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  2. Attention getting article. Shall have to try it in 2021 (cannot leave Spain at the moment due to Government & E.U. Restrictions):- A few favorite Chefs in Milano are off "top of thinking cap" are: **Michelin Starred Chef Andrea Aprea - The Park Hyatt Hotel, Milano. ***Michelin Starred Chef Enrico Crippa. Michelin Starred Chef Felix Lo Basso. Michelin Starred Chef Yoshi.
  3. Bonjour, This is wonderful .. ( Vraiment le goût de l´exception extraordinaire ! ) Enjoy the website ! Have a nice weekend.
  4. Like fashion, the art of plating, interior design, color schemes, product design, enological trends and decorative design, all have their tendancies. However, an elegant plate regardless of where it is made and served (home or restaurant) is an elegant plate whether classical or vanguard, Michelin or non Michelin. The majority of high end signature chefs, stage under Michelin Star Chefs to watch, to practice and to learn. Home gourmets, who have a knack for plating up, usually watch T.V. Chefs !
  5. Plating for restaurants and plating at home are a bit different too ! However, the book provides NOT only amazing photography, however, illustrations for constructing the dressage, the ingredients needed (not recipes) and of course, one has a guideline to interpret their own individual likes, and to present a beautiful plate or dish or dessert .. Have a nice weekend.
  6. A long time ago , my mother used to make a Finish drink called Sima https://www.thespruceeats.com/finnish-spring-mead-sima-2952646 I thought it was called Simi , but that didn't come up we had it in Finland and its easy to make she used Safeway's brand BrowbDerby beer bottles , w a screw top that's what my father drank. its a lightly fermented ted lemonade , w a hint of raisins to make ke it , you needed a tight container so the CO2 generated by the yeast made it slightly bubbly . she made a case full at a time ( Brown Derby 1 qt bottles ) it fermented in the pantry for s certain period at room temp you chilled it in the refrigerator , the drank it it was nice then one day a bottle , in the evening , exploded in the pantry no more Simi or Sima was made fermentation releases CO2 thus champagne you want bubbles , get a sturdy container that's shy champaign bottle are thicker than regular wine if you dont want bubbles , vent the container simple
  7. Just to report back i used ap flour instead to remove the baking powder in the mix and went to soft peaks. Soft peaks is harder for me to actually distinguish it Looks like there is a long window for soft peaks so I don’t know when to stop hehe. My initial whipping was underwhipped I think because when I mixed the initial 1/3 it started to be runny again. So I whipped the last 2/3 some more to make it just a tad firmer. I added it in and the the whole batter was firmer than my usual runny watery mess so it worked! Thanks teo for the soft peaks tip. It was indeed easier to mix in. I was apprehensive though so I didn’t mix it too much and I had white blobs of meringue in the resulting pancake hehe. But it didn’t flatten out to flapjacks and had more lift. thanks too jimbo on the tip on baking powder I removed it just to make sure the activation didn’t break my structure. It’s also 1 less ingredient to use. plus I didn’t weigh the ingredients I just eyeballed it since I just wanted to see if my batter will be a runny mess but it turned out better. More practice to get it perfect but at least I now know where to focus on and that is getting the right meringue whip levels. I think it needs to be around almost firm peaks but not quite so i need to know more visual cues. teo would you have some tips there? It might be the level of the bow of the peak? thanks again for helping me trouble shoot
  8. Ran to fridge and undid the clasp. Thank you !
  9. If you've got something in a glass bottle with a wire bale closure and think the contents may have begun to ferment, I'd recommend leaving the wire bale closure open or at least place the bottle into a secondary container large enough to contain the contents in case the bottle fails. I almost put this over in the "I will never...." thread but forgot. I recently had a liter of elderflower cordial distribute itself all over the inside of my fridge. It was on the top shelf, in the back and ended up all over everything on every shelf, including all the door bins. You don't want to clean up a sticky mess like that!
  10. Something interesting I saw https://www.gelarecipes.com/gelato-online-course also another book that looks interesting as well https://www.booksforchefs.com/en/professional-ice-cream-books/185-30-indispensable-ice-creams-jaume-turro.html theres another book by 4 gelato masters but it’s in Italian.....anyone speak or read Italian here to help in translation hehehe https://www.booksforchefs.com/en/professional-ice-cream-books/254-avanguardia-gelato.html
  11. That probably has a lot of sugar. I would say the benefit would be some level of consistency since canned retail products need to taste the same generally....each can needs to be in spec. This is hard to do using natural mangoes
  12. Well stone me! Who'd a thunk! Scientists have been saying that for as long as I remember!
  13. Thank you ! I suspect the problem started when we, err, sampled a bit on Monday evening, thus leaving fruit and bark exposed. It’s now in the fridge, will see how we go. Fellow cast ironers here.
