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  1. Sadly I myself cannot claim to be Welsh, I just have the privilege of living in this lovely part of the world! I do very often make a Welsh version of the Irish dish ‘colcannon’ - I stir in leeks instead of cabbage into buttery mashed potatoes (or sometimes leeks and cabbage!) The leek is a recognised national symbols of Wales alongside the daffodil, so its a vegetable thats easy to come by here. If you do get to visit Cardiff again, I can heartily recommend the Riverside Food Market, held most Sunday mornings. There’s some fantastic local produce and food stalls to try, and a rather nice walk along the River Taff to enjoy too.
  2. Thanks for the help and insight. A mystery so swiftly solved! I’d be interested in trying them but if they are out of season (and on top of that have travelled all they way to Wales!) these ones in question might not be at their best. Perhaps thats why they felt light and hollow? Unless they don’t go “off”?
  3. Hi all. Very glad to have found this site. So much info being shared by fellow foodies, what a great community to be part of. My interest is mainly in learning more about Chinese cooking but I can see that I’m really spoilt for culinary choice. Can’t wait to get stuck in.
  4. Hello all, I joined this forum whilst searching online for somewhere that would help me identify something I found in my local Chinese supermarket. I have now spent hours reading previous posts about Chinese cooking and I must say wow - I think I am in the right place! Very happy to have found this wealth of knowledge and passion for Chinese cooking. The thing in question that I’m intrigued by looked like some sort of dried seed pod... I could be very wrong. The ‘horns’ are interesting. Does anyone here have an inkling? They were very light and felt hollow. About 6-8cm in width. I go into this store quite often and have never seen them before, they were mysteriously left in an unmarked basket in the corner… Thanks in advance for any help!
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