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  1. anybody know where I can get the noma book?
  2. blais is gonna kick some ass...
  4. chef g, you are in our hearts and prayers, best wishes on a full recovery... McCrady's restaurant
  5. we do the same thing with foie gras at the restaurant.... tasty stuff....we are still working on the brine and the smoke but the stuff sure is tasty with some Blis maple syrup or even better blis elixir sean
  6. you can try gastrotek... we carry everything that you can imagine just email me for info sean
  7. i like pouring liquid nitrogen into other peaple's back pockets////
  8. had some fish tacos at "taco boy" the other day out on folly beach.... not bad but the search still continues.....................
  9. I need a proper fish taco....does anyone have any suggestions????
  10. this book is a must have....i recieved my copy on tuesday and have already looked thru it three or four times....it really captures what aki and alex are all about....this is truly a unique book, from truly unique chefs.....you will be amazed at what these two have been up to over the last few years......this is there opportunity to be recognized on a national level.....it's been a long time coming...... buy the book
  11. you can buy it from zeke freeman at rogers international, great company, they also have the new iberico products
  12. you could use adria's croquant technique......... just place a piece of croquant over the ice cream and heat it with a blow torch, the croquant will take on the shape of the ice cream... also dani garcia has caramelized ice cream in his book.... he uses gellan to form a shell, although it doesn't get crispy
  13. I was lucky enough to visit R4D while I was in new york....unbelievable desserts
  14. this is a heartbreaker.........one of the coolest places on earth is gone
  15. I'll be there..........can't wait
  16. I have a couple of different styles if you are interested
  17. chefseanbrock


    here is a quick breakdown for dow's methocels the are catagorized by types.... There are five types of dow methocels Type SGA Type A Type E Type F Type K Each type has a different gelling temperature. Each type has a different grade with various viscosities. The SGA METHOCEL gels between 38-44 degrees C The A METHOCEL gels between 50-55 degrees C The E METHOCEL gels between 58-63 degrees C The F METHOCEL gels between 62-68 degrees C The K METHOCEL gels between 70-90 degrees C The amount of heat that will be applied to the final product will determine the type of methocel that you want to use..... For instance if you are doing a "noodle" that is going to be added to hot water, you will need to use the SGA150, it gels really fast....If you are "whipping" something that needs to be heated for a longer period of time on the stove you would want to use an E or an F..... hope this helps and spawns more questions and experimentations cheers
  18. chefseanbrock


    the good people at terra spice sell 3 different types of dow methocels they carry the sga150,the E15 and the F50 the website is www.terraspicecompany.com I would be happy to answer any questions about methocel. cheers sean
  19. I had an amazing time at Camp Nashville......... The SFA rocks.......... can't wait for the next event cheers sean
  20. charleston, sc is a great city to get your feet wet in...........lots of great restaurants to choose from and charleston is a very nice place to live.... we are always accepting interns at Mccrady's cheers
  21. Sean can you give any more examples on how you use this, you would just add a flavouring like carrot juice and methocell and whip while you heat? Can you give more details ← use a methocel with a higher gelling temperature at .8 percent or so depending on the liquid.....follow the dispersion/hydration instructions and hold until ready to serve... when you are ready to serve heat the liquid on the stove and whip with a hand blender with a whisk attachment while you are heating the liquid....as it heats it will stabalize the bubbles and form a very dense foam similar to a meringue
  22. methocel makes great eggless, hot meringues...just add the methocel and whip while you are heating
  23. ouch............it will be missed
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