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    cut off the head and throw it away because it is not for eating, for they say that eating the brains will cause him who eats them to lose his senses and judgment.

    this is interesting to me. almost like a hint at prions from eating carnivore brain. curious.

  2. aye, a trainwreck is certainly what it is.

    And yeah - I am definitely in the grips of the Darkside right now.

    I find none of these characters redeeming - well perhaps Heather, primarily because she is a trooper.

    But the Farting Girl, the dumb Salad Chef who can't keep her trap shut, and K-Greazy? Good Lord, make it stop. At least Garret keeps his useless head down, altho he is in need of some further self-mastery.

  3. you're just about at what i was thinking - altho not with onions (i'd be curious to hear that recipe tho)

    I was thinking perhaps a riff on one of these:


    scroll down to the dessert section - the Davero Olive Oil Cake is similar to your idea, and I also like the Orange Almond Olive Oil Cake - it also has lemon, i think if i used dillseed in this one, perhaps chopped with the almonds, it would add something interesting.

    I think the first recipe would work with dillweed.

  4. I might start with muffins to experiment, adding dillweed in various quantities to SOME of the batter just in case you decide it is the attempt and not the deed that was most enjoyable.

    this is an excellent idea. I would hate to waste a mess of good ingredients to experiment, but if i break up a batter into different formulations, that will go a long way.

  5. (salmon in a cake doesn't sound good)

    Maybe not in "regular" cake, but I make a mean smoked salmon cheesecake. Been craving it for weeks, as a matter of fact, and was planning to make one for the wedding I catered (and hosted, actually) yesterday, but just plain ran out of time, what with doing the actual wedding cakes, too.

    sweetened cheesecake?

  6. that's what i'm trying to figure as well beccaboo - seed would give me some more room to make a tasty cake - however, weed would provide a greater challenge.

    altho dill seed does have a licorice taste - perhaps matched with anise...

  7. Some people make zucchini loaf, maybe you could add a little dill for a nice twist but try to steer away from the garlic. ;-)

    my roommate and i were tossing around different possibilities and i had mentioned a zucchini loaf as I was rattling through my head of what goes with dill (salmon in a cake doesn't sound good)

    other possiblities were making some sort of dill cake w/ a lemon icing, or incorporating the dill into the icing for a lemon cake.

    On the subject of cakes with beet roots, last month I made a chocolate cake that called for grated beets in the recipe. The beets melted into the batter when it baked, making the cake incredibly moist and turning the cake a lovely deep reddish brown. 

    this sounds intriguing - did the end result look or taste like a Red Velvet cake?

    I'd avoid recipes for butter based cakes like pound cake and check out oil based chiffon cake recipes. I think the savoury additions would shine more brightly.

    Agreed - in looking over my intial post - substitute bundt for everywhere i mention pound cake - i'm not sure why, but i conflated the two - perhaps because I expect the olive oil to make a dense pound-cake like batter. What are your thoughts on using honey as the sweetener instead of sugar?

  8. So a twisted co-worker and I were talking about some of the festivities at the Company Picnic this year.

    Apparently one of the events will be a cakewalk with the prizes of course being cakes. We were also asked to donate said prizes.

    So anyway - my coworker says - I'm gonna make a bundt cake. A DILL Bundt Cake!

    and we were both sufficiently grossed out by the possibilities of a dill poundcake.

    but as i started thinking about - i've gotten fascinated with idea of making a palatable cake out of dill. I was thinking maybe even with olive oil.

    Olive Oil and Dill Pound Cake.

    Do you think there is a way to make this savory herb a palatable sweet?

  9. The bad thing about the Mayan Chocolate, is that I found myself eating more and more to get to the swirls of cinnamon.  The pint did not last long in our house!

    this my main beef with ben and Jerry's as i do the same thing with their pints.

    My Haagen-Dasz mainstays are cookies and cream, and everyonce in a while rocky road as far as mints go. I like Baileys to make guiness floats with.

    I'm going to have to give the Mayan Chocolate a whirl.

    And i'm embarassed to say i've never had their Dulce De Leche. But i think i will - I bet my cat will be all over me to get some. (he only responds to Breyer's Caramel Praline Crunch at the moment)

  10. Wow, Tupac, whose beautiful kitchen is that?  Are you renting that house, staying with your parents?  I must have missed something.

    I don't know which is weirder, the fact that you count out your fruit, or the fact that Tryska counts your fruit!

    hey now - i've just got a natural compulsion to put things in order. it serves me well at work.

    tupac - i'm nto sure what i'm more jealous of - your kitchen or last night's dinner. I'm not a big fan of leftovers either unless it's soemthing like soup or chili or curry that's supposed to taste better the next day.

    and again with the 3s and 7s. i'm not gonna even try to deal with the dried fruit.

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