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  2. I use a separate recipe for graham crackers (found online, it has molasses that really adds to the flavor), but for the others I use Ina Garten's recipe for shortbread cookies, adding spices to the one that accompanies the apple and apricot items I mentioned. For the gingersnaps, at first I used a recipe I found online for basic gingersnaps, but it was too chewy, so I am returning to Ina's shortbread, substituting dark brown sugar and molasses powder for some of the white sugar and adding appropriate spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg). The gingersnap cookies go especially well with a lemon filling. I roll out the dough then cut it with a 7/8" round cutter, so that the final cookies, which may spread a very small amount, will fit in cavities about 1" in diameter. The trick, I have learned, is to make sure the cookies are thin; otherwise they take up too much room in the shell. I pipe in some of what I call "moisture barrier meltaway," consisting of chocolate of whatever type is appropriate or gianduja, plus about 25% of that weight in coconut oil, which keeps the resulting meltaway from being too firm, plus about 1% cocoa butter silk), then add the cookie, plus more meltaway if the cookie has not filled the cavity sufficiently.
  3. Last night I was comparison-shopping in local shops and online for a food mill, because I've been going through a lot of applesauce lately. Today I was in a part of town I seldom visit anymore, and found myself a few doors up from the Salvation Army thrift store. You know where this is going, right? Found one on the shelf, still in its original packaging, with a $9.99 Salvation Army price tag stuck underneath the $39.99 Home Hardware price tag. Clearly, it was meant to be.
  4. @gfweb this was online, a couple of nights ago.
  5. This pot arrived today. 4.4 qts and induction compatible. Sold as a steamer but I am going to try it as a small fry pot with the Paragon. The basket seems perfect for frying. It was just $25.99 and by Cook N Home.
  6. Did you need to make any significant variations on the usual recipes for these? Do you portion before or after baking?
  7. Today
  8. rotuts

    Lunch 2019

    iPot'd Penang Rice w Mix-Ins : more here : https://forums.egullet.org/topic/155098-instant-pot-multi-function-cooker-part-5/page/60/
  9. Late Lunch // Early Diner : Panang ( Maesri ) Rice w Mix-Ins. iPot Bowl-in-a-Bowl Basmati , w ginder slices and lemon grass add-ins , + 1/3 d can ( small can ) of Maesri Panang Fpork , sawute'd as before , cilantro and green onion tops + cashews from Tj's nice , very nice not sure there Panang is my favorite flavoring for rice like this. it was very nice over rice noodles w duck from my fav take out. on another note : my iPot V1 for me ( V2 iPot ) still is not completely happy with its life just now even w the new gasket , it leaked a bit of steam , and the valve did not pot up as it usually does , just bleed steam I took the lid off , reseated it and tried again . it needed a swift bang on the lid to complete the cooking. the news seal is not ' Inastant Pots " but I think there might be some wear on the metal parts so that sometimes I get a good seal , and sometimes not quite. it takes very little pressure on the lid handle while its leaking to get a complete seal. as fo me , the iPot is an essential tool , one button fool proof ( nice ! ) as I only use timed manual. I may move on to an iPot that's still resting comfortably in its box. this machine is 4 and one month old. its not worth it to me to have to jiggle , jaggle and bang the top. Im sure it might be fixed and lead a longer life just not my me. not quite yet , but maybe R.I.P iPot # 1 I of course will keep the inner Ss pot , and trivet , and new seal I have two iPot seals , clear-opaque , but don't know where they are or slots of other things.
  10. Franci

    Dinner 2019

    @Anna N, I think I am going to post about this on the baking section. I feel sometimes my pizza in teglia is a hit or miss. So, no more changing timing, yeast, etc. I am going to stick to the same exact formula until I get it right every single time!
  11. Toliver

    Oreo Cookies

    "Oreo just released a holiday cookie house kit — here’s where to find it" I guess it's a hot item as it was sold out at a few online sources.
  12. weinoo

    Dinner 2019

    Appetizers before a clean out the leftovers for dinner last night... Assorted crostini. Toasted the slices, rubbed with cut garlic, sprinkled with olive oil. Tomato, feta cheese, anchovy and tomato, anchovy and house-roasted peppers, plain, and house-roasted peppers.
  13. Flash sale (40% Off!) from like 9 PM - midnight, two nights ago, netted me this:
  14. Killed my bottle of Weller Antique for this bad boy. Also made a few others and wrote a small little write up on my favorite cocktail of all time....The Old Fashioned https://moneymaaster.wordpress.com/2019/10/18/the-old-fashioned-tinkering-with-a-classic/
  15. Yes, salt is added to the whole. This is basically a fermented pickle right now. Admittedly with very unusual ingredients!
  16. Anything labelled "Philly Steak" ...isn't.🤨
  17. Looks like fuel for those who eat to live; not food for those who live to eat.
  18. @Smithy, I use a Canadian flour - Roger's Flour, their Silver Star bread flour which is one of their commercial flours. I buy the 20 kilo bag. It is sold in Costco in Victoria. On the odd occasion when I run out and can't get into Victoria I will buy either their Bread flour or their unbleached white at one of the local grocery stores. Both make excellent breads.
  19. Absolutely fabulous! What kind of flour did you use? When I get back to bread baking - maybe next month - I'd like to try this.
  20. Thanks! It is a gorgeous (though cold) day today. We still do not have power, and it's not expected to be back until 8PM tomorrow, but the generator is going strong. We did venture out last night, and had dinner at Blackfish in Truro. We had to detour a couple of times due to downed lines, but we gave ourselves extra time to get there. The restaurant was completely packed. I am very glad I made a reservation. Drinks (cucumber martini and ice and fire) Frisee salad with panko-coated duck egg Buttermilk-fried oysters with mignonette Scallops with parmesan fondue and frico Nephew and brother in law both opted for the famous tuna bolognese I chose the roasted chicken with farro verde and roasted carrots. There was enough food on my plate for three people! Leftovers reside in the fridge Husband had the roasted pork chop with chard and potatoes Cranberry panna cotta Chocolate tart with salted pretzel crust We are headed to Provincetown in a bit for a (freezing) beach walk and a late lunch. Tomorrow: Oysterfest!
  21. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2019

    To do that, I would have to add learning how to make that amazing bread to my weekday routine! 😊
  22. Duvel

    Breakfast 2019

    Seeing this makes me seriously considering adding breakfast to my weekday routine again ...
  23. Lunch at the Westin pitched the Philly steak and got another grilled cheese
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