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  2. Yukon Gold potatoes slabs. Zucchini and lamb chops getting their fat rendered. Dinner plate with the addition of some Sugar Bomb tomatoes (a gift). They are amazing.
  3. Yesterday, I made a batch of pork carnitas (pork butt, fire roasted hatch chiles, salsa verde and oj) - 30 minutes high pressure, 15 minute natural release. We had one half of the meat as tacos for dinner last night. Today, I made a pork stew with the rest of the meat. I had some leftover pork roast gravy and rotisserie chicken stock in the freezer that I used for the liquid to cook the vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions) and a few stewed tomatoes - high pressure for 6 minutes and quick release. I added the pork, with its liquid, and can of Libby’s cut green beans (drained); brought it up to a boil and then switched the Instant Pot to the Keep Warm setting to await dinner time.
  4. I've been kind of behind all over, so I probably just missed it. I'm raising my glass to you over here, in support and solidarity and [huntin']-seasonal gladness!
  5. I've been reading interestedly as I'm getting ready to make a batch of cashew brittle and haven't done it in a while. I tend to agree that the temp is likely to be the issue as the color and appearance of the brittle is similar to what I get with a Peanut Brittle recipe from James Beard's American cookery. It is similar to your recipe from Craig's Aunt in the composition of ingredients and the fact that it uses raw nuts that get toasted in the syrup. What's different is that the Beard recipe adds the baking soda @ 315°F vs the 290 in your recipe. He also adds salt and vanilla at 315°F but I don't see that making a difference. After pouring, Beard recipe brittle-to-be gets spread out quickly, then pulled and turned (wearing greased garden gloves) so it's wafer thin between the peanuts or cashews. The result is about the color of your brittle from this year, although, of course, it's much thinner because of being stretched and pulled. It certainly foams up dramatically but after spreading and pulling, I see little tiny bubbles throughout, but it's not a foamy looking candy. I don't know either but my first guess was that at lower temps, the sugar mixture is thick enough to trap more bubbles but when heated to a higher temp, it's become thin enough that the gas escapes more easily. But, considering PV=nRT (Ideal Gas Law) you can also imagine that when the temp goes up, the volume of the trapped gas bubbles will also increase so they are likely pushing themselves right out of the candy at some point, whether it's thinner or not.
  6. heidih

    Dinner 2019

    Dialect/accent threw me a bit cuz I am more Donauschwabian - thanks !
  7. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2019

    Tuesday into Wednesday I made a couple of loaves of pane francese. I had trouble with the shaping--the dough stuck to the couche a bit so I lost the pointy ends. I don't think I floured it enough. I froze one loaf and made the other into a giant Sicilian tuna sandwich-- tuna that I poached in olive oil the day before, heated back up in some of its oil with sun dried tomatoes, capers, and spinach added, topped with hard boiled eggs. I found the recipe in Fish Without a Doubt, by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore. This is supposedly a two person sandwich but it could have easily fed four.
  8. mm84321

    Dinner 2019

    the lobster was in Phuket and the Miang kham in Bangkok
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  10. I'm sorry! I thought I had complained all over this place so I didn't want to complain any more 😂. I had a tooth pulled, a bone graft etc. etc. on Nov. 4. The list is LONG of stuff I'm not supposed to eat. I still have stitches that are making me crazy. I've cheated. I take baby size bites of forbidden foods and chew on the non-bad areas, but that takes a really long time. Anyway, lettuce is one of the things that gets major stuck in places that you don't want lettuce stuck. Sigh. I have 2-3 more super icky surgeries to go, but I'm not thinking about it. I wasn't supposed to drink wine, either, but I rebelled against that the very first day
  11. Very excited for this. But -- Shelby, why can't you eat lettuce?
  12. KennethT

    Dinner 2019

    I kind of figured Thailand - given all the Thai writing - can you be more specific? Where in Thailand? I'm curious because that lobster would most probably be in the south somewhere, but miang kum is traditionally a northern specialty.... Ahh.... the milky tom yum! I gather it's become a big thing there lately... it hasnt' really caught on in NYC yet...
  13. Duvel

