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  1. My tikka marsala is bland, not spicey and has no heat. For the sauce I used onions, garlic, coriander, turmeric, tomatoes, chicken stock cube and coconut milk; with ground almonds & coriander, and quite a lot of salt, but only half a red chilli (not a lot I now know, this is my first attempt so I didn’t want to go overboard). can anyone suggest a fix? I’m on holidays and I don’t have a full pantry so any solution might have to be creative... Cheers Lesley65 🤩 (I’ve attached the list of ingredients, I hope?!)
  2. Thanks for approving my membership so quickly 🤩 I’m from the land down under and I’ve only recently discovered that I actually enjoy cooking, not everything, mainly fish, a bit of chicken and quite a few desserts!
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