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  2. Our "Big City", Ottumwa, is 25,000. My entire country is fewer than 8,500 and that includes at least 200 Amish families. My town is under 2,600. And that is why I love Amazon! 'Nuff said.
  3. Montrose!! I used to live about 80 miles from there in Lake City, CO! Montrose and Gunnison were the "big cities" to us Our big city is about 400,000.
  4. How big is your "big city"? My "big city" is either Syracuse (population about 145,000) or Rochester (just over 200,000). My parents' "big city" is Montrose, CO, population about 19,000...or just a hair more than the population of where I live. Everything is relative!
  5. Along with his other produce, a sweet gentleman used to sell baked sweet potatoes, kept hot in an insulated chest, at our Civic Center Farmer's Market, until one day when he didn't. He said that the health department had stopped his doing that because he had neither a commercial kitchen nor permit to sell prepared food. Stupid, stupid, stupid! These morsels were a wonderful winter breakfast treat. Stupid....
  6. Every single one of you guys have made my day Thanks to all who read here. You guys keep me motivated. We decided to make burger out of the rest of the deer--we've been going through last years like crazy so need to re-stock. There is another week of deer season plus a doe season in January so another one will probably be gotten. I'm going to go get the bag of meat here in a bit and begin cutting and cleaning it up. Might grind this afternoon. I know I've shown it before, but I'll take pictures and post here of that process. Back to yesterday: After the dishwasher installation issues (ahem....they drove all the way to the big city to get parts and come to find out, the parts they needed were inside the dishwasher 🙃) the decision was made just to hang out here and watch football. So, I poured a wine and started on dinner. The guys wanted Mexican. I rummaged around the freezer and found a piece of pork loin. Not my fave to make enchiladas out of, but oh well. I did that in the IP along with some chicken broth and some orange juice and cumin etc. then mixed it with some sour cream and diced onion. Easy peasy because I had some Hatch chile sauce made and in the freezer. Threw some RG beans in the other IP and dinner was double easy. Rotel cheese dip Oh and I also tried a new recipe for lime cilantro dressing. A keeper Plates The guys were going to go out this morning before our friends flight, but the wind is blowing a zillion miles and hour and nothing will be moving around. It's blustery, just how I like it . I'm going to finish my coffee and then attack some venison meat. Be back later or tomorrow with grinding pictures
  7. Welcome, Paul / @Kb9kre! I think you'll find you're in good company here. The cooks here range from fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants improvisationalists to strict by-the-book cooks. I do a bit of both, but my best dishes unfortunately belong in the Journal of Irreproducible Results, much to the dismay of my husband. Come on in and join the fun! If you have questions about where to post something or how to use some of the forum's software, feel free to ask a host (I am one) by Personal Messenger, or else ask publicly in the Moderation & Policy Discussion forum.
  8. BeeZee

    Breakfast 2019

    Half of a leftover (from dinner) red-skinned sweet potato, reheated in office micro, little swipe of butter and dash of cinnamon. Nice on a rainy day.
  9. Just for the record: here is where gfron1's comment on matcha can be found.
  10. They do! The filet is the tenderloin and a KC strip has the backstrap in it.
  11. I don't remember what I said anymore other than that you need to be sure to get the right one. There's drinking match and cooking matcha.
  12. Today
  13. Thanks palo. I do know about Amazon.ca and the pants I want are right there on the page...however if you read the reviews you will find that they are so varied and so negative that I cannot bring myself to order them: wrong sizes, wrong materials, inability to return them....etc...etc. Nope. Not gonna happen. I'll live without.
  14. I am loving the Paragon (though my go-to spatula is purple) - makes the best damn grilled cheese sandwich.
  15. . My memory of Modernist Cuisine book, was that french fries won't be oily because the water leaves the potato as it gets soaked in hot oil. As long as water is pushing out the oil can't have a chance to get in. So the fries won't be oily if you take it out before it loses the water. I also read that oil based marinades don't really work on proteins that well because the water in the protein will keep oil out. Because water and oil do not mix and if there is water in the fish protein, then the oil won't enter the fish and oil poaching might work (my guess?)
  16. Good point! I used 4500 g of dark chocolate and 3750 g of white in the peppermint bark, and 2200 g of milk chocolate for peanut butter meltaways.
  17. And that’s not counting the bark you made ahead of time
  18. The first year was the only year we did molds, and the overall logistics were quite different. I didn’t keep any record of how much chocolate we used, as far as I can tell. It does change a bit from year to year, and this year we had 3 new faces as 3 of the regulars couldn’t attend, so I don’t really have an apples to apples comparison. It does all really depend on what people want to make and how much of it - I had some folks who used less than a kilo altogether and some who used 2 or 3. If you limit people’s options - say, have everyone do one mold, barks or clusters with x pounds of chocolate, and maybe allot x pounds of chocolate per person for dipped items - that might be a good way to think about it. Presenting it as a class rather than the friends and family free-for-all like I do it gives you the structure to set limits like that.
  19. These trees were my first attempt and I will work on them when the studio opens back up in January (it is closed from Thanksgiving until New Year’s). My technique needs loads of work if I am ever to feel good about selling, but If you’re serious about wanting them I will check back in with you when I get a better handle on them!
  20. It's just the loin. When you're talking about beef, it's the "NY strip." (ETA: In humans, it's called the "OMG, what have I done to my back this time...?")
  21. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Grilled portobello caps with blue cheese and a side of a Sugar Bombs.
  22. Good numbers but a bit less chocolate than we use for the eGullet chocolate workshop.I'm contemplating a chocolate class for friends and trying to get a sense of how much chocolate to have prepared. Guess it really depends on what we make. Did you go thru more chocolate in your early workshops when your friends filled their own chocolate moulds?
  23. I don’t have exact numbers, but we used probably 5 kilos of dark, maybe 3 of milk, and between 1 and 2 kilos of caramelized white. It was Belcolade - it’s really lovely to work with.
  24. That might be for the best - it’s Giant White Beans in Tomato Sauce from Trader Joe’s.
  25. That is indeed the recipe I used. The corn syrup wasn’t too much work - it’s really just making some corn broth and then making that into a syrup - and it made quite a bit of it. I made 2 batches of marshmallows and will probably be able to get another 3, maybe 4, out of the syrup I have left. As for the rest of the process it’s pretty straightforward, except for the part where you boil the water with oats, strain them out, then use the water to make the syrup. The marshmallows are cut so small that one pan goes a very long way, so for me it ends up being worth the effort.
  26. And do cows have a backstrap? Never seen anything in my supermarket labelled as such.
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