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  1. Well I wouldn't buy the Frigidaire Gallery which is the one that generated this thread. 🙁
  2. Well I appreciate the replies but I'm disappointed in the info. It seems like this is an inherent problem with induction cooking and I never heard it mentioned when I was looking into them. This morning I was frying 3 over-easy eggs and it really highlighted how uneven it cooks. I'm assuming the coil must be bigger than 5" or so. I had figured that more than one coil would go into effect when the "auto sizing" detected a larger pan. I hadn't tried the biggest burner but I just did now and it seemed to have a bigger ring but maybe 6" instead of 5". The ring pattern on the burner is a good 12" across and suggests at least 3 separate rings so I was assuming that would match the coil arrangement. I also only have 10 settings... no half settings here. TicTac, some cities (and I think states) are banning gas stoves in new construction. It's viewed as a culprit in global warming and also is considered bad for your indoor air quality.
  3. I do agree about the temp control not being fine enough as well. I find I want 6.5 too often. I haven't looked into exactly how induction works but I was assuming it simply energized the whole of whatever magnetic surface was placed on the burner. Now I'm thinking it only energizes a certain ring size though why it wouldn't use a bigger ring for a larger pan, I don't know. It's possible this one isn't working as it's supposed to. Thanks for doing that, it's very helpful! It looks like you're getting the results I was expecting (but not getting). Did you put that on the highest temp to get that result?
  4. Hi everyone, with all the negative press natural gas ranges have been getting, I've decided to try out an induction range. I bought a Frigidaire Gallery (one of the less expensive induction ranges) and have noticed that when I put a 10.5" cast iron skillet on the "auto sizing" burner, there's a ring about 5" in the middle that gets hot way faster than the rest of the pan. I had been expecting that the heat would be even across the pan. Larger skillet gets the same results and changing burners doesn't seem to make a difference. I put thin layer of water in the pan as an experiment and the pic here shows the ring where the water is starting to boil. I've checked and the bottom of the pan is flat Is this normal for an induction range? Thanks, John Note: I don't normally boil water in cast iron, this was just a test. I first noticed there was an issue when things were scorching in the middle of the pan while barely cooking on the outer edges.
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