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  2. Shelby

    Dinner 2020

    Brilliant! I see I'm going to be searching Amazon in a few minutes to see if they have this. Your lasagna looks wonderful. It was really warm yesterday (snow coming though YAY ) so Ronnie smoked a chicken. Potato salad Pesto pasta salad And baked beans
  3. kayb

    eG Cook-Off #84: Ginger

    Thanks for the candied ginger recipe, @andiesenji. I'll stock up on ginger next time I'm at the big Asian market (SO much cheaper there!) and try this. Have also saved the triple gingerbread recipe.
  4. Today
  5. Ann_T

    Breakfast 2020!

    Breakfasts from the past few days. Yesterday morning started off with a cappuccino at 4:00AM with a butter tart made by a friend's mom. Followed by burgers and fries a few hours later. Sunday, I put a pot of Pork Bolognese sauce on early morning. And Moe spaghetti for breakfast. Valentine's day Breakfast - Greek Ribs.
  6. Ann_T

    Dinner 2020

    Last night's dinner. I had promised Matt that I would make him lasagna in my new TeamFar lasagna pan. A gift from a friend. (Thank you @FauxPas). This pan is the perfect size for baking in the CSO. And deep enough for a four layer lasagna. Lasagna weighed 6 3/4 lbs not counting the pan. Matt doesn't eat meat so I made a four layer cheese lasagna. Moe and I had ours topped with the pork bolognese sauce.
  7. Thank you for the detailed comments on each title! I guess I'll finish Professional Baking, then look towards The Professional Pastry Chef and/or French Patisserie. I also actually have RLB's Baking Basics, but of course I'll need to put Baking Bible on my radar for more involved recipes. And the Kaffeehaus suggestion looks wonderful - I'll admit most of my (very limited) knowledge of pastries so far is mainly just French patisserie, but I want to ensure I'm not ignoring the rest of Europe and that looks like exactly what I want. Your suggestions are much appreciated!
  8. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    Had an excess of cooked rice so fried it with Hunan ham, egg, etc.
  9. Nopalito has a recipe for yogurt-based crema that's become my go-to since I usually have yogurt on hand. Start with: 1 cup whole-milk Greek yogurt 3 teaspoons lime juice 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt adjust lime and salt to taste
  10. The Dutch love their whipped cream and other dairy products. Cheese! Kerry did your hotel breakfast include smoked fish? Was there a section of sweet bread toppings... chocolate sprinkles, apple syrup, hazelnut spread, etc.? Looks like a nice breakfast selection. Hope you get to show us the rest of it soon. When does/did your setup for the show start?
  11. Great thread! A few hundred km from my spice cabinet, but I have managed to find some more or less hard to find stuff here in the UK I got the whole chillies on a whim - any ideas of what to do with them would be appreciated.
  12. The best book on the how and why is the one by Paula Figoni, so you already covered that. Some personal comments on some titles: Bo Friberg - "The Professional Pastry Chef" This is great for getting the correct foundations on classic pastry. Underscore "classic", nothing modern here, but you need foundations before building the roof. Ecole Ferrandi Paris - "French Patisserie" As Jo wrote, this is really good if you want an overview on both classic and modern. Regan Daley - "In the Sweet Kitchen" This is overlooked, but it's the only one that talks about how to work with flavors, all the others are technique based. Michel Suas - "Advanced Bread and Pastry" This has some great explanations about bread and viennoiserie, it's for professionals though. The other sections are skippable. Wayne Gisslen - "Professional Baking" I liked it quite much, but if you have the ones by Friberg and Suas then you won't find much more knowledge. The Culinary Institute of America - "Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft" It's good but not as much as the ones above, if you have the ones above then it's redundant. Nick Malgieri - "How to Bake" I gave it a look but did not impress me enough to spend money on it. Sarah Labensky - "On Baking" Same as Malgieri. French Culinary Institute - "The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts" This was a big disappointment, I really regret having spent money on it. Jacquy Pfeiffer - "The Art of French Pastry: A Cookbook" I had the chance to give it a read and it did not seem any better than the one by the French Culinary Institute. There many other books in this vein, like the ones by Cordon Bleu, Richard Bertinet, Philippe Urraca, Eric Keyser... Neither one of them impressed me after a quick look, so I left them there since I already have many more than I really need. Once you have 3-4 titles of this kind you are really covered. Beware I'm talking about the explanations, not the recipes. I never tried any recipe from these books. If you are looking for recipes for the home use, then these 2 are classics: Rose Levy Beranbaum - "The Baking Bible" Rose Levy Beranbaum - "The Cake Bible" If you like Austrian and Hungarian pastries then this is a must: Rick Rodgers - "Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafés of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague" Teo
  13. Wha are in the little ' Eru' packets ? cheese spread ? thanks for the Menu BTW
  14. Revel bars. Thanks to @blue_dolphin.
  15. Dante

    Dinner 2020

    Veggie and quorn stir fry over rice noodles
  16. Looks like a plate of whipped cream with a side of pie😍, appropriate ratio...
  17. Many people here say great things about the Paragon induction unit with its mat. Considering it's cheap and you can use it for a boatload of other stuff, I would say it's the best choice for you. Teo
  18. de koffie schenkerij a coffee shop in the oldest building in Amsterdam - recommended by the delightful husband of the delightful owner of Cacao and Spice - a wonderful little chocolate shop square in the middle of the red light district 3 of us shared a piece of pie with a bit of whipped cream
  19. Looks like a substantial breakfast. Gotta love those little liverwurst chubs.
  20. Duvel

    Dinner 2020

    Or a takoyaki pan ...
  21. thanks! yes my room is very cold as well. I should have thought about this as it happens when I use the same chocolate for shelling multiple molds do you have a suggestion for batch shelling? would it help if I temper the chocolate and let is stay on the melting machine? would I lose the temper without stirring it?
  22. The hotel has breakfast Looks like I missed the other side pic with the hot food
  23. I used to teach in university and would identify that look as “not paying attention and eyeing the snacks instead” ...
  24. Taste and crumb and crust were exquisite though after a liter of methode rotuts I'm not sure how much it matters.
  25. Living here, it is almost a legal requirement to always have at least three types of ginger in the fridge / pantry. Young ginger, middle-aged ginger, old ginger, sand ginger etc. I covered what I can find in most stores here. I use some variety of it in almost everything. I also drink a lot of ginger tea, which I make from scratch. But my favourite dish containing ginger is not Chinese. It is this. (The first recipe, of course. Never tried the others.) It calls for "syrup from a jar of stem ginger", which I've never seen here. So I have to make that myself, use the syrup and munch on the ginger at other times. I have cooked it many times and served to many friends, all of whom have loved it. I also pickle my own young ginger - the sort of stuff served in Japanese sushi places as a between bites palate cleanser. Always have some in the fridge. It keeps forever; or would if I didn't keep eating it. I also have some Chinese cooking wine laced with ginger. Seldom use it.
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