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  1. Hi - The first section is basic demographic information. The next section has the food and travel specific questions. I tried to keep it as general as possible. None of the questions are *required to be answered before moving on to the next section. This information helps my research, but I understand if you are not comfortable. I don't ask for names or email addresses or any identifying information. When I get the results of the surveys, I have no clue who supplied the information.
  2. Thanks to everyone who participated so far. I really appreciate all your help!
  3. @chromedome Thank you. @gfwebYes, User Experience. It's the understanding of how users interact with and experience a product, system or service. The idea is to give users what they want versus what we think they want. This is really putting UX in a [box], but a huge part of it is research. Interface Design - User Interface (UI) is the looks/style of a product.
  4. Hi. Are you a foodie and love to travel? I would love a few minutes of your time to answer this survey. I'm a UX design student hoping to gain some insight into how culinary travelers plan their trips, what is the motivation behind food-specific travels and what are some difficulties travelers faced when planning these types of trips. Thank you so much for your time. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9fV0bSoFHK9uDUp1vv_UAjT8yzgrzr-pM5TyuWT5M3sf0Lg/formResponse
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