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  2. jbates

    funnel dispenser

    Ooh, I like the idea of using bigger molds like those. Are they something I can buy directly or a custom order?
  3. Bentley

    funnel dispenser

    My favorite.....used mainly for pates de fruit and caramel. https://www.matferbourgeatusa.com/automatic-funnel-5
  4. Good to know you guys are ok! So very sad and scary.
  5. Thank you both for your concerns 🤗 We are travelling Sri Lanka and are currently in Kandy, well away from the places of these terrible incidents. Everyone in the country is in shock, especially since the memories of the civil war, that just ended 10 years ago are still present. Our and everyone’s thought are with the victims and their relatives and friends. In Kandy security has already been exponentially increased over the course of the day and since a few hours there has been a curfew imposed. We do not know how long it will last but it seems we’ll get permission to travel to the airport tomorrow to fly out to Hong Kong ...
  6. Me too. @Duvel is there and I went over some posts to see if he was anywhere near those places. The only place he referenced was somewhat in from the coast.
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  8. Watching the horrible news this morning and I immediately thought of this travel blog. I hope all EG friends are safe.
  9. lindag

    Kitchen Remodeling

    These are my favorite wine glasses. I seem to go through a lot of them because they're quite fragile. I do wash them in the d/w but that's now where they get broken. They're more likely to get bumped or knocked off the counter;
  10. Nicolai

    Dinner 2019

    Wishing one and all a Happy Easter. Pre Dinner Indian Mango Alphonso in season perfect for Easter. This is left from a full box followed by an Italian Panettone with chocolate and Orange Cream filling
  11. Ann_T

    Dinner 2019

    Lebanese Dinner - Shish Taouk with Toum (Garlic Sauce) Marinated the chicken before leaving for work yesterday morning. Grilled. And served with rice and Greek Salad.
  12. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Burmese Chicken with Mint. This is sort of a Burmese version of the Thai/ Laotian laab or larb. I more or less follow this recipe. This time it was less. I don't have sambal oelek*, skipped the sugar and didn't have coriander/cilantro. No great loss. Served with rice and a side of wilted spinach. *Subbed it with Guilin chilli sauce. Mint tenderly nurtured through the winter and now rampant on the balcony.
  13. rarerollingobject

    Feasting My Way Through Japan

    Please do report back!
  14. You can cut them by half. From what I understand the pistachio sorbet by Modernist Cuisine is intended to be processed with a Pacojet, not a standard ice-cream machine. Pacojet allows a much wider balance for ice cream formulations, especially about viscosity. Ice-creams made for restaurant service (plated desserts) call for high quantities of stabilizers, that's because 99% of ice-creams are served as one spoon quenelles (I'm talking top restaurants, which are the ones Modernist Cuisine was aimed for), they must keep their shape for long. Beware you did not keep the correct fat ratio. You are making 2/3 of the recipe you linked. This means you would have 453 g of water and 68 g of pistachio oil. 520 g of cream should have around 182 g of fat (this considering you are using 35% fat cream, which is the standard here, don't know about there in the USA). So you have 114 g fat exceeding, a bit MUCH. You should use 190 g of cream (35% fat) and 330 g water. High viscosity is given by the excessive fat too, not only the stabilizers. Teo
  15. The pool effect is unavoidable when you pour more chocolate than optimal. If you pour the correct amount of chocolate, then after the first spin (the one to cover all the mold surface) there is not much chocolate left fo flow around. If you pour much more chocolate than optimal, then you have a big amount of chocolate free to flow. As you keep spinning that chocolate will become less and less fluid, at the point that it will stop moving, ending up making a pool no matter how much you spin the mold. Teo
  16. Way too thick, at least for the standards here. Besides that, a well done egg: almost no bubbles in the section, no visible defects (the pool is unavoidable with that much chocolate). Teo
  17. We are still waiting to know how a duvai tai tastes. Teo
  18. chefmd

    Dinner 2019

    Dry aged strip steak with roasted Yukon gold potatoes
  19. Duvel never disappoints ! (and the beer is tasty, too 😋)
  20. Bu Pun Su

