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  1. We were in Prague about 20 months ago and thouroughly enjoyed the food. We travel a fair amount and do a lot of preparation on where to eat before we leave (we don't want to waste a meal). Our favorite Prague restaurant is David's; in Mala Strana, just north of the American Embassy, on Treste (Treste bears right past the Embassy, becoming an alley). It a small house on the left. We had our most enjoyable meal ever here. Appetizers: duck pate, smoked duck breast w/Waldorf salad; entrees: duck breast, veal wrapped in bacon w/mushrooms; deer back w/Roebuck sauce (the best meat I've ever eaten); dessert: warmed fresh strawberries w/homemade ice cream, covered with homemade caramel sauce (wonderful!). We ate there twice and would have gone back, but they were closed for two days for some sort of emergency. Another terrific place is "Circle Line," a few blocks away, on the square near St Nicholas' Church. This is a somewhat larger restaurant (David's has 8-10 tables), but great food. Appetizers: salmon, duck breast w/parmasen, cold potato soup (great); entrees: duck breast w/apricot sauce; rabbit w/morel sauce; dessert: chocolate plate (four different chocolate desserts on a plate for one - delicous). Both restaurants had wonderful service! For wine, ask the waiter to suggest a Morovian red. Dinner, including wine and tip ran ๖-75 for two. Unreal! A place to avoid is U Modre Kachnichy; high recommended and the food was pretty good, but the service was the worst we've had anywhere. It made the meal unpleasant. I'm salivating thinking about our meals in Prague. Enjoy! (Edited by marty at 8:52 am on Jan. 24, 2002)