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  1. My husband and I met some guys on a hike. We all stopped at a lake, and one of the guys offered to share their snack. He had a box of walnuts but they were really flavorful and also soft. He said that he had prepared them in the Persian fashion using rose water.


    If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me. We have searched the Internet for instructions without success.

  2. I had an old steel waffle iron but it stuck sometimes and my mother gave me a new one with plastic plates. Unfortunately I threw out the old iron when I received the gift. Then I discovered the new one sticks terribly. I have thrown it out too. We haven't had a waffle at home in a couple of years, but are starting to hanker after one, especially with pecans on top.

    Can anyone recommend a waffle iron that doesn't stick to the waffle and tear it to shreds when you try to harvest it?

  3. Oatrim is a fat-replacer for baked goods that was developed by the Dept of Agriculture. I have been able to reduce half of the fat required for brownies without any change in taste or mouth feel. Previously I had purchased it from Bob's Red Mill. However Oatrim no longer appears on their product list. Does anyone know another source for this product? I only need a small quantity for home baking, but a relative is a commercial pastry chef and wants to experiment with this.

  4. I love black cod but my husband finds it too soft. So I only cook it when he is out of town. Is there a way to cook this fish so that it is firmer in texture? He likes swordfish, halibut, and salmon, for example.

  5. I am bored with red pasta sauce, and don't like heavy Alfredo sauce. I have been experimenting with making sauce from cooked sweet potatoes or green peas, but both seem to lack oomph. I added crushed pineapple to the sweet potatoes and that helped, but it needs something more. I tried adding tomatillo salsa to the green peas, but that wasn't quite right either (or not to my taste). Any suggestions? I'm open to any vegetable base.

  6. I like to brush a marinade onto fish, such as soy sauce and honey, but afterwards the brush bristles get gummed up and stick to each other so that I have to separate them one by one. Soaking in soapy solution does not help. Does anyone know a better (less time intensive) way to wash a brush after it is used on meat or fish?

  7. Roast chicken was one of the staple dishes in my family. My mom would baste it with this mixture and the aroma would drive us crazy until dinnertime:

    4 tablespoons soy sauce

    2 tablespoon sugar or honey

    1-2 teaspooons sesame oil (this is the special ingredient; you only need a little)

    Because of the sugar, be wary of turning up the heat to 400 degrees: if you do, watch it carefully or you may burn the sugar. This basting will give you a beautiful brown color.

  8. I see lots of messages extolling beans and providing recipes, but I can't eat them without having lots of really bad gas attacks. My husband says I'm asphyxiating him. Someone has suggested eating seaweed and someone else suggested caraway and fennel, but I don't know how much of these to eat. Do you eat these before or after or with the beans? Any other suggestions? I get the same reaction from mung beans, red beans, pinto beans, and garbanzo beans. I like to cook up a batch and then eat for lunch with some other vegetables and a small serving (maybe 2-3 oz) of steamed mackeral. Very satisfying, holds me until dinner, low in cholesterol, and high in omega 3 fatty acids.

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