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  2. A bit early this week. I was sure that this was going to be a big fail and I would have to repeat it tomorrow. I wanted to make shortbread but was fairly certain that if I made it traditionally such as petticoat tails or bars I would end up with cookie crumbs and not much else as I tried to cut them apart. ButcI was sure I had made this lot some shortbread previously. Sure enough I did. But I made cookies. How sensible. But I was still on my failure path so did not pull back and say that all this could wait until tomorrow! As you can see some are more brown than others. I was also trying to make use of two ovens today to cut down on the amount of time needed. I was using the Cuisinart steam oven along with the Breville smart oven. This posed more challenges than I had expected. I could not get them in synch so that the cookies were ready at the same time. The extreme spreading of one cookie on the tray suggest to me that the mixing was not adequate. But I’m open to other suggestions. I will let you know if any of the cookies get rejected.
  3. The tenderloin is inside the body cavity near the pelvic region---it is a lot smaller than the backstrap. It's exposed to the air after you gut the deer so that's why one should take them out so they don't get dry. The backstrap is outside of the body cavity on both sides of the spine and is much longer and wider than the tenderloin. Both cuts are the most coveted part of the deer. The tenderloin is just as it says, very tender. Well, this year we cut them up into chunks and our wonderful outdoor cats are enjoying them immensely . I have a few ziplock full in the fridge and have been doling out snacks. I sous vide the heart either last year or the year before....didn't care for it very much. I think I posted about it in this thread somewhere???
  4. Always enjoy these blogs @Shelby - thank you! What do you do with things like the Heart, Liver, Caul fat, etc?
  5. What's the difference between the backstrap and the tenderloin? Is the tenderloing a section of the backstrap?
  6. @Shelby, that venison looks fabulous. This reminds me I have a package of backstraps in the freezer. I'll have mine with a dab of lingonberry jam, some old school green beans almondine and I'm craving a simple baked russet.
  7. I had my first Cosmic Crisp apple today, selling for $2.99 at my local Shop Rite. Nice and crisp, Firm flesh, skin not overly tough, sweet. The flavor reminded me a bit of Braeburn. I would buy it again, but don’t feel like it was a “life changing” apple experience.😉
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  9. These days have flown by. No deer yesterday. The guys got home pretty early to watch football and bone out the deer that was hanging. As usual, I putzed around in the kitchen. Had enough breakfast burritos left that I didn't have to make any breakfast for this morning. The guys wanted venison steaks for dinner so I decided to get the backstraps and tenderloins out of the fridge and get them cut up. Backstraps After getting the silver skin off and cleaning them up The cats LOVE venison. I can hardly keep them out of it. I cut off little bits for them and they purr very loudly. Cut into nice thick steaks Tenderloins Tenderloin steaks Snacky stuff to munch on I had a package of doves in the freezer from September, so they grilled some of those up too. Scalloped potatoes Stewed tomatoes Brussels sprouts My plate--my steak was perfectly done and so tender Sooooooo, Christmas is coming early for Shelby. My existing dishwasher is disgusting. It's too embarrassing to even post a picture. I've tried cleaning it with citric acid....etc. it's just simply time for a new one. I asked for one for Christmas, not really expecting it to happen. But, the guys pulled in with one yesterday! They are now trying to install it. Of course, we are missing a key part so they are off to the big city. Nothing is ever easy around here . I will be majorly cleaning my kitchen after this ordeal is done lol. I so appreciate it. It's so shiny and pretty I don't even want to use it. Our friend also raised a cabinet in my laundry room so I can actually open the washer and put clothes in without having to hold the lid with one hand. I won't know what to do with myself after all of this Anyway, hopefully they will be done with this chore in a couple of hours and then they are going out to deer hunt late afternoon and evening. I'm pondering dinner. Mexican sounds good. I'll think on it longer..... I gotta do some cleaning real quick while the coast is clear
  10. Well, about a year ago, I purchased a very lightly used KA 590 FP (US Magimix)...have been using it for months and I love it. However, I noticed that the bowl and lid are cracked (I think they were cracked when I bought it). No worries, I say, I'll find some backup bowls on fleabay to have some on my 'inventory' shelf (you can take the girl out of a commercial kitchen, but you can't rid the brain of the concept of min/max inventory levels) Well, bien sur, the bowls are NOWHERE to be found. Grr, should have checked stock before I bought. Oh well. Well, okay, I bite the Black Friday bullet and buy a new Magimix 3200xl ($250, good deal, I think) and some backup fleabay bowls. Well, they arrived yesterday, and lo and behold, the MagiMix bowls/lid/pusher work like a charm on the KA....even with the KA blades. So, the question(s) on ze table 1. How long do your MagiMix bowls last? I use the FP 1x a month to shred up 50lbs or so of cooked chicken for the pup. I'm thinking these new bowls will last me several years (they are NOT returnable). I do put them in the DW, but do not use heated dry. 2. How often does MagiMix change out its design? (wondering if I should keep the Magi as a backup if they change design every few years). 3. The money question, literally......Should I return the shiny new Magimix and keep the KA/Magibowl combo running until it dies? I've got 2 extra MagiBowls, 1 lid (and I need a pusher, didn't realize the pusher is separate). I don't have a ton of extra room to store it, but I could. I hate to blow money when I don't have to (and much prefer to run things until they die), but I hate to return the Magimix if its going to be replaced by a new model in a few years (and the bowls become obsolete). Grr.
  11. Jaymes!!! So great to see you!!! I love love love that squash. We probably eat that squash at least once a week and I always think of you while making it No. You don't want to do that. It would be very strong in a bad gamey way. It's too bad because there are a lot of bones, but it wouldn't taste good. Yes! Thank you BD, that is the recipe
  12. The guts and tenderloins take about 10 minutes--but we've done zillions. Had a lot of practice. After that we bone the deer out meaning that we get all the meat off. That probably takes 45 mins to an hour. We usually put all that in huge, clean trash bags and put them in the outside fridge (that's what happened this time too). Tomorrow I'll bring it all inside and soak the meat in a sinks full of cold water. That makes sure to get any hair etc. off. Then I clean the meat up for packaging meaning getting tendons, silver skin off. Then wrap in cling wrap and then butcher paper. That probably all takes an hour or so. Depends on if I stop for sips of wine 😁
  13. A friend of mine who lives in the MidWest did something similar. At her latest scan and tests after cancer surgery a year ago, she brought her healthcare team many, many holiday cookies. Her thanks to them, and their appreciation back to her. I think I'm starting a new holiday sharing tradition this year. (and I'll include the Dentist in the sweet holiday offerings. I know, giving the dentist lots of sugar, teeth, cavities and all the rest, but they'll still love it).
  14. I think my invitation must've gotten lost in the mail! 😉 JUST KIDDING. Looks like you're going to have a great day there. And I'm going to have a great day here, first watching our university women's hockey team play their last game of 2019 and then playing my own game later tonight. And I assume I'll see you both in May at the chocolate workshop?
  15. Et tu Cheesi? Caesar is not having a Gouda day!
  16. I only eat them sporadically (unlike a friend, who grew up in the stereotypical Big Irish Family that went through 100 lbs/week) but you don't need to be a frequent binge-er on french fries or potato chips to see the problem with a major shortfall in production of a significant staple. Bad news for everyone.
  17. Ann_T

