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  2. scott123

    Mozzarella: what to do with it?

    I don't know how long you plan on keeping it around for, but, in the future, if you want to prolong the shelf life, it's best to keep it in the packaging until you need it. Also, brick mozzarella is only as good as it's melt, and slices melt especially poorly- it's super easy to end up with rubbery tasteless cheese. Even if you can't grate them by hand, I might put them back in the food processor for a handful of pulses on the chop setting. I tend to have a lot mozzarella around and use it for any Mexican dishes that require melted cheese, like enchiladas. It also fries up really well in a non stick pan. Take it until golden brown and you'll get crunchy crackers when it cools.
  3. food mom


    You are correct, Duvel, I should have stipulated which kind of crust I am looking for at the very beginning. I would start with a thin-crust pizza, old New York-style. This is why I think that the recipe @trfl suggested would not do. First off, it is meant for a gadget that no one here has (the closest we get are the clay Romertöpfe, which are not much in everyday use here these days), which, as I read the device description, deals with a moist enviornment. Not what is desired in a pizza oven. Second, the recipe calls for a 16-hour rising period, not something to do in a class. Yes, I could tell them about it, or pre-prepare a dough, but that's not what people are paying for. Third, spelt dough is already a "wet" dough. I wouldn't want to up the hydration, but decrease it. I've just found some old clippings titled "American Liquid Measure Conversion Chart" and "Am. Volume Measure Conversion Chart" (unfortunately no note of source, but easy enough to find, I'd think) which says to decrease the liquid in the recipe by 10-15%. Here we have five International Standard grades of Spelt - 630 contains 12-14% gluten, and is most widely used - which are all used for different end products. I visited the mill today, talked with the saleswoman there, and she suggested using a combination of the two lowest grades (Dunst and Grieß, the Omnipotent Wiki has a chart under "flour"), to give more structure to the dough. So I'll do that, but early next week, as tomorrow is the class, Sunday is the European vote, and Monday it should rain. Thanks to all for help/input. Will let you know how things turn out. Happy weekend, -betsy
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  5. gulfporter

    Grocery Shopping

    We've been gone from our MX home for a month (FL and Portugal) and we're still tired, time-zone impaired and generally discombobulated. Went to the small produce market looking for some zucchini. I buy them now and then, but thought these a bit smaller than usual. Get them home and start to peel. Not zucchini. They are Persian cucumbers (googled ) and I think the best cucumber I have ever had! Glad I made that mistake 😋
  6. Samin Nosrat was recently a guest on Dax Shepard's podcast, Armchair Expert. If you haven't listened in the past, they are very long interviews. Samin's pretty articulate and I enjoyed listening to this episode. Amongst other topics, she talks at some length about her next book.
  7. Shelby

    Dinner 2019

    Salmon with capers, garden asparagus and pasta Thai pork lettuce wraps and sweet and sour tofu Strawberries from my wonderful egg person's patch for dessert
  8. Since the venue was a school, I suppose it was not surprising that the small wares that get “taken home accidentally” would not be available. The list that @Kerry Beal started can be used by future organizers as a questionnaire for the facility so both sides have the same expectations, and we know what we can leave at home. Then I could bring a (slightly 😄) smaller suitcase.
  9. blue_dolphin

    Kitchen photos

    A number of my friends have done a drawer microwave specifically because it was at kid level and easy for them to use vs reaching up high or climbing on top of the stove. There's usually a function to lock the control panel if there are very little ones in the mix.
  10. I’m sorry all, I should have publicized louder that I had a couple of spare almost-everything in the bottomless suitcase 😄. @RobertM do you mean the stiff acetate like report covers, or the floppier guitar sheets? For me: 10. A full size compressor with either 1/4” or 3/8” fittings to support larger air sprayers. We could bring converters for our own 1/4” sprayers or 1/8” airbrushes if needed (I have spares 😊).
  11. mgaretz

    Dinner 2019

    Loaded fried rice. Started with a frozen chicken fried rice packet and added mushrooms, spinach, onion, peas and the last of the leftover tri-tip (and extra sauces and spices).
  12. eugenep

    11 Best Summer Drinks

    For this memorial day BBQ, I'm bringing to bottles of Spanish cider from the Asturias region I saw on Vice media that the Spanish ciders are closer to a sour beer and not sweet - so I thought it would be good to cut the fat from the bbq meat Getting it from Despanga on Broome St today hopefully The Spanish dry ciders seem good for the summer
  13. liamsaunt

