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  2. EatingBen

    Kitchen photos

    Without doubt the best kitchen I've laid eyes on in this thread. So many others look wonderful and I've no doubt they bring lots of joy but this one is perfect. It looks like a kitchen that is a pleasure to work in, everything to hand, everything easily in reach and easily returned to it's home. I love a comfortable kitchen, it inspires me to cook more! I wish I could do more with my current kitchen but I'm held back by not owning it myself otherwise mine would look similar to yours
  3. - chopping ingredients (nuts and other inclusions) - portioning items that can’t be cut with a confectionery guitar (nougat, caramel, etc.)
  4. pastrygirl

    flavored cocoa butter colors

    Sounds like the same concept of freeze dried fruit blended into cocoa butter, but this must be more liquid if they're recommending it for decoration rather than molding.
  5. Today
  6. I love Nero Wolfe, in large part due to how much the plots work in dining scenes. I, however, would likely be an Archie, always on the wrong side of Inspector Cramer.
  7. kayb

    Adorable Gummies

    I could load them up with them and send them home, I guess. Serve their mamas right.
  8. I'm intrigued. Thanks for the link; I read it and chased some of the links. If I were to put a raised, subdivided bed around the base of an oak tree, would that be an appropriate place to try growing mushrooms? I live in Zone 7, so we have a lengthy growing season and relatively warm winter; we'll get below freezing a dozen times or more a winter, but we won't stay there more than a couple of days, typically. What kind of soil medium is best for growing mushrooms? Typically in raised beds, I use a combo of garden soil with horse manure worked in during the fall and left to percolate over the winter under straw. Then I turn the straw under before planting. Will that work? Fertilizer or no? If so, what kind? I love picking herbs and tomatoes and fresh veggies in the morning for dinner that night. Mushrooms would be an added plus!
  9. Yesterday
  10. kayb


    Glad to have you here! Tell us what you like to cook!
  11. kayb

    Hello All

    Welcome, Aretha. You share a name with one of my very favorite singers.
  12. kayb

    Mozzarella: what to do with it?

    Some marinara to dip that arancini in does not go amiss....
  13. BeeZee

    Mozzarella: what to do with it?

    @Darienne, I’m sure you could tear up some of those slices and stack up the bits to make a larger mass to stuff the rice balls. Even if not perfect, they are tasty. A recipe born from using up leftovers.
  14. arethamorce

    marijuana food

    I tried frozen yogurt infused cannabis before and it really tastes good! i used this strain of MJ https://www.gyo.green/short-cannabis-strains.html everytime i cook marijuana edibles and now there's new and something interesting! On the other hand, Ingesting Cannabis has a side effect that can lead you addiction because of its high dosage that you'll never know how much dosage that food has. By continually do researching, I came across in this an sticks and learning that there are many kinds of cannabis.
  15. arethamorce

    Hello All

    hi newbie here too
  16. arethamorce


    Hi everyone, newbie here, have a nice day
  17. Norm Matthews

    Dinner 2019

    Charlie had a specific request for dinner tonight: Martini Chicken with egg noodles and Alfredo sauce, so that is what we had.
  18. btbyrd

    Best chicken?

    Not that I know of, but if I was trying to track down heritage meats in NYC, I'd get in touch with Heritage Foods USA. They have a mail-order business, but a brick-and-mortar storefront in the city. The founder got his start selling heritage turkeys, and though chicken isn't their primary business I'm sure that if you called and expressed an interest in finding high quality, humanely raised heritage chickens they'd be able to help you out. Heritage Foods runs a non-profit radio network dedicated to food education, and they're an organization I like to support in whatever ways I can. If Heritage Meats is out of chicken, I bet they'd be able to direct you to a quality purveyor. It probably won't be poulet rouge, but you probably won't be disappointed. And you'll probably end up making me jealous of whatever you're able to source there in the city. 😊 Bell & Evans is my default chicken as well. But in the event that there's a special occasion.... Finding these birds offered regularly for sale at my local Whole Foods was about the only wonderful surprise I've had in my supermarket grocery-buying experience in North Carolina. Apologies if I'm crowing a bit too much about this product, but it's a good one. It's rare for us to eat chicken that's over a month old in this country, and that's a shame for everyone (including the chickens).
  19. David Ross

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    Grilling on wood planks has become very popular. Yet, grilling salmon on wood planks and stakes has been practiced for millennia. When we were kids growing up in The Dalles, Oregon, Mother and Father would take us every summer to a traditional Native American salmon roast. The salmon were fished from the Columbia River that borders the north side of The Dalles. I still remember the taste of that wild salmon-moist, tender with just a hint of alder smoke. Alder grows in the forests on the west side of the Cascade Mountain range that runs from British Columbia down through Washington, Oregon and into Northern California. Back then, (the 1960's), the salmon roast was a very traditional affair without some of the commercial-style trappings you'll find today. But the salmon is just as delicious today as it was in 1967.
  20. hongda

    Joe Beef, and getting sober

    Here's the previous thread on Joe Beef from Bon Appetit
  21. Darienne

    Mozzarella: what to do with it?

    You know, I think I could go for Arancini. Sounds delicious. Yes. I'll make some. Thanks, @BeeZee.
  22. What sort of knives you thinking?
  23. Curls.....who needs ladels when we can use plastic cups....?....lol
  24. Chimayo Joe

    Carl's Jr. - 2019 and beyond

    I hadn’t been to Carl’s Jr. in years, but I watched a Good Mythical Morning YouTube video where Carl’s Jr. won their chicken tenders shootout. I don’t usually put much credence in those guys’ taste tests(or anything else), but that Carl’s Jr. beat out even the chicken places including Popeyes caused me to give Carl’s Jr. a try. Lo and behold, their chicken tenders are really good. I’m sure it helped that they cooked them to order while I was sitting in the drive-thru, but they were still really good when I got home half an hour later.
  25. Darienne

    Mozzarella: what to do with it?

    @cdh: oops. Never thought of that. It's simply the firm block style. Thanks. @pastrygirl: Not much for fondues...but we do have two large always looking for a treat dogs. @BeeZee: I've already run it through the food processor for slices...Carpal Tunnel thingy... Have to Google arancini...yes, it's that bad... We use a lot of cheese and I have this wonderful cheese cracker from Williams Sonoma that I make regularly which can take a lot of different cheeses...but not Mozzarella. We're not much for Mozzarella. It's just not a favorite.
  26. DJ Silverchild

    flavored cocoa butter colors

    Whoa so isn't that another version of the Valrhona Inspiration line? Also I would much much rather use a natural color additive over titanium dioxide. Inn fact, titanium oxide is why I don't use colored cocoa butter.
  27. Amber Waddell

    Sun-dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Pasta

    This is a recipe for about two people. It depends on how much your family eats. I normally make a pound for my family of four and we have some leftovers.
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