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  2. @Anna N, is that the "100% High-Ryes"? I made the Modernist version of it with good success, baked in a loaf pan.
  3. Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    An interesting old recipe found on Wikipedia: "To make Shrewsbury Cakes - Take two pound of floure dryed in the oven and weighed after it is dryed, then put to it one pound of butter that must be layd an hour or two in rose-water, so done poure the water from the butter, and put the butter to the flowre with the yolks and whites of five eggs, two races of ginger, and three quarters of a pound of sugar, a little salt, grate your spice, and it well be the better, knead all these together till you may rowle the past, then roule it forth with the top of a bowle, then prick them with a pin made of wood, or if you have a comb that hath not been used, that will do them quickly, and is best to that purpose, so bake them upon pye plates, but not too much in the oven, for the heat of the plates will dry them very much, after they come forth of the oven, you may cut them without the bowles of what bignesse or what fashion you please.” — The Compleat Cook of 1658
  4. I have to tell you that I am a Huge cheat and almost always roll things out between two pieces of plastic wrap. I don’t know how much of a difference it makes but it required no additional flour.
  5. Thanks @Anna N that is the exact same recipe I have except mine has a teaspoon rose water added. And in place of currants, mine has the option of finely chopped glasé fruit. I wonder why my ones crumbled too easily. I will experiment again over the weekend and see where I messed up.
  6. In many respects, you are at the mercy of the shop staff and the various store policies. As an example, I found a brand new Breville coffee tap out bin that had been thrown away by one of my staff simply because she didn’t know what it was. I work for a charity store that is connected to a religious organisation, so we are not allowed to sell Buddha ornaments. Harry Potter and Twilight items are likewise outlawed (supernatural themes) but in most cases, if you get to know the people in your local store and let them know what interests you, they will keep you in mind when a good piece comes in. It’s a bit of a misconception that all the good stuff gets snapped up by staff and volunteers-sure, it does happen, but it’s exactly the same as if you work in any retail store - you are there all day and therefore get to see all the products as they arrive. Policy generally dictates that every item must be priced and placed on the shelves before any staff or volunteers can “snap it up”. Never had a KitchenAid donated (!) and my personal focus is kitchenalia, but I’ve had numerous brand new items like slow cookers, portable induction hotplates, Bodums, high-end dinner sets and deep fryers come through. The latest hot item that seems to be highly donatable is multi-chopper vegetable thingos - (Zyliss et al). We get about five a week. And cut glass - anything, platters, trinket bowls, punch bowls. Please make it stop.
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    More of this soup. It improved exponentially with a few days rest in the refrigerator!
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  9. Not sure I am prepared to dig them out of my kitchen garbage bin.
  10. I can’t link you to a recipe because this is from a book – – Paul Hollywood’s British Bakes. But I believe I can give you the ingredient list without any issues of copyright infringement: 100 g of butter 100 g of sugar Zest of one lemon 200 g of all purpose flour (plain flour) 50 g of currants
  11. @Anna N are your biscuits the ones with egg or without? If you can, please point me to your recipe as the one I have has no egg in it and they tend to crumble very easily. I have never tried to experiment with trying to add eggs - I think that points to a bit of lazyness on my side
  12. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    On the Big Freezer Clean-- found some Butternut Squash Ravioli- Topped with Stewed veg melody
  13. I drink it fairly regularly, especially in summer, because I find it refreshing and water is my only other non-hot beverage on a daily basis. Does it *really* taste like beer? No. Is it beer-like? Yeah, sure. Beats the heck out of sweet, sticky pop, and as a rule I'm not a fan of flavored soda waters either. The brand I drink is the "Red Brew" from Superstore, one of Canada's two major supermarket chains (supermarkets in Canada don't sell the real thing, as a rule, under provincial liquor laws). I haven't essayed a broad taste-test of what's available; I stopped when I found one I considered passable.
  14. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Popeye's 2 piece spicy, leg and thigh. With onion rings and red beans n rice. Darn good. had to wait a couple of minutes for the chicken to get done. Bonus for me.
  15. We hated this. I am crazy about caramel, but didn't taste it. I am also not a fan of white chocolate or Hershey products, so that has to be considered. Very vague bar with no personality that I could detect.
  16. That is not even possible. I literally dug them out of my pans. I am now going to sulk until I have enough rye levain going to try the modernist version of this recipe.
  17. "Kicked up Cornbread" - half the batch. I'll make the other half for my second 12 hours today. It didn't last long.
  18. Shrewsbury Biscuits. They are a shortbready cookie with currants. Probably too plain to amuse my usual audience. In a pique of nostalgia I decided to do a little digging into my British past and see if I could re-create or more truthfully re-invent something of my childhood since I don’t remember anything about most of the sweets that I have come across.
  19. slice then up in strips for Caesar-ish salad or cube them for a similar app. wow.
  20. I have made three attempts now at this 100% rye. I think I will simply strike it off my list. It took me longer to clean up my pans than it did to mix up the batter – – no one can call it a dough!
  21. Refrigerator Magnets

    I periodically clean off the fridge and attempt a clean and clutter free fridge. Things seem to sneak back on. And now it is loaded up again. My theory is that you are either a magnet and stuff fridge person or you are not. And all the effort in the world won't change me to a clean and clutter free person.
  22. Refrigerator Magnets

    You have seen my house. You know how necessary it is.
  23. Foodblog Fanfare: Feb 23!

    I'm looking forward to this one. Great city with great restaurants and great inspiration for a home cook like me.
  24. Perhaps I should have started with this photo first, but I've certainly enjoyed the chocolate fountain discussion. In a past life, Smokeydoke worked in a pizzeria. This is one of her productions: Looks good, doesn't it?
  25. Refrigerator Magnets

    You give new meaning to "using every bit of available space".
  26. You and I are of one mind on that smell. Then again there was the late, great H.L. Mencken, who reported upon visiting the L.A. area, "The whole place stank of orange blossoms." Our hosts' trees were putting out sporadic blossoms - enough for me to enjoy that smell also - but not as thickly as Porthos' FIL's tree. It is worrisome - and yes, I think it's a result of an unusually warm winter. Probably a sign of times to come.
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