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  1. Let me know what white rum your looking for I'll keep my eyes open for some. I'm also in the UK just outside the m25. Ya your right about Baccardi and if not that then scotch whisky. cj
  2. That Ron Zacapa would taste good.....I should say always taste good but I only have one bottle and do not want to open it just sitting around watching TV tonight. So I have some El Dorado 15yr (alread opened)or maybe even just plain ol water thisevening. I did just pick-up that new RyJ piramide today maybe I'll try that. ELA enjoy your Hoyo tonight (wow 94 ya got a whole box?) and what a wonderful rum to match. Having compainy over tomorrow evening might just crack the seal on my Ron Z.
  3. yes the HC anejo reserva is around here in the UK but the HC anejo anos (7yr) is just a few bucks more and taste loads better....i think anyhow. I might just have to have a partagas pc this evening. cj
  4. Well after some shopping around I have decided on what I think will be my next rum to buy. Lamb's special aged rum ..... but do I get the1939 or the 1949?? there is only about a Ű differance in price. Anyone ever have either or both and could persuade me one way or the other? And the other purchase being 3 bottles from Cadenhead's green label rum. But do I get all three Jamaican bottle form differant years ie: 10, 12, 22 or 25? maybe I could afford all 4!! OR Do I spend the money and go for the 25 yr Jamaican, 25yr Guyana and the 25yr Demerara I have been eyeballing this green label rum for some time now. I would have alreadied mail ordered it But John Reekie clued me into the store in central London. Not to far from me but far enough that I just can't hop on down to it. And just like cigars it is ooohh ssooo much more enjoyable to look at, hold and admire what it is you are about to purchase in your hands rather then on a computer screen. So I have been trying to find the excuse to take the train on into London. Thanks for the tip John but if I do not get to Covent Gardens in the next week or so I just may have to order this my phone. My taste buds are starting to salivate in anticipation. I have also found some Jamaican rum from Lond Pond Distillery.....distilled 1941....50%.....and it come in a antique wooden box!!!!! from Gordon & MacPhail. Great tip John and thank you again. This here is to $$$$$ for me though. Have not be able to find any info on Bristol Spirits yet still looking. cj hey Bolivar Petit Corona is that you favorite smoke or is it your everyday smoke?? If your around London in the next couple of months I have a Punch DC from 97 here for you. But which rum should we have with it?
  5. Cj

    Hi you all

    Hey there how ya doing and welcome. 180 bottles wow.... are they empty? Cj
  6. Not sure what they have but have been able to find some even hard to find stuff there from time to time. Gerry's wine & spirits 74 old compton street Ph# 0171 734 2053 not far from piccadily circus off of wardour street. Cj
  7. I have found some date distilled rum from Caderhead's UK ( a Scottish importer) that have been bottled undiluted at strengths between 60-70% My ?? is how would you drink something so strong. Do you mix water with it ...even if it was aged for many years? They also had some various Green Label from Guyana and Jamaica. This has had water add to drop the drinking strength down to 46% or so. All of this sounds great. looking for more info on this kind of cask strengthed rum and how you drink it.......sipping I would guess!! (Edited by Cj at 8:05 am on Jan. 22, 2002)
  8. Cj

    hello all

    Ya the Matusalem is not Cuban ( on the back it says Matusalem & Co. Miami Fl) oh well......I'm sure it will taste great. I have a freind going to Cuba next month; how much does a bottle of HC 15 go for there?? Or what else could/ should I ask for??
  9. Hey All. I'm new and just would like to say cheers. I have always loved rum and as most I started out with rum & cokes in my teens. But now in my mid30's I like it neat and if I can..... a good cigar goes well with it. I can not call myself a collector (yet) but yes I like to find the hard to find or rare stuff. ( Ya know that sayimg drink less but drink good) It is a shame that I can find all sorts of scotch whiskys or even cognac but good rum is a bit more difficult to find. I like Bacardi 8 and HC 7yrs, I can get thoughs fairly easy and can afford to drink them when I like. Have a couple of bottles of Appleton 21 so ever now and then I can have a glass. But the others I'm a little slow at opening only because I only have 1 bottle of it and it might be hard to replace. Ya know saving it for a special time!! These others I have are they hard to find and replace??? (here comes the list) like: Ron Matusalem 15, Pyrat XO Reserve, Doorly's XO, El Dorado SR 15 yrs, Cruzan Single Barrel, Ron Zacapa Centenario, Mount Gay Extra Old. I live the UK but shall be moving back to the states soon and I would really like to know if I would be able to find this again fairly easily after I move back to WA state. Or are these treasured things I should not count on replace after they are gone?? The only other ?? I have is .......that Havana Club 15yrs is it worth the +200 pound That is over 跌 for it. I do understand that it might not be availible in the USA sooo I'm thinking about getting a bottle before I move back.....IS it worth it or should I ask does it taste great with less filling?? haha Once again hello all ya rum lovers!! cjbohl
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