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  2. I have after-market slide out drawers. The pans can then be stacked neatly, e.g. 4 sauté pans one on top of the other. The non-stick goes on top, so it avoids getting scratched. We also use these reusable paper towels to separate pans.
  3. I have a few pans in a seldom used oven
  4. Barrytm

    New Kitchen

    For the Thermador, how does it handle low temperature simmering? My recollection was that it would turn the burner on and off intermittently to get a low simmer. Some are fine with that , others found the noise of the clicker igniting the flame every few seconds upsetting. I am sure you have heard that dual fuel is more expensive, whether it is worth it is up to you. I had one of the first dual fuel Vikings, and it had some pluses and minuses, though thrilled it bit the dust, and I bought a gas Bluestar and love it. If you are fine with electronic controls , you may want to look at an induction - my understanding it that it is quicker to respond than gas, and would give you the electric oven. I also have a combi and love it. While they can be pricey, I use it as an electric convection oven far more oven than combi or steam mode, because it heats up far quicker than the Bluestar, and normally I am not cooking enough to justify heating the entire Bluestar oven, so I hardly ever use the oven on the Bluestar.
  5. For the nonstick pans, next time you get a cardboard box, cut up rounds that fit your pans. I cut then slightly oversized, then put a number of slits and 1 or 2 inches long around the outside so the cardboard will conform to the shape of each pan, works great to keep them from scratching each other.
  6. In my current small NYC kitchen, I store my cookware with a pot rack suspended from the ceiling. While my kitchen is small, the layout allows the pot rack location to be handily available, yet out of the way so I'm not always running into it. I will be moving soon and am currently doing renovations and am running into an issue. The layout of the new kitchen doesn't have a nook where the pot rack could go where it won't get in the way, and the ceiling height is probably too low for one anyway (7 feet). The only place I can think of storing the pots/pans when not in use is in a cupboard where real estate is precious. I also have no wall space from which to hang any pans.... Any other ideas? Maybe I'm missing something? How do you store non-stick pans in a cupboard without accidentally scratching the surface from time to time?
  7. Hello Rickbern. Where in Brooklyn are you? A long time ago, we had a nice dinner club, consisting of 4 couples...a few of us may have even blogged about it, including from Brooklyn.
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  9. Not very cheap Fuschia Dunlop, I'm afraid, at Thriftbooks. Welcome @Rickbern. I'm fascinated by your Wednesday night dinners. Perhaps you could start a thread and show us your creations. 🙂
  10. That's a packet of 50! Surely one sheet is enough to freshen up the microplanes in an amateur(amateuse)'s kitchen. Maybe 50 of us could get together and . . .
  11. I was looking to do the same thing about a year ago and I walked over to the Oneida food service showroom (it's a block from my office) to look at their range. They have an imported Italian brand called San Andrea that's very nice, feels like fine restaurant stainless because that's what it is. https://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant-supplies-equipment/sant-andrea But while I was up there, I saw an Oneida line called Perimeter that I liked even better, I bought service for 24. Definitely get Euro sized dinner forks. I got the round bowl soup spoons and the American sized teaspoons which was a bit of a mistake, the sizes were too close. I'd get the Euro sized teaspoon (smaller) if I got a do-over. https://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant-supplies-equipment/perimeter#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&facetLimit:&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&catalogMode:& None of this stuff is "consumer" priced, but it's comparable to something like Christoflle (ok, not quite that nice) at a much friendlier price point. Service for 12 was less than $300. ps, first post after my intro, I'm talking about loving cucina povera, and here I am recommending $300 table spoons. //sigh
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker in the forums, decided to finally sign up. I'm an avid home cook and I love to use cooking to create communities. I have two kids in their thirties (unfortunately, one lives 2000 miles away) and for the last 16 years I've made a weekly dinner on Wednesday nights for my kids and their friends, my friends and the family. I get somewhere between 10 and 20 people (from an extended group of probably 75-100 people in all) on a typical evening and I never know how many are coming until 2pm the afternoon of the dinner. Naturally, I'm a firm believer in appetizers, first course, main course. I'm really into cooking cucina povera, but from all over the globe. I've recently started trying to learn a bit more about Chinese cuisