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  1. Heinz winkler in aschau ,near munich as well although thats probably the furthest of the lot from Frankfurt
  2. stephen wall

    The Tea Room Dublin

    You didnt make it to any of our michelin starred restaurants did you?(2 star)Patrick Guilbauds,Thorntons (1 star)The Commons.Thorntons in particular is fantastic and has just moved to The Fitzwiliam Hotel on Stephens Green with its eyes firmly fixed on a 3rd star
  3. stephen wall

    Val de Loire Dining - Merged topics

    Try Relais De Bracieux-Bernard Robin.Its 2 star in the michelin and about a half hour from Blois, in Bracieux.Not exactly cutting edge,but exquisetly prepared food,great value wine and fairly good value food for 2star level
  4. stephen wall


    Thanks very much Cabrales :biggrin:Looking at the menu it seems to be extremely expensive, even compared to some of the other 3 stars i.eGordon Ramsay.From your experience,do you think it'd be worth it or would the money be better spent elsewhere?
  5. stephen wall


    Thanks for all the replys Cabrales,if its not too much trouble that menu would be great
  6. stephen wall


    I've been thinking about going to this place for a while but I can hardly find any information on it.No website,hardly any hits on Yahoo and no result when searched for here.Could any members who have dined there or have any information on it ie menus, availability of reservations etc please reply.Thanks in advance
  7. The Horn Of Plenty does have a star,and its a 7 in the GFG so i'd imagine you could rely on a good meal there.
  8. the brasserie in the chester grosvenor is pretty good, offers fairly decent value and is open all day
  9. stephen wall

    A Gault-Millau 19/20 Mystery Restaurant

    You could either have the full version or the condensed sommeliers choices .We actually got a glass with each course,which is always nice with a degustation menu. The actual list was extremely comprehensive with every area of France well served.But it also, to its credit, had many fine wines from Italy, SA , America and from further away (Romania,Moldova etc.It ALSO had AN extensive selection of old champagnes,ports,armagnacs etc.It also seemed to be quite good value.If you enter the chefs name on Yahoo, you can get their website(dont know how to give the link)
  10. stephen wall

    A Gault-Millau 19/20 Mystery Restaurant

    It was like a book!
  11. stephen wall

    A Gault-Millau 19/20 Mystery Restaurant

    I ate there last summer, after seeing it in the R+C, in which it said that "reservations would have to be made months in advance".As is often the case,we just turned up and they managed to get us a table without much fuss.Four of us had that degustation menu, and it was something special.It was about 9 courses and 7 small desserts.Thank god we didnt have to go far after the meal, as they have 5 or 6 reasonably priced rooms as well.
  12. stephen wall

    London Set Lunches

    Pound for pound,La Trompette in Chiswick has to be one of the best value lunches in London.3 courses,choice of 4 at each, for £19.50?When you add in the relaxed ambiance and slick,French service, its hard to believe why it didnt get a star this year.I must have been there 10,11 times in the last couple of months,for lunch and dinner, and its food is considerably better than many other 1starred establishments in london(1 lombard streetand glasshouse come to mind).Considering the good food,value,and wine list possibly a good place for the next Egullet dinner.
  13. stephen wall

    locanda locatelli

    is that guy a temporary replacement?
  14. stephen wall

    GaultMillau 2002 Guide France

    another big difference between the two guides is that where Michelin still has La Tour d'Argent and Paul Bocuse at 2 and 3 stars respectively,Gault Millau has relegated them both to "institutions", labelling La Tour d'Argent as "pathetique"...That can only be a good move as both are well past their sell by date.
  15. stephen wall

    Le Grand Vefour

    How expensive was the meal at Le Grand Vefour?Is there extra courses if you order 3 courses from the a la carte,and is there a set menu?