  14. I think you're correct in that fermentation has begun. I would place the bottle in the refrigerator right away, maybe even swap out the container. Yes, I'd drink / eat it. I have kind of an iron stomach, though, knock on wood. For future projects, I'd pour more brandy or liquid in there, i.e., no oranges or cinnamon bark exposed to the air (everything submerged).
  15. My copy of Rose's Ice Cream Bliss arrived today. I ordered glucose DE 42 to give her recipes a fair shake. I have no experience with using glucose so it should be fun. However my cream is not ultra pasteurized so I plan to cook my mix more than she suggests. @ElsieD Rose's mango recipe calls for canned mango, just so you know. Rose feels Indian canned mango is far superior to fresh. Fun times.
  16. Equipment I squinted at the Noma images and found all the same equipment, except the humidifier (more below). Here’s the setup: Cambro EPP180SW110 Cam GoBox Top-Loader Food Pan Carrier, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MD2IDJ1/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apip_wSLEUO4Yr33Hx Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature Controller with IHC-200 Humidity Controller with Outlet f... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N56KEU6/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apip_NZ81vZx87ChAz VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad 10" x 20.75" MET Standard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P7U259C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_BdnP1KryZdjx3 Pure Enrichment MistAire Travel -... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCTYFLV?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I saw posts about cost, so the Inkbird duo are $73 and work very well. The headache was the humidifier. The first two I tried had press-on power buttons. The problem is that the humidistat cant turn on the new press-on power buttons. I finally found a turn-dial power switch (not easy, as all small humidifiers have the cheaper press-on buttons) and, once turned on, the Inkbird can cycle the humidifier off and then on again. Use a small bottle of mineral water. Process The koji isn’t that hard, and you of course need the humidistat and humidifier for it. I haven’t used dried. I used brown rice because my wife is gluten-free. The advantage of making your own koji is that you can use it in other ways, as the book suggests. Fried as croutons is nice. It is an odd apricot-y sweet taste and takes a bit of getting used to, but I personally like it (and my kids hate it, which means it must be good). And it’s great for the gut biome.... Be advised that you cannot use the chamber and plant mat for the garum - the mat won’t go above about 108°. After realizing that, I went to my oven, and I’m lucky enough to have an oven that has a Warm setting AND a Sabbath mode, so I could keep it going 24/7 (Warm mode shut off after 12 hours, and I had to reset, until I called Wolf and they mentioned Sabbath mode). Otherwise, it’s straightforward. Saran Wrap for the anaerobic environment, with a slight gap to release gas. Stirring and fat removal every 3 days the first three weeks, then stirring once a week. Change the Saran Wrap each time.
  17. Okanagancook

    Breakfast 2020!

    @chefmd what an appealing dish! Well done.
  18. It seems that plating for photography and for eating are a bit different.
  19. Great leads. But do remember that food and plating have trends like everything else. Taste and expectations change. But expressing what is personally pleasing, combining old and new, serving in your own style will always be beautiful and well received.
  20. @Beyond Taste, I have been reading the webpages in French. Makes them even more interesting! 🙂
  21. About two weeks ago I made a jar of oranges in brandy. I think the seal is bad and the fruit has started fermenting. There’s a few bubbles and a slightly sour smell, the taste is still sweet. The oranges were off our tree (no spray) and it’s a simple no cook recipe that calls for sugar, brandy and spices. The jar was sterilised. What would you do ? Is there a way to rescue them, are they still safe to eat ? Any advice will be much appreciated.
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  23. These look delicious. Any good places in the Boston area to buy these? Also Scott Perry has written a lot about the origins of baklava.
  24. It seems like a lot of sweets use filo. if the theories are that it is not ancient what were deserts in this area like before? Pudding ish?
  25. Chapter 11 is "we hope to re-organize and keep doing business" vs Chapter 7 "we're done." I've only l gone to my "local" SRT once. Very nice stuff but at the other end of my personal spectrum which is restaurant supplies stores.
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