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  2. Just got this email. Anyone else get one? An Update On Your Order Thanks again for reserving your Tasty One Top. We're excited to announce that your Tasty One Top is now preparing for shipment! Here’s everything you need know: Your cooktop will leave our warehouse by the first week of December. Typically, One Tops will be delivered within 3-5 days of receiving a tracking number. Once the cooktop ships, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link so you can follow the delivery to your door. If you ordered the 4-Piece Premium Induction Cookware Set, the cookware will ship separately from the One Top. Be on the lookout for a second tracking number and two boxes! Be sure to update to the latest version of the Tasty app! Check out our Help Center to learn all the secrets to using your Tasty One Top. Questions about your order? E-mail us at help@tastyshop.com. Need some Tasty in your kitchen now? Visit tastyshop.com to order a cookbook today!
  3. @Ann_T you are going to love it. 219 CAD is an excellent price. yours is a newer version w perhaps different buttons on the front and maybe a better shallow pan inside that pan would be better w a sly taller rim so take care when taking it out of the oven if it has hot fat / drippings in it. looking forward to your take your home-made bread will love it while being turned into Toast.
  4. I've started reading through all the posts on the CSO and getting advice from Shelby. Wasn't in any hurry to purchase but have been watching the price on Amazon.ca and Bestbuy.ca. Yesterday Best Buy had it priced at $279.00, Checked this morning and they had it on special for $219. CAD. plus free shipping. Couldn't resist. Not sure what the difference is in Model numbers but the one available was the CSO-300N1. Still have some reading to do before it arrives.
  5. Camel Milk

    OMG! I could open a whole business around that idea! Maybe I'll do a pop-up weekend.
  6. Metallurgist voodoo, no doubt!
  7. I edited it. Try it again.
  8. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Breakfast Taco: Bacon, Egg, Potato, Cheese and Salsa on a homemade Flour Tortilla
  9. Yes, interesting.... (highlighting above is mine) Wonder what the "patented heat-treating process" is?
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  11. Folding Pantry rack

    While flipping through channels yesterday I spotted this item. Looks really handy for the garage next to my extra fridge and big upright freezer. I'm always looking for extra storage out there for canned goods and all the extras that I can't fit into my pantry inside. Also I have lots of dog food and doggie products that need shelf space. Free shipping as well as 15% off if one subscribes to their newsletter. I like that it folds flat, too.
  12. I just stumbled upon these... Lodge Dishwasher Safe Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets!? Interesting!
  13. Food funnies

    Pearls Before Swine, on Thanksgiving.
  14. My sentiments exactly! When it gets that hot here (between 80 and 100F, I stay inside as much as possible.
  15. Cheese graters

    I finally got the opportunity to use my new Salad Shooter when I needed a good amount of grated cheddar for my tuna casserole recipe. I'm so please with the results! So easy to do without straining my hands at all. And, a bonus is that it's super easy to clean....the cone comes out along with the housing and both go into the d/w. Unlike my big food processor parts, these take up only a small corner of the top rack. Next I want to try some chopped and sliced vegs. Maybe today or later this week. I'm glad to have a small appliance that I know I'll use. I also want to grate up some parm with it, that will be a good test.
  16. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
  17. What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)

    Yeah, I ordered it from Harbor Freight and used the 20% off code.
  18. For the last couple days of this trip we had to move to a different apartment (they told us ahead of time). It comes with open plan kitchen and a lovely patio perfect for sipping Campari with lemon twist. Mid day drinking is awful. Bad. Not so bad. OK. Good. Great for you! I love Poetry bulding.
  19. Camping, Princess Style

    I could handle a day or two in a Sunbelt state, 'round about mid-February, but that would be about my limit. Where I live there are few midsummer days that break into the 30s C (say, low-mid 80s F), and I dread them. The idea of voluntarily spending my time getting roasted 24/7 has little appeal.
  20. What's Songxiang souchong?

    I'm sorry, but any website claiming that any green tea leads to weight loss is utterly ignorant. I'll give them extra marks though for the great joke of including Liptons in a list of greatest teas.
  21. better go back and ask for a couple to take home. i would,
  22. Cooking a Heritage Turkey -2017

    Not sure when practice of pulling turkey tendons stopped, but old timer butchers have told me that prior to Big Ag, when animals were still being slaughtered in Hell's Kitchen in NYC, every turkey had their tendon's pulled. The idea of a turkey leg with the plastic-like tendons in the drumstick was unimaginable as they are as unpleasant to navigate as they are inedible. Consequently, unless I can get the bird with the feet still attached (from which I can yank the tendons with pliers) I refuse to cook a whole bird. Invariably, I debone and stuff the legs.
  23. Oh rotuts, I did not keep the happy cow. It was too jugoso by the time I finished eating ;
  24. "" Americans caught on to the Instant Pot well before most Canadians "" "" the company has a "large cache of new products" "" A larger , well made Combi-oven ?
  25. I like that Happy Cow stuck in your meat Id be happy to if I were Jugoso. hope you kept it.
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