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  1. You might run into the closed problem - just call to make sure where you're going will be open. I really like the Carribean Cowboy up there. Lisa G's is also good. I think both of these fit your qualifications (they are relatively chill). There is also a decent Greek place, Mykonos... edit: Tip~a~Canoe in Keene is good too (10 minute drive)
  2. jfd666

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    I always attributed that "smooth mouthfeel" to numbness from formaldehyde, not that it isn't welcome.
  3. jfd666

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    I must admit that I love a cold oilcan on a hot summer's day for it's quaffability (and due to the 25oz size, you can quaff for longer.) The bottles, not so much.
  4. jfd666

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    That's an export brew. It's different in Canada.
  5. jfd666

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    Yes. St Ides is the winner. Crazy Horse takes runner up in the worst category. I actually might not drink these. Old English and Colt 45 are actually some of the better choices when it comes to malt liquor. Mickey's would be my favorite (unless we are allowing Ballantine which, technically, calls itself an ale). Ah, I remember the days when Colt 45 came in a 45oz bottle. Other drinkable (but bad) malt liquor options: Private Stock Big Bear Country Club Midnight Dragon (maybe gone by now) Not worth it: Hurricane
  6. Nothing too exotic - standard cuts of lamb, veal, beef, pork; maybe a duck thrown in here and there.
  7. Anybody from around these parts? Know a good butcher?
  8. Sadly there are no Trader Joe's stores in my parts (Albany NY), we have some on Long Island though, where my parents live. Probably still can't get it, as grocers can't sell booze or wine in NY state. Anybody want to mail me a bottle?
  9. Thanks for the references, no "gin" search allowed. So far I've got Plymouth and Hendrick's on my shopping list (and an eye out for Juniper Green Organic)...
  10. I drink lots of gin in the summertime, mostly in the form of gin and tonic, with liberal splashes of gimlet (up) and martini (up/olives). My go to has been Bombay Sapphire for years - I'm looking for some other tasty options. Any suggestions on other brands of gin? Favorite cocktails?
  11. jfd666


    "cross hatch the halves, scoop it out, and then in a bowl with lime juice add salt,"... diced seeded tomatoers in season minced onion (just a bit for flavor) fork crushed/minced garlic I always make this when I'm going to eat it and polish it off in one sitting - that's one way to keep it green. great snack, now I want some. and beer.
  12. for NYC I like the Blue and Gold on E. 7th; pool table, booths, and cheep drinkin'. there's a place in Albany called Palais Royal that can't be beat, dirty greenish flourescent lighting and one of those bowling games with a puck. Bonus: there are 2 jukeboxes that play 45s, stocked with old, not-so-new, borrowed, and blue...
  13. Rare? Common? Comfortable? How would you send yourself off?
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