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  2. Matthew.Taylor

    Confections! What did we make? (2017 – )

    OK guys, I'd like some opinions, and I ask you to be merciless here. This is the first time I've made filled chocolates, and i'm overall happy with them. I didn't use any of the polycarbonate molds I had, but cheaper plastic ones, as I couldn't find any egg shaped molds that would make it here in time for Easter. They're milk chocolate (as these are for a 2 and 5 year old's Easter baskets), and the filling is a strawberry White Chocolate Ganache made by sitting the cream and diced Strawberries in a bowl together overnight, before sifting them out and mixing them with the white chocolate, and colored with a little bit of pink candy coloring.
  3. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    Thank you! I'll aim on the high side for 5.2. My reference thermometer is good to two decimal places. I don't have a suitable tulip glass so my usual Baccarat water goblet will have to do. I have washed it carefully.
  4. BeeZee

    Kitchen Remodeling

    I vote for gimmick. I want some spray force to dislodge stuff, this would seem to be less efficient.
  5. BeeZee

    Dinner 2019

    I know I won’t be able to post photos later, as I will have 12 for Passover dinner (down from possible 14). Mom is making/bringing brisket, sis is making/bringing roasted potatoes. I made citrus/honey baked boneless chicken breasts yesterday, tasted one chilled and decided they will be served coldish. Saffron quinoa pilaf with dried cherries. Thai carrot salad. Lemon roasted green beans. Chicken soup with matzoh balls (added some fresh dill to the mix). Mom is also bringing homemade chocolate dipped macaroons and some fruit salad for dessert. Uncle and his daughter bringing some other dessert. I am currently sitting with a cold adult beverage enjoying the fact that everything is done, so glad I did advance prep.
  6. Today
  7. I was inspired by the Trader Joe's Semi Dried Antipasto veg to see if I could do something similar homemade. I was at the Chinese market and picked up Asian eggplants and largish zucchini. I sliced them 1/4" minus and seasoned, put them on my grill mats in the Oster oven at about 110F for 2-3 hours. I tossed the semi dried pieces in a cambro, doused with Greek olive oil, salt, and dash or two of balsamic. Not pretty like the TJ's stuff, since just eggplant/zucchini experiment, But it is close in texture and taste to me. I didn't add a ton of olive oil since I'm pretty sure these will soak up as much as you can add (trying to hold down the calorie count on the dish). I ate some over rice. I think these would be great on pizza, or added to pasta sauce or cold in a salad.
  8. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2019

    It does. Go to your drop down menu under your username in the top right corner, select "ignored users" and you will be brought to a page where you can add the usernames of those whose posts you do not wish to see. Last night we had black bean and roasted poblano pepper enchiladas verde with yellow rice.
  9. Hi @Shelby. Re: frozen avocado. Did you peel it before you froze it?
  10. tonyrocks922

    Dinner 2019

    He's been doing that on egullet for years. I think he enjoys the attention of people wondering and speculating. I wish this forum has a feature to hide/ignore posts by user.
  11. Alex

    Food funnies

    Today is Pesach (Passover), so it's time for some eG-style education. The six items on a modern seder plate symbolize the simple but delicious catered meal the Hebrews ate to fortify themselves before making their exit from Egypt: Chazeret (bitter green, often romaine lettuce): salad Zeroah (lamb shank): main course Maror (bitter herb, usually horseradish): sauce for the lamb Beitzah (egg): Moses knew that everything was better with an egg on it Karpas (parsley): garnish Charoset (chopped nuts and dried fruit, sweetened with wine): dessert And to the side of the seder plate is Matzo, the bread course
  12. Not all that far... food goes in, food goes out.
  13. OK, this is moving far, far away from being food-related. Not that that's a bad thing.
  14. liuzhou

    Food funnies

    via Facebook
  15. There should be a cell phone electronic jammer inside public toilets. dcarch.
  16. Allura

    Easter Menus

    Neither, we'll actually make it. My family's version seems to be different from every other one I've seen. This one is pretty close, though. The one I make is ham, salami, provolone, parm, and ricotta. Although I suspect my grandmother used romano not parmesan. My grandfather owned a butcher shop so my grandmother made it for multiple holidays because she'd use the ends of the cold cuts from the store.
  17. Where I come from if the door is closed it's ocupado.
  18. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Spicy, lemony, garlicky, wild-caught shrimp with cous-cous, flying fish roe and Chinese sea grass.
  19. rotuts

    NE Road Trip

    Clam pizza has to be the original Pepe's in New Haven. there is a Pepe's w of BOS , but its clam pizza is not that good. excellent Bacon pizza just like original Pepe's clam w bellies : in Essex MA clams in essex ma P.S.: I now no longer have to go up to essex for clams w bellies the Legal Seafood near me ( not others , BTW ) make superb fried clams w bellies and superb fish and chips w halibut.
  20. I know, shame on me. Even more shameful is that I don't have any Duvel bottle here, finished the last one some weeks ago. That bottle was around 15 years old and still in great shape. Teo
  21. it did cross my mind to clean them out 1) i hoped some one else might enjoy a few 2) trying as always to empty the freezer. now if there are any left Monday ..............
  22. Maison Rustique

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    These have become a staple in my pantry. I love them with pasta and sausage. Or, even mixed in with roasted potatoes or other veggies. Very versatile. The tomatoes, too.
  23. Cold ... my fridge is regulated to 4oC, so I’ll be drinking Duvel just slightly warmer than that. Of course in a freshly rinsed Duvel glass ...
  24. This is what the producer says, so it should be respected with a tolerance of 0.2°C. Personally I'm heretic and prefer it around 8°C. Teo
  25. teonzo

    funnel dispenser

    If you ever decide to buy a funnel, then absolutely don't try to save money. Buy a solid one with a good choice of nozzles of various sizes. Go only for stainless steel, forget about the plastic ones: sooner or later something you are pouring will gel and clog the nozzle, you want to be able to heat it without damage. Teo
  26. You lost some eG credit here. Next time you should buy all of them, or at least lie and claim you did so. Teo
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