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  2. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2020

    Actually my onion rings were breaded and oven baked 😊 Still not healthy by any means. But I am not brave enough to deep fry anything at home.
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  4. The Guardian Lions / Foo Dogs aren't the only interesting sights in the Mojave Desert. The drive from Amboy to the Salton Sea passes the Amboy Crater (an extinct volcano), several valleys and mountain ranges, and architecture of the sort one finds in the desert where folks do their own thing. We reached Twentynine Palms and the Stater Bros grocery store. I'd shop there regularly if I could, but it's strictly a Southern California chain and we usually aren't near one. I've shown pictures of it in the past - especially its meat counter. This time around, my phone's battery died in the parking lot. You'll have to settle for an old discussion of it, here, if you want to see pictures. The shopping list went into action. For once we didn't spend a fortune at the meat counter, thanks to the holiday excesses that hadn't come to pass. That isn't to say we ignored that counter altogether! They carry that wonderful New York Style Calabrese Sausage, which I've seen nowhere else although it's a California product. They also had pork steaks that my darling insisted we had to have for dinner that night. His favorite meat, with his favorite breading. It's dead easy, provided the breading mixture is ready to hand. We set up camp at the Salton Sea uncomfortably late in the afternoon, due to delays in Twentynine Palms. We breaded those pork steaks, admired the view, cooked those steaks and ate. There are no dinner pictures. Thanks to the delays, I was much too tired and cranky to appreciate dinner until it was almost over. Then I was grateful for easy but delicious food.
  5. I believe my CSO is now repaired and fully functional. I am most grateful. However I wanted to see if I could somehow achieve a one kg boule. Something that exceeds the capabilities of the CSO. I have an ancient Cuisinart Chicken Steamer (CCS). Could the CCS bake my one kg boule? Dough from the Ankarsrum turned out fine.* The dough proofed perfectly in an hour and a half. Fitting the scored boule in the CCS was a little tricky but it worked. I used 60 g of water in the bottom of the steamer and placed the CCS on my well heated 470F 12x12x1 inch baking aluminum.** That may have been a bit much water as there is evidence of condensation, namely a few drip marks on the crust. But baking progressed and the final loaf looked pretty good. Thing is it was stuck completely to the pan. The bottom crust still is. Tonight's bread will get the job done, but not my best experiment. Were I to assay CCS bread again I'd line the steamer insert with a Teflon disc and use less water in the steamer bottom. Still, sadly, I believe a one kg boule exceeds what can realistically be expected of the CCS. And for an 800-500 g boule the CSO is the way to go. That said, if anyone else has a CCS I suspect it would work OK for baking smaller loaves. I never did like steamed chickens. *as does almost anything with rum. **were it made of steel I'd call it a baking steel.
  6. Is there a particular proportion you prefer?
  7. Oh I hear ya - the new washer makes goofy musical sounds. Shut up already. As I noted above the on/off for reheat or steam super cheapo works for me - Yes yu have to rap your head around possibly disposable versus repair. I did just steam dumplings in the cheapo - nicely.
  8. Welcome! Looking forward to your posts. You should start looking at this thread. It starts a five-part discussion about charcuterie. Very informative and interesting.
  9. Too funny - I just played the video because I didn't remember the song and Mr. Kim looked at me aghast and said, "Why are you playing that song???" Seems he had it as an earworm last week and just yesterday got rid of it. 😂
  10. As I wrote previously in the thread I disagree the object is to wet the bread. I can't prove it but I believe the purpose of steam is to transfer energy to the still plastic dough. Undeniably steam does transfer energy to the dough. When you were baking professionally did you use a steam injection oven?
  11. Am tremendously interested in this topic. Our two twin, city and country, micros are roughly 40 years old. I mean, in that age range does a half dozen years really matter. No choice of power options. Just on or off. No buttons. Just a dial to choose minutes. Works a charm for steaming vegetables, heating leftovers, cooking a hot dog. We try to preempt appliance failure, but when you walk into an appliance store and describe the "stupid appliance" you are looking for, salesmen's eyes roll. I now have a new dishwasher and dryer that will never be used beyond the simplest factory setting because my life is too short to play 20 questions with something that is supposed to make my life simpler. I hate "gotchas". On and Off are my gods.
  12. I wouldn't say sushi is a flavor - it comes in many flavors.
  13. Margaret Pilgrim

    Dinner 2020

    Husband asked for naked sliced cucumber which he would address He had designs on Blenheim apricot balsamic and blood orange olive oil brought by recent dinner guests. I didn't get a taste...so I guess it worked. Sausage and pepper pasta. Excellent.
  14. I copy and paste into an email and view that in the store. I make a list as things come to mind or when my Sweetie asks for something**. Most of the time just before shopping I edit the file for the path I take through the store. Sometimes life doesn't give me enough time. ** If she asks while we're not at home I have her send me an email with the item as the subject line. Works well.
  15. @Terrakion, I'm intrigued by the cover picture in your profile: those lovely droplets on the green surface. Is it a closeup of water droplets? What's the surface? The pattern and lighting are pretty.
  16. The cord on my phone is not long enough.
  17. robirdstx

    Dinner 2020

    Grilled Double Cheeseburger with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo and Yellow Mustard on a toasted Ciabatta Bun
  18. I have a long lost sister!!!! Add citrus.. Lemons or grapefruit with sea salt.
  19. Thoughts? It sounded like a book with narrative which is my preference.
  20. Oddly, I just bought the dead tree edition after finding it at 50 percent off at the local Barnes and Noble. I've paged through but mostly to look at some of the titles of recipes.
  21. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    I'll just take that squash as my meal
  22. TdeV


    Hi there. Welcome.
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