    Breakfast 2019

    Moe's breakfast. Steak and buttered based eggs and fried potatoes. I'm working today but this should keep him fueled while he works on finishing sanding some of our boards today.
  18. Just reporting in. I didn't get my vinegars started as early as I wanted, but I did get them going. I tried some experiments - Vanilla with strawberries (using TJs freeze-dried strawberries) and vanilla with lavendar. Will be anxious to see how they turn out. Yesterday was our annual Christmas lunch party with a local hardcore food group. We do a gift exchange. My gift was a grinder filled with the Flower Pepper, a bottle of Vanilla Vinegar, a bottle of Lemon Rosemary Vinegar and a jar of Thai-spiced peanut butter that I bought on Amazon (iI popped up when I was looking for something else and I couldn't resist. We have our parties at a wonderful place in KC (Waldo Thai) and everyone in the group loves Thai food. At the last minute I made some of those super-simple Pretzel Turtles and put them in a little box to add to the gift. The recipient was so thrilled! She messaged me all night after she got home telling me how excited she is to try everything. Now, the bad part of this was that my sister and her husband were also at the luncheon. I hadn't told her about anything I'd made because she is getting all that stuff for Christmas, too. I was hoping it would be opened far enough from her that she wouldn't see, but it was right by her. She didn't say anything--pretty sure she figured it out. LOL.
  19. Ive had that Kringle from my Tj's here its Almond . and its very very very nice heated up so nice , the pants do indeed get tighter Ive done that study already. if there were a pecan version Id have to move to sweat pants w and elastic waist.
  20. chefmd

    Breakfast 2019

    Egg salad made with kewpie mayo, parsley, blue cheese.
  21. For those of you appreciating @patris’s wall art - check out this baby that has shown up in previous pictures. metal
  22. This IS hard. 1.. Red wine 2.. German sausages 3. German beers 4. Potato (in any form) 5. dark chocolate 5. Beef tenderloin steak 6. Good Mayo (a bow to Ina) 7. Roast chicken (a bow to Jeffrey) 8. Onion 9. Rye bread 10. Poached egg 11, Grapefruit and lime
  23. Looks like a Danish Kringle but I can't tell which flavor.
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