were GREAT, mostly things are just good. Anyway, probably more than you wanted. How bout you?
  2. Hi kayb, If you have the room, I would suggest a small regular size frig. If you want a controlled environment with little fluctuation you will need a temp controller, humidifier, and a dehumidifier unless you have those covered naturally already. Example: location, humidity, time of year, etc. By the time you put all that "stuff" in you frig. you have no room for product. I tried before I made my present setup to do it without having controllers and the fluctuation are too extreme (my frig would cycle on and off with too much variation in temp) to get consistent results (I wasted a lot of good meat). It only takes drilling a couple 1" holes in the walls of the frig. Just make sure (via the internet) that your model of frig has no Freon lines in that wall. As you can see by the pics, I also piped-in the humidifier to save room on the inside for meat (the second hole). It's really all just trial and error and a lot of internet searches. Before I built my curing chamber I made Salami in my garage in the winter with only the addition of hanging wet towels around them for humidity, and it worked fine, just a hassle. Any way...just something to think about, I hope this helped a little.
  3. Hi Smithy, I'm from Merced. Thanks for the welcome. Yeh... it's a little hot here in the summer for charcuterie. I converted a refrigerator into a curing chamber with a temp and humidity controller. I could make charcuterie in the summer, but the cost of electricity would make in too expensive, and I would spend most of my day filling the reservoir on my humidifier. So I'm forced to only create in the late fall, winter, and early spring. It is already supposed to be 90 degrees this week. Hi TdeV, thank you too for the welcome.
  4. Thank You all for the nice welcome. No, I'm haven't been working from books. I have been using Len Poli's recipes mostly. Thank you for the link though, I will check it out. I will have to buy Michael Ruhlman's book. I've made a couple or his recipes and I like them. Thanks again.
  5. Hi All...I'm new to this , so please bear with me. I'm into cooking but especially sausage, dried meat, salami, coppa's, etc. Mostly I can't sit still, so I have to do something "all the time". Charcuterie does that. I live in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Any way...thanks for having me.
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