    Dinner 2019

    “Sturmfest und erdverwachsen” - the official hymn of lower saxony ...
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    That must explain the difference.
  15. remember i mentioned this : which I of course enjoyed ? went motoring to Tj's , thought id get another #(%^@#%^)@#^%_ reviewing #$%(^@#)%(^@#(^$%_@#^%+@^#% they noted I enjoyed it so they canceled it "" until next season "" they do this not of course nt Bud's at TJs but their computer what ever its programed : He Likes it we will cancel it. one more review : #ORY_#@$Y)@#*$Y%)@#$Y+@#R&#}TY just saying.
  16. I totally get wanting to do something new. That being said, you really can't beat deviled eggs and pimento cheese. 😄
  17. rotuts

    KFC 2012–

    oh wow that might have been nice in my wood stove so what happen to the candle ? I consider one if it included the delicious aromata if the chicken , the old fry fat but w Mashed potatoes and gravy too leet me know if this come is smaller candles not all day candles 1 small candles would be fine then I can open my widows for a few minutes and start again "" fresh " tomorrow.
  18. SLB


    Wonderful little podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance: https://www.southernfoodways.org/gravy/ Two especially wonderful episodes: Community canneries: https://www.southernfoodways.org/gravy/preserving-community-canneries/ Co-op extensions on Native American reservations: https://www.southernfoodways.org/gravy/access-denied-cooperative-extension-and-tribal-lands/ [Food aside -- that last one featured an EXCELLENT use of "carpetbag", the verb.] Enjoy.
  19. Something new at our Thanksgiving dinner this year: "Patti's Good Life by Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie" (click) I thought it was quite good. Yes, it has a ton of sugar in it but it's a dessert, afterall. The spices are quite pronounced (as if they doubled the spices used in a regular pumpkin pie). My sister-in-law, who gets heart burn at the drop of a cup of coffee wouldn't be able to eat it, the spices are so strong. More for me!
  20. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    I did it. Not well apparently. I don’t follow directions as well as I ought. I looked at your photograph. I looked at the photograph that accompanied the recipe. And finally I looked at my photograph and determined to save everyone the horror. First of all I think I over cooked the sweet potatoes although usually they take twice as long as I think they should and then I squashed them as one might squash a bug. I don’t think that was the way it was supposed to be. Nevertheless it made for a tasty lunch. I have two more sweet potatoes so I might give them a similar treatment but stick a little closer to the recipe.
  21. Toliver

    KFC 2012–

    Once again, Walmart currently has the KFC Fire Log (click) in stock. Get it while you can.
  22. heidih

    Lunch 2019

    I'd guess yours are from Pekin ducks - they are huge compared to KCs
  23. Not sure about which pan I used last year, but it was probably the same based on the size. When I got to Amazon to look at the Cooper Atkins thermometers, I am getting lots and lots of results. Could you possibly link to the one that your would recommend? Thank you! I got a candy thermometer yesterday. This candy tastes good, so I won't bother trying to make again, but I still have my honeycomb-type candy to make and I'll use it for that. I have no idea where those damn bubbles went. 😄 I didn't spread it out or handle it at all. Just poured (more like nudged) onto a baking sheet and put on a cooling rack. And I definitely used baking soda - the jar is still on the island.
  24. @Shelby Great stuff! Re an appetizer. I just discovered this stuff https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/sun-dried-tomato-dip-recipe-1941164 I sub mayo for sour cream and finely sliced shallots for green onion. I probably add more sun dried tomatoes too. Addictive. and it improves over time
  25. kayb

    Mixing bowls

    I have a horror of wallpaper. My stepmother, God rest her soul, papered every room in the house in which I grew up, but for two, which were paneled, in some of the Godawful ugliest wallpaper I ever saw in my life. I don't think I'll ever hang a strip of wallpaper in any place I live. I could just see my mother looking down and shaking her head... Sorry. That's way off target for the topic. Stepmother did love PW kitchenware.
  26. mm84321

    Dinner 2019

    Thailand. Other highlights: Tom Yum, Miang Kham, stir fried morning glory, spicy mango salad, and southern crab curry. Thai food is amazing..
  27. I keep a tin of decaf instant espresso in my pantry just to make my favorite Irish coffee -- 3 oz espresso, 1 oz Irish creme, 1 - 1 1/2 oz Jamesons. I'll occasionally stir a spoon of cocoa into it and call it mocha.
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