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  2. That's the problem I had with Greweling's PB&Js. I tabled the peanut butter gianduja to temper (this was pre-EZtemper) and poured it over the PdF layer. When I tried to cut it once set, most of the cuts just shattered.
  3. That's ok, I don't really see me getting into it anyway. I can't imagine it would be as simple as I made it sound to do it legally.
  4. I took one of his classes. It was such an intense time. We did so many chocolates during the week. RIP JPW, I am glad you are no longer suffering.
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  6. Nachos! Convection Bake - 275F - 20 minutes
  7. Lisa Shock

    Hardee's & Carl's Jr. part ways

    Yeah. the Hardees biscuits I remember from 25+ years ago were square and cooked in a grid. You could buy a slab of 9 (I think?) of them in a box. The raisin ones had icing poured all over them. Both the pain and regular biscuits were very moist inside.
  8. Does this sound like assisted suicide to anyone else? Which I support, but I'm having a hard time reconciling my reactions to this vs Tony Bourdain. J-P was older (late 70s?), obviously sick and in pain, Tony was younger and less obvious, but don't we all have the right to relieve our pain, whatever it may be? Either way, rest in peace and thanks for all the knowledge.
  9. Jim D.

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    I forgot Orelys! You pointed that out to me some time ago, I ordered a kilo of it, liked it a lot, ordered a 3kg bag but haven't used it yet. I plan to use that combo the next time I make my chocolate chip cookie truffles.
  10. pastrygirl

    Pecan pie Bonbon

    Try Valrhona Orelys for a brown sugar flavor, or Dulcey for a dulce de leche type caramel flavor in your ganache.
  11. The microwave is not going into retirement after all. It’s just so handy for heating water, cooking my DH’s frozen dinners and then there is Popcorn! 😋
  12. Bring on the challenges and questions! Rules & regulations are going to vary by state - apparently in WA you can't be both the maker and the retailer, but in OR it's opposite, I have no idea about ME. I don't buy a lot of edibles, but there's definitely a huge range. There's a company here who actually uses good dark chocolate, I think a lot of producers use whatever is cheapest thinking consumers only care how high they'll get. But the serving size is so small it's hard to imagine that food cost is a problem. I still don't want to eat bad candy, even if it's just a bite - I recently got some CBD candies to help with cramps from hell; they had a burnt aftertaste, were kind of sticky and the hard candy had flowed and changed shape. Not a product I'd be proud to put out, OK for medicine but crap as candy. As with any other food product, I think packaging and labeling are going to be the biggest challenges just because there will be extra layers of regulation, testing, and info required. Aside from finding kitchen space, that is - here there are limited areas where cannabis can be produced or sold (X hundred feet away from parks and schools), so cannabis kitchens are even more limited in availability. So consult your lawyer regarding state of Maine requirements, otherwise we have lots of confectionery expertise here.
  13. Toliver

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Funny you should mention this. No it hasn't happened, yet, and it might even be a week later than everyone else is predicting: "It Looks Like Amazon Accidentally Leaked When Prime Day 2018 Is" The news article mentions that the info leak came from Amazon UK and that doesn't necessarily mean Amazon US will have their Prime Day at the same time.
  14. blbst36

    North Carolina Restaurants

    Well, if I head out that way, I'll post a review. I'll admit - I'm not normally a very adventurous eater Thank goodness you didn't say the oyster bar
  15. HungryChris

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    I spent the morning working in the garden. By 10 AM, it was heating up and the humidity is pretty high. I went inside, turned on the A/C, put a beer glass in the freezer, made this salad with some Bibb lettuce I had picked and washed, and headed back out to the garden. Just before noon, as the sun was in it's prime and the heat was reaching 86 F, I had had enough. I was ready for lunch. Homemade smoked salmon spread, although an afterthought, fit right in! HC
  16. Toliver

    Hardee's & Carl's Jr. part ways

    Carl's does have biscuits (which they claim are made fresh daily) and offers a few breakfast sandwiches that are biscuit-framed. They must be nothing like what Hardee's makes because I find the Carl's biscuits to be a little "doughy" and consider them to be nothing to write home about, so to speak.
  17. Toliver

    Oreo Cookies

    I passed them by, as well. Yes, I believe so. I think I am well past the age where Pop Rocks held some sort of fascination for me. Yes, I'm old...
  18. One from this morning's BookBub email...the rest I found by stumbling around. From the NY BBQ joint with the same name - "Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: An American Roadhouse" Kindle Edition $1.99US I know this has been posted before but it's still on sale and it's Paula Wolfert - Paula Wolfert's "Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco" Kindle Edition $2.99US And this is slightly more expensive than the true bargain-basement priced books I normally post, but it seems to have a lot going for it - Finalist for the 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Awards for "Restaurant and Professional" category...The debut cookbook from one of the country's most celebrated and pioneering restaurants, Michelin-starred State Bird Provisions in San Francisco "State Bird Provisions: A Cookbook" Kindle Edition $3.99US One reviewer forewarns that some recipes call for sub-recipes and require time and a lot of specific ingredients that most may not have access to. But then the restaurant seem to be famous for their pancakes which another reviewer says is in the cookbook. YMMV as to whether this cookbook is a right "fit" for you. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  19. Shelby

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Thank you I used firm tofu, cut it in cubes and marinated it in a bit of oil and soy sauce. Then I spread them out on parchment on a pan and baked for about 30 mins at 375.
  20. Yep, I love the steam clean feature. Same as Kay, run it, wipe it out, done.
  21. Thanks for the Crepes

    Cuisinart Combo Steam/Convection Oven (Part 3)

    @robirdstx, I cook pot pies marked "do not prepare in toaster oven" frequently in the CSO. I put it on the pan that came with that I've lived with foil. I also fashion a pie shield out of narrow strips of foil so the rim of the crust doesn't get too brown and have to be thrown away. Wish I had lined the pan with foil when I cooked lemon pepper wings the other day. The citric acid in the lemon pepper seems to have left stains I can't get out, but it's a cooking pan, not an objet d'art. I like the steam clean function, but you are going to have to wipe it out afterward, and since it's just water, it doesn't really cut grease, so if I've cooked something like chicken or pork chops I'll wipe off as much grease as I can before starting steam clean as well.
  22. Quite well. I run it, then take the rack out and wipe the interior with a paper towel. Done.
  23. Chef and the Farmer was the one I was thinking of. Didn't know she had the others.
  24. How well does the steam clean feature work?
  25. Yup parchment lined cardboard - there is still a lot of heat in the mass so it continues to rise and stay warm - end of day they turn on the air-conditioning so that it is cool to cut the next morning.
  26. I'd like to know more about the sponge toffee, and how you get it thicker than a cell phone. Is that just a parchment-lined cardboard box? How does the slow cooling work?
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