    Pierre, Hong Kong

    Pierre, situated on the 25th floor of the legendary Mandarin Oriental, was the only Gagnaire’s gastronomy restaurant outside Paris that I’ve ever been. However, it has been more than a decade that I have not returned here. Thus, in the late Oct last year, I decided to return here. As far as the hardware was concerned, everything was still the same especially some of the eye-catching chandeliers. There were plenty of seats with harbor views. In short, most of the things were still in good conditions; kudos to the maintenance team! However, the clienteles profile changed … more wealthy diners from mainland China could be observed while only 1/3 or less of the guests were Caucasians For the food, I ordered from the a la carte -blue lobster whose tail was chopped off into smaller pieces, served with some Asian flavors such as mango, grapefruit and lime. As expected, the lobster was tender and flavorful, thanks to its jus mixed with some seasoning and fruity taste. There were buckwheat pancakes and ricotta that I thought did not really improve the lobster’s overall enjoyment. Regarding the side dishes, I found the bisque mousse was a bit too thick & rich. I prefer the buttery avocado served with delicate taste of the claws -I played ‘safe’ with the main course + was curious how top French chef would prepare Japanese beef. The main item was a thick, juicy and rich ‘beefy’ fillet. It came with dark & quite sweet sauce and served with nutty Chinese artichokes and green cabbage. Well, no spectacular presentation; simply a well-executed and delicious piece of beef … for some people, it might be “boring”. The more interesting part was the crisp marguerites potatoes with smoky marrow to accompany the Japanese beef whereas the cold beef consommé was light and refreshing; balancing any intense flavor HK people may not be known for their friendliness but somehow the hospitality at the 5 star hotels / high-end restaurants there was usually very good. I was taken care of by Kevin? who has been around at the hotel, mostly at Pierre for a dozen year or so. Surprisingly, in Hong Kong, I often encountered not few locals were willing to make the jobs at the restaurant industry as their careers. Kevin delivered sincere service with confidence; he pretty much was familiar with every service aspect of the restaurant. The rests of the staffs were alright, they showed good effort to please the guests. Jacky Tauvry, chef de cuisine, came out to greet some guests towards the end. Nowadays, more and more celebrity chefs like Robuchon, Gagnaire or Ducasse would entrust their restaurants to their “young” (under 40 years old) brigade. As a ‘regular’ and big fan of Gagnaire Balzac, well … Pierre HK still lacked in terms of food when compared to the Wizard’s flagship restaurant but possibly Jacky and his team should still be able to hold the 2-star for a few more years. Pictures of the meal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7124357@N03/albums/72157707696280024
  21. Noticed that the chocolate pooled in one spot, I have that problem often as well 😊. I’m a fan of thicker shells, makes for less worry when transporting them. What brand of chocolate did you use and how long did you spin it around?
  22. ... that would have needed a sledge hammer to get through 🤣
  23. Restaurant Uberfahrt is one of German’s 3-star restaurants. Given its stature, it’s relatively “quiet” – generally not on the people’s top recommendation lists when asked about the country’s ‘must go places to eat’. Similar to another Bavarian’s 3-star restaurant, Uberfahrt is also located inside the luxurious hotel – Althoff seehotel. However, it was not in major city … instead, it was hidden near lake Tegernsee (about 1 hour from Munich by Bob train). I went there alone this January during a cold day with rather heavy snow. It was a slow lunch; only 4 people eating there including 2 persons dining solo. The dining room was relatively small and not that spacious, far from the opulent ambiance that we usually encounter among Michelin multi-star institutions. There were 2 degustation menu and I picked the longer one. Guests could order any dishes as a la carte as well. Except the cheese and dessert courses, the portion of the dishes was kinda small. Some dishes that I liked were, -“the cube” was one of Christian Jurgens’ specialties. Essentially, it was potato with hidden egg yolk inside that was carefully shaped into a yellow cube. The flavorful potato & yolk was surrounded by sweet, pungent and delicious mousseline infused with black truffle as well as Madeira sauce. I loved this dish - rich and deep in flavor yet not overwhelming, served with the right texture and temperature. It was the best thing I ate during my short trip to Germany this time. -the meaty back Turbot with edamame and mustard seeds did not disappoint. The white flesh was mild and firm. The roasted onion 'soup' with some greens (such as parsley, chives and greens) gave bolder and deeper overall flavor to the Turbot. -I also enjoyed the main course of tender and flavorful duck served with some spices and its jus. The main side dish was soft burned cabbage having plain taste, a little smoky and absorbed some of the spice jus flavor. A creative approach of Bavarian cooking. You’re welcome to see the rest of the dishes from the links below Most of current German elite chefs in their 40’s or so were usually trained by either Heinz Winkler or Harald Wohlfahrt. Christian Jurgens learned from the former. These days, there’s hardly elite German chefs cooking pure classical French cuisine … Chef Jurgens was of no exception. He preferred to create and deliver refined and contemporary French-based haute cuisine with Bavarian characters. He did not want to complicate the dishes, but the flavors remained sublime based on the freshest produce. The quiet publication was probably justified. Although it was my best restaurant in Bavarian region and I slightly liked this more than Atelier, it’s not (yet) at the level of Aqua or Vendome. Uberfahrt was a 2 ½* restaurant in my note. Meal photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7124357@N03/albums/72157690798662093 More detailed review: https://zhangyuqisfoodjourneys.blogspot.com/2019/04/restaurant-uberfahrt-christian-jurgens.html
  24. JoNorvelleWalker

    What Beers Did You Drink Today? Or Yesterday? (Part 3)

    I failed: 3.40C. The nice thing about a thermometer that reads hundredths is you can watch the temperature rise and call it wherever you like. Oh, and the Duvel was good.
  25. liuzhou

    Lunch 2019

    Roasted me some ripe tomatoes for 45 minutes, then simmered them with garlic, diced carrot, diced celery and a chopped green chilli (similar to a jalapeño), diluted with a little chicken stock, then blitzed in the doo-dah! Served with crusty baguette. Only made enough for two bowls, but there's only one me.
  26. sartoric

    Dinner 2019

    Hot roast chicken, asparagus and gravy rolls, flat chips and slightly wilted salad. Still in the country cottage with limited facilities, eating like kings
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