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  1. When i lost my Dad and my Brother, truly the last thing on my mind was a potluck lunch from anyone. Kinda creepy imo.I was fully capable of eating when i was ready without everyone staring at my reaction.
  2. I'll take a pass. Too hot, too crowded, major pain in the butt. I would like to see a band at Petrillo but they'll be lined up before the gates open and if you need to use the bathroom or get some food, you'll lose your seat. Ridiculous. I miss Chicagofest!
  3. Just returned from Pawleys on NYD. Being my second home i've managed to find some good eats. Did the oyster roast "clusters" in the pans at Nance's in Murrells Inlet- always Great! Local oysters only! Always make our way up to www.tylerscove.com for stuffed Lowcountry Flounder with cheese grits on the side. I'm in love with Independant Seafood Dock in Georgetown. Just a dockside seafood market right on the bay that brings in Grouper, Flounder, shrimp etc all day right from their shabby old shrimp trawlers docked right there. I managed to get two lb of FRESH shrimp from Myrtle to ORD without the typical body cavity search! Even fell into the new Waffle House there the other night...In all my years down there, the farthest i've been south was Mt Pleasant and that was to pick up Krystals for my Dad who passed a couple days later. McClennaville many times though. Basically what i'm saying is that i love the Low Country for the Oysters, creek shrimp, fine people and everything else but i'll still be working in Chicago so the house in Pawleys will just be for long weekends and vacation for now. Would love to attend the Oysterpalooza in Charleston next year- we'll see.
  4. Bob Chinn's Mai Tai's are horrible, made with powdered mix in a machine, grapefruit tasting garbage. Food is good though. Go to a Cantonese restaurant to get a good Mai Tai.
  5. Hey Elfin, glad you're still speaking to me Eddies is on NW hwy right across the street from the Arl Hts Metra station.It's an old place with a huge bar. Deer heads and those old flowing lighted Old Style signs too. They have a huge menu! Anything from daily specials of salisbury steak to meatloaf and corned beef and cabbage. Wed night they do a chicken or perch fry (ayce) for around nine bucks. Fri fish fry also. Great!!! perch! Excellent tartar sauce and cole slaw! Fries are pretty darn good too! Bread, crackers, butter, you know. It's a fun place. Bobby Q's is actually in Prospect Heights i think. In the shopping center behind the closed Dominicks. Dinorex is in there too. I think Rand and Olive, i don't know, i live d'town AH. You'll smell the smoke when you leave your car- even more when you enter the "non-smoking"??? building. They serve beer and wine. Just a hint, if you order a pulled pork sandwich ask them to leave the sauce off the meat. You'll have two or three choices on the table and they'll gladly bring you more. The owner did his research in Memphis, but he still has a few loose ends. Probably the closest thing to real bbq we'll find around here. He also has all the appropriate sides.Beans, slaw, cornbread etc. Go out and eat tonight and have fun!
  6. Thanks GMI, you're the BG Culvers guy right? If so, i've taken my wife there twice- she enjoyed it. Other than that i recommend Not getting married at 45 y/o for the first time. I'm divorcing after 13 months of my first marriage I truly need my life back. Bachelor life works for me, big time.
  7. My STB ex wife just informed me that today is Tue, so we'll not be attending Eddie's fish fry tonight as it's only on Wed and Fri- oops. Probably the Riviera snack shop for a coupla Gyros and fries.
  8. And a present S Carolinian (part time) What they're doing at Russell's is just baking pork in the oven, abslolutely no smoke flavor whatsoever, and chopping it into sawdust. The baked beans tasted like they opened a can of Van Camps and dumped em in a pot. It truly boggles my mind how such a place can remain in business, but after eyeing their clientele i guess i could figur it out. Sorry Elfin for blasting on your post. , but around Arl Hts here, try Bobby Q's up on Rand. He smokes his pork etc, but still hasn't really gotten the knack of a good sandwich. We're going to the fish fry at Eddie's Arl Hts IL tonight, so check it out, it's gooood-they even have a pulled pork sandwich (KCMP), but some awfully good Ruebens, and Thousand Island Sandwiches "Marshall Field's Special". One of these days i'm gonna shoot over to Hecky's in Evanston for a good sandwich-i think. I'll shut up now.
  9. Russell's truly has to be the most disgusting BBQ i've ever eaten, period. Dry chopped roast pork on a big bun with that sauce reeking of allspice- tasteless. The beef is nothing more than "rainbow beef" with that same crap they call sauce. We went a coupla months ago and i was actually embarrased that i was eating such garbage. I can make a better sandwich with a tub of BBQ from the grocery, with some KFC slaw on top. I suggest no one waste their money at this dump. Sorry, but it's the truth. Two thumbs down to Russell's! BTW i'm a former Memphian...
  10. Hey next time you,re in Germantown swing into Poplar Estates-6887 Havenhill cove and let me know how the house my parents had built, in '68, looks. It's the one with the 12' pool slide. Living in Chicago since '75 i would love to visit the area as i know it's pretty crazy now! BTW which buiding is the G'town Commisary located?
  11. When i lived in Memphis in the 70's we used to eat at Leonards,Colemans,Topps,Loebs, and Colettas.I think Colettas had the BBQ pizza. We also ate at Irelands steak and biscuits and the "Roaring 70's" many times. We lived in Germantown long before what it is now and i learned that Memphis has the finest BBQ without question. Beans and fries are my sides with my BBQ sandwich w/slaw.
  12. There was a guy on there the other night- the Superdawg show. He matched your wish list. Very annoying complainer. The new girl looks like she's taking her wine drinking a little too seriously as she's totally porked out now. That show as well as WTTW- bugs me big time.
  13. I'll bet Jeff Gordon's ex-wife makes one helluva good Frito Pie these days!
  14. There is not one person on this forum that could complete one lap of a Nascar race without complaining that their wrists hurt or they were tired. Nascar is a VERY tough thing and the skill level is unparalled by any sport in America.
  15. They have a housewares dept, but everything seems to be quite overpriced. They have knives, but not sure about the high end stuff. Give em a call.
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