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  1. Hello Guys, I been a 20 year best wood pellets user and got my 1st Traeger a few weeks back. I got a pro575 and love it. The ? I have is I have used oak, maple, plum, and apple and competition blend. Idk if I'm just so used to the charcoal tasted but I'm not tasting a difference between all of them. I have used traeger pellets and the competition is pit boss. I'm just thinking of mixing all of them and just using them together
  2. This is the third pastry brush I'm using to brush simple syrup in my cakes and the hairs on the brush come off and stick to the cake. is there a pastry brush you own that doesn't shed its hair? I am willing to pay big bucks for a good one instead of these ones I get at the grocery store. This last one was from Sur La Table too. I'm taking it back. Please share your tips if you have something else you use to brush syrup into cakes with if you don't use a brush also. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!
  3. My sister and her hubby have recently bought an apartment with a decent sized balcony. They love to bbq. I want to get them a bbq as a house warming. My budget is $500 It would need to be the size of a Webber, that can hold a gas bottle in a concealed compartment. Wheels would be great, as would foldable side trays. Besides Webber, I don’t know any other brands. Please recommend
  4. Looking for recommendations on a manual knife sharpener for kitchen knives. Nothing too expensive, meaning 50.00 and under. Knives are USA and German steel. best whetstone for beginners
  5. Hi, My aunt asked me for a recommendation on nakiri knife for her son (my cousin) for christmas. But I'm not knowledgeable about them, I'm more toward typical traditional knives. My cousin is not in the food service industry at all. I think he is just more in hobby cooking, he like cooking in general at home. My aunt want to get a beginner nakiri knife. I don't know her budget is (forgot to ask), but I assumed something good for the money/affordable range
  6. Kramer and his knife offerings plus success have gone to his head! I have no problem with someone ca$shing in on success, its the American Way but this is absurd! There is no $50K value in this knife and to offer this knife at that price, well I’ll leave you to offer judgment. I have a Honyaki from a maker judged the best in Japan, Custom ordered and delivered at a fraction of the Kramer price. These knives do not usually get out of Japan because of the price and the Japanese believe we are not worthy. I guess Kramer feels we are not worthy also.
  7. I'm stuck on which machine to get! Delonghi or krups? I'm looking at the melody because of the bigger water tank but then the genio looks good for the control panel. I don't want to spend too much and tesco have both the melody and genio for around £60 I did have the tassimo but just sold it because I weren't too impressed by it. The drinks were not very hot and you can't make the ice coffees like the Nescafé. Any help appreciated /cdn-cgi/image/format=auto,onerror=redirect,width=1920,height=1920,fit=scale-down/https://www.coffeeforums.co.uk/uploads/emoticons/smile.png.386586528d215eb32622a010fd075179.png
  8. thank you for your response.
  9. I wanted to get your opinion on the subject of a meat cleaver in the home kitchen. By 'meat cleaver' I mean a large, heavy cleaver that can chop bone - larger than a Chinese cleaver and much, much heavier. I purchased an old rusted meat cleaver over a year ago with the intent to restore it, but it has recently occurred to me I'm not really sure when I'd use it. Do you keep a large meat cleaver? What do you use it for? Does it have a place in home kitchens?
  10. Hello everyone. I am new here and new to this platform. i am looking for coffee machine
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