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  1. Sorry for the late reply on this! I appreciate the insight. Are your Doyon ovens the jet air version that changes fan direction half way through? Do you load it up where all of the racks are completely full? I'm thinking if the pans don't need to rotate and we're able to fully load them it's a good choice. The Blodgett limits me to two baking temps at a time where I'm used to having four. I'm concerned that will slow us down when we need to quickly bake more. Currently cookie times/temps vary quite a bit between flavors unfortunately.
  2. Looking into upgrading bakery ovens! The most affordable option is a Doyon Jet Air convection where the fan changes direction for more even baking. They can't guarantee my particular cookies won't have to be rotated without testing. No test ovens available unfortunately although I know for sure a cupcake franchise uses them and doesn't rotate. Does anyone here have experience with these? Otherwise comparing self-rotating options, Doyon CA6XG vs Blodgett XR8-G. They seem pretty similar. Any opinions on either one? I don't currently make bread so proof/steam functions aren't really a deciding factor.
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