    Kitchen photos

    I don't know if it is the height of where the microwave was placed in the island, or my height (I am short), but I don't need to bend down to put things in or take things out of the microwave drawer. It would be kid height though, so I can see that being a concern. Yes! The pantry next to the fridge is a spice cabinet. The lower section has a series of pull out drawers that hold my large spice collection alphabetically. I made labels for the tops of the jars so it's easy to find what I need. The top portion of the pantry holds overflow spices (I buy bags from Penzey's and then decant into jars). The uppermost shelf in that cabinet holds infrequently used items because I can't reach it 🙂 I have a pole gripper to bring stuff down from that shelf if there isn't someone taller around to reach things down for me. I did not capture it in the pictures, but there is a second pantry cabinet on the left wall of the kitchen. It's about three times the width of the spice cabinet and I use it for food storage.
  14. scubadoo97

    Breakfast 2019

    Breakfast tacos. Queso blanco, cilantro and tomatillo salsa
  15. I don't know. It struck a chord in me because I also hate passing potatoes through a tamis. Its messy and tedious, and its easy to burn your hands, and then a pain to clean the tamis. I find myself too often just chucking the potatoes in a Kitchen Aid -- I have a Vitamix too but that makes them terribly gummy -- but the loss of quality is very noticeable (even to my kids) and I think I'd make mashed potatoes much more frequently if I could automate the process. I figure it would be good for hummous too, which I also make a lot of. I've had a series of $30-$50 immersion blenders and now that my latest Cuisinart -- which is a horrible machine with a misplaced "safety" button that requires the use of two hands -- is failing, thought I would invest in something nicer to use and that will last.
  16. blue_dolphin

    Kitchen photos

    Lots of info here
  17. robirdstx

    Breakfast 2019

    Two Egg Omelette with Ham, Cheese and Green Onion
  18. If you wouldn't mind, would you please share your recipe for hard candy? I think the batch size you made at the conference is that "just right" amount. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge. Hope we see you next year!
  19. scubadoo97

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    I usually just put a tray full of ice in the smoker on the shelf below the fish here in Florida when using a cold smoking device
  20. shain

    Dinner 2019

    Pasta salad with eggs, tomatoes, olives, peas. Corn tortilla with oven roasted spicy cauliflower and a celery slaw dressed with sour cream and blue cheese.
  21. Brioche with a filling of ricotta, mulberry, white chocolate and vanilla.
  22. Just want to report definitively that VinylEase tape leaves a residue in molds--a substantial residue. I don't know why this didn't happen the first time I used it, but it certainly did today. It took sitting overnight for the problem to be revealed. So much time wasted cutting it and sticking it on with multiple molds. It's not the tape's fault, of course, since it was not intended for this purpose.
  23. EatingBen

    Italian Copper cookware Help

    Depending on how hard you use them the tin lining should last many years mine goes 5 years before needing to be refined and it was well used. It’s now packed away and rarely bothered with. While a gorgeous frying pan it is no longer suitable for the cooking I do nor do I have the interest in the effort in care. They are gorgeous pans and a pleasure to cook in, they bring nostalgia and joy when cooking with it that few pieces of kitchen cookware do and they absolutely get the “classy” oohs when a copper pan arrives at the table with a butterflied chicken or a dessert or some other simple food that looks extravagant in a copper pan. If this is something you have coveted for some time, buy a few pieces, a frying pan of 1 or 2 sizes (1 pan enough to cook a meal for two and the other for 4 people) and perhaps a pot or i’d Personally go for a braiser which is wide and good for reducing. If you really have the money guy everything and show it off in your kitchen and it’ll make you smile for decades! Use it on gas, it goes pan, fat, meat, heat and in that order you don’t preheat copper you either immediately cook in it or you’ve fu**ed your pan.
  24. I tried one and yeah na, I like my mash a little rougher and a lot faster. A really strong masher will do it in only a few minutes then you gently mix in the butter milk and salt all while it’s still hot and clean up is faster. Having said that, I’m all for toys if you think it’ll be the bomb in your kitchen have at it. I had a Breville one, I’d imagine most decent brands are going to serve you well. If I want smooth I retrograde my potato’s Sous Vide and put them through the food mixer (and not the food processor)
  25. EatingBen

    Kitchen photos

    Have you posted photos by any chance?
  26. rich


    Yes I did. Enjoy the rest of Paris time. Went to Vinnum last evening - another top notch meal. For those who don't know, Vinnum, IMO, is the best restaurant in Staten Island. And since I live there, that's a good thing.
  27. Steve R.


    So, you took my advice and showed up here again. It figures that you chose to post about Parkside for your return. See you soon.
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