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  2. rotuts

    NE Road Trip

    Clam pizza has to be the original Pepe's in New Haven. there is a Pepe's w of BOS , but its clam pizza is not that good. excellent Bacon pizza just like original Pepe's clam w bellies : in Essex MA clams in essex ma P.S.: I now no longer have to go up to essex for clams w bellies the Legal Seafood near me ( not others , BTW ) make superb fried clams w bellies and superb fish and chips w halibut.
  3. I know, shame on me. Even more shameful is that I don't have any Duvel bottle here, finished the last one some weeks ago. That bottle was around 15 years old and still in great shape. Teo
  4. it did cross my mind to clean them out 1) i hoped some one else might enjoy a few 2) trying as always to empty the freezer. now if there are any left Monday ..............
  5. Maison Rustique

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    These have become a staple in my pantry. I love them with pasta and sausage. Or, even mixed in with roasted potatoes or other veggies. Very versatile. The tomatoes, too.
  6. Cold ... my fridge is regulated to 4oC, so I’ll be drinking Duvel just slightly warmer than that. Of course in a freshly rinsed Duvel glass ...
  7. This is what the producer says, so it should be respected with a tolerance of 0.2°C. Personally I'm heretic and prefer it around 8°C. Teo
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  9. teonzo

    funnel dispenser

    If you ever decide to buy a funnel, then absolutely don't try to save money. Buy a solid one with a good choice of nozzles of various sizes. Go only for stainless steel, forget about the plastic ones: sooner or later something you are pouring will gel and clog the nozzle, you want to be able to heat it without damage. Teo
  10. You lost some eG credit here. Next time you should buy all of them, or at least lie and claim you did so. Teo
  11. Chocoguyin Pemby

    funnel dispenser

    Uhhh your molds are on a whole different level than mine lol - I'm not going to show you mine..... you are playing in the NHL and I am playing senior mens rec league - I'm canadian eh so you figure that out. No seriously I love those molds but we are leagues apart and i will stick to my pot to pour and forget about it..... the funnel I mean...now I want those molds....damn you and your helpfulness...
  12. Chocoguyin Pemby

    Confections! What did we make? (2017 – )

    wow i love the concept - it gives a whole new way to interpret a bonbonbon bada boom!!! Not for everyone or every occasion but i could see myself incorperating this in a number of different ways? I don't have a shop and i can't see a long shelf life for this type of product but it has a unique place. Thanks for sharing.
  13. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Something new: asparagus steam baked in the CSO: Perfectly prepared but note the sulfurous demonic hue. Normally I boil my spears in a large pot of excess water which preserves the color. Typically tasty baked potato and lightly grilled tuna steak. I repent the years I tortured tuna before I learned what it could be. And before I acquired the tools and technology to make the apotheosis so.
  14. MetsFan5

    NE Road Trip

    My Californian husband hasn’t been north of Boston. I’d love to do a food centric road trip up to Maine and back within 4 days. Is this realistic? Should we fly to Portland or Bangor and drive down instead or just driving? I’m looking to eat lots of lobsters, both types of lobster rolls, fried clam bellies, clam pizza and anything else recommended. I’m going to research a few non chain hotels to mix in with two or so chain hotels. We have a lot of points with Hilton. Mostly I’d like to show him Rhode Island (I went to PC), Newport, I haven’t been to Maine for 25 year, and CT that isn’t Foxwoods. That was rough.
  15. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    When I've had Duvel before it was at refrigerator temperature. Whatever Duvel is trying to be I don't think it is a light lager. According to Wikipedia Duvel is made from Scottish yeast. And in the immortal words of Michael Flanders: "One cannot drink stout."
  16. akonsu

    funnel dispenser

    I think that a funnel is mostly useful when pouring into corn starch molds.
  17. sartoric

    Dinner 2019

    Down at the cottage for Easter with limited cooking capacity, and eating a la lap. I pan fried chicken, feta and tomato sausages, then served them with reheated potato bake/veg and roasted asparagus. Tomato sauce and hot English mustard on the side. Crumb catcher at the ready.
  18. @Duvel - I think you're the authority here I actually don't know the answer but I'll give one in ignorance anyway bc I like dark beers and bc I'm bored with nothing better to do and possibly being wrong and embarrassing myself doesn't matter bc this is online world My guess is that drinking it at room temperature ( 70 F) will bring out the flavor but if it tastes too bitter then you don't want that much flavor and refrigerating it at under (40F) is better since it masks the bitter taste I would drink it after refrigerating it (to bring down bitterness) Can I guess that you are drinking Duvel? I tried it once but I believe it's an ale that tried to be a light lager bc light lagers were trendy at the time it was first produced (many decades ago I'm assuming) and Duvel wanted to sell its beer to the masses etc. So that might be why it's color is light unlike porters and stouts (real beer). so I wasn't a fan of Duvel (no offense) bc it's like a dark ale that is trying to be a light lager happy drinking
  19. Chocolot

    funnel dispenser

    I also use silicone molds for my caramel. I just pour the caramel into the molds, then using a wide sheet rock scraper, scrape the caramel into the cavities and at the same time, clean off the top of the mold so there are no trails. Using a funnel would drive me crazy having to release the flow for each cavity. The funnel gets real heavy at arms length. This isn't the best example of scrapping, but I have gotten better.
  20. Trying a whole new style: “open face bonbons”! (These were inspired by the geniuses over at Bonbonbon Chocolates).
  21. Sadly not -- I go on a pilgrimage to Daiso every time I'm in California or Texas for work. I did read recently that one has opened in Flushing, Queens, so maybe there's hope for us someday. If Muji and Uniqlo thought Boston was a good market...
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    At what temperature should Duvel optimally be served? The ale, that is. Tell me and I'll tell you what I'll be drinking.
  23. chromedome

    Food recalls

    Possible listeria in GPM brand pea shoots, BC and Alberta only. http://inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-04-19/eng/1555725095376/1555725097506
  24. JoNorvelleWalker

    Grocery Shopping

    Amazon came through. No scurvy for another week.
  25. pastrygirl


    OK, mission accomplished - I spent some quality time with my food processor and now have a tub of cilantro chutney with ginger, jalapeno, and lime in the freezer for future South Asian inspiration and a bowl of cilantro hummus in the fridge for lunch & snacks. Yum! I tend towards terribly lazy when it comes to cooking for myself but a little effort usually is worth it
  26. Safari offers a disclaimer: "Please be aware that formula calculations may differ in Excel." It's not asparagus exactly but I've read people pilot airplanes from documents on their iPads. Be that as it may -- the asparagus is in the CSO pan, waiting for my baked potato. And my mai tai. Thanks!
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