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  1. Today's Wall Street Journal, Weekend Edition, has a fascinating artile on Sponsored Chefs.

    "Some of America's most respected culinary stars are signing contracts with trade groups from raisin farmers and avocado growers to canned-good promoters--and getting cash, discounts adn freebies in exchange for using their products."

    Some of the chefs mentioned include Rick Bayless, David Burke, Charlie Trotter, Ming Tsai and Jose Andres

    "...Jose Andres, of Washington D.C., who since signing up with the California Avocado Commission has increased the number of dishes with avocado in them on his menu to eight from two."

    Funther on:

    "'When something comes my way, when it's something I love and when it gets me a little extra money, I'll do it,' says Mr. Adres, who is currently considering marketing proposals from 20 food companies."

    It would be funny if the WSJ really spelled his name wrong. I'm such a prick.

  2. Didn't I read that the Chef is leaving to start her own place on 17th Street?


    Funny you should mention that. Today I was gawking at the application for an alcoholic beverage licence posted on this cute little brick unit, freshly painted in royal purple trim...

    when out popped Jamie Leeds. She told me the new place is going to be an oyster bar called Hang's Oyster Bar and that it's set to open May 15th. The space is located at 17th and Q Streets, next to Trios.

    Hope to hang at Hang's.

  3. Remember that between the food reviews in the Post, the City Paper, the Washingtonian, and the Washington Times, the Post is probably the paper where it's most appropriate to assume a broader scope considering the readership.

    That's true.

    When I mentioned the Baltimore City Paper, I was trying to make the point that as much as we, where ever we may live, deserve to know about a destination restaurant, Baltimore deserves coverage. The chef that's doing great work or the business people/residents...

  4. making a concerted effort to mentor (womentor?) other women and help them to succeed.

    A touch off-topic and perhaps even controversial, but being a big fan of gender-neutrality, I've always objected to the term "woman," because it's derivative from the term "man."

    I believe it's more appropriate to employ the more neutral term "woperson," because ...

    ... oops.

    Thinking about it some more, I don't like woperson either, because of the implications of the term "son." This brings us to the logical conclusion: "woperchild."

    That's it. Woperchild.

    Isn't a woman a man/being with womb? Wombeing.

  5. I'm embarrassed to say that I once had a salad there...

    Something with walnuts, maybe some turning strawberries and field greens (cannot remember). I was watching soccer on TV, though.

    I would say that Marriott or Sibley Hospital could pull the off the same sort of masterpiece.

    Plus, the place brags about it's sangria and tricked me into ordering one. The sangria there sucks!

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