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  1. Best I’ve ever had is Nylon Coffee in Singapore. Where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area it’s Andytown Coffee and Ritual.
  2. A welcome recommendation for anyone traveling to the Vaucluse area of Provence in France is babet restaurant in the town of Vaison-la-Romain. A modern casual bistro offering elegant refined dishes inspired by Provençal cuisine, paired with a wonderful selection of local natural wines. It’s owned and run by a young couple. When the weather is warm enough it’s great to have a table outside as it has a view of the town square. I enjoyed a refreshing Provence rosé with my meal last time I was there with my wife last August.
  3. It’s been many years since I’ve checked in in this forum so I have to sign up again. I’m happy to be back! I love both food and wine, as well as saké and coffee. I travel to Europe and Asia occasionally, particularly to France, Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines. I love discovering new places to eat and drink, including foods and cuisines I’ve not tried. So this forum is perfect. Thank you all for welcoming me! Looking forward to share experiences and knowledge with you.
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