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  1. Thanks again, all. Wife likes the look and feel of copper, so we will have to have some. We may end up with a mix of a few Faulk/All Clad pans and avoid the sets.
  2. Good advice on avoiding the set. Do you have a link to that sale?
  3. Currently on an old Kitcehn Aid Superba glasstop electric but moving to a gas range shortly.
  4. FYI. I'm new here. Thanks for all the great posts!
  5. Thank you. I'm wondering if there is really that much of a difference to justify the cost.
  6. Looking at the aforementioned sets but am reading that the 1.5mm copper is really not that great. The Mauviel I can get at a very good price point, but still about $4-500 more than the All-Clad. Any thoughts on this? Will the 1.5mm provide a sub-par experience? Thanks!
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