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  1. Nope, still a perfectionist at work, but definitely more mellow at home, lol. I know NY is digging their heels in on recreational regulations. If you see any products branded Matter. - it is possible our team worked on it (we have multiple teams). Our dispensaries are Verilife
  2. Okay one last post for the day - sorry my team and I are putting together all our learnings and I thought I would share. My coworker found this attachment for your airbrush machines that will make the splatter effect. It is currently used in SPX/MUA realm. We might buy one and try it out. I will let you know!
  3. It is a great place, I worked in Sudbury, it is a beautiful and cute town! I am relatively well versed in lamination, pastry, confections, etc. I have been a long time eGullet stalker and finally (don't know why I didn't sooner) joined the community to contribute
  4. @Jim D.Thank you for all your recommendations. Finally finished all 35 pages. @lironpand I are (funny enough/small world) part of a Mom's group chat in our neighborhood. I can tell you her chocolates are exquisite. I look forward to connecting with her more about this subject as I know she has done a deep dive on equipment like I have. I have like 5 detailed pages of notes and tons of screen shots of everyone's advice on building a successful spray area, and am now compiling it all into a spreadsheet, because that is how my brain organizes things. A little bit about me, since I am new here, I am a pastry chef in the greater Boston area and have been working professionally since 2006. I went to the CIA in NY and graduated in 2011. I have worked in all aspects of pastry, except commercial/artisan confection & chocolate production. I am currently and R&D Scientist at a cannabis company helping to formulate a new generation and luxury experience in cannabis edibles.
  5. I recently did this for an experiment with our side siphon Grex, I turned the pressure all they way down, maybe 1-2psi (didn't register on our compressor). I will say the splatter does not look organic, very uniform, but it does work, super slow though, a tooth brush, or finger flick probably goes faster...
  6. @Louise nadine brillwas going through this post about your Peach PDF, have you tried adding a supporting fruit like apricot? I know Boiron has an amazing PDF chart that i use as a rough guideline. I know you can use their peach puree on its own, but I find with delicate flavors that can lose their flavor integrity when cooking it can be beneficial to use a supporting booster fruit. Some fruits like Pineapple, Lime, etc have to be supported due to the acid amount or enzymatic activity, like bromelain, but in doing so you use the base fruit (usually apricot or peach), cook, then add the other purees closer to the end of cooking. They turn out less jammy/oxidized/caramelized and the flavor pops more.
  7. Hi! I am a professional pastry chef living in the greater Boston area. Currently developing new and exciting cannabis edibles, mostly chocolate and confectionary, as an R&D Scientist at a cannabis company. Here to learn, discuss, and get great insight into large artisan chocolate production.
  8. Hello All, new to posting at eGullet. I am currently looking for recommendations on an airbrush or gun that can do both splatter visuals and traditional misting. This would be for a product that might not be produced by someone who is too familiar with the ins and outs of chocolate and cocoa butter, but would be provided with detailed training and SOPS. So it would need to be a machine that is relatively easy to use and would have a consistent setting/psi for either application (splatter, or misting). It seems like the Fuji Q4 with pressurized gravity feed cup would most likely be our best options after reading through most of the 35 pages of content. We will have a spray booth (also looking for recs on that as well) so that the mess and overspray will be contained. We are starting with decorated chocolate bars before we venture out into the bonbon realm. Currently we have a Grex Side Gravity Feed (0.5mm needle) with a Silentaire Dr-500 compressor. We also have compressed air lines in our lab as well that we use for our Selmi Comfit panner. All recommendations are greatly appreciated and welcome. I love all the advice and camaraderie on this thread and others about chocolate. @Jim D.@Kerry Beal@schneich@Chocolat have given me so much insight in all their previous posts. Also if anyone is in the New England (MA) area and perhaps has a tool we can see in action, that would be amazing! Thank you all in advance.
  9. Hi @Jim D.I know this post was from a while ago, but I have been combing through all the chocolate forums looking for tips and tricks for production and I thought I would share on of mine. I am not sure how you are backing your chocolates, but if you are piping, then shaking/leveling without scraping the chocolate off the back of the molds, then you can simply clean the surface after your molds are already set and popped out. We use a warming gun and a microfiber cloth, but it could be done with the warming tray as well without the possibility of throwing your cocoa butter out of temper. Just a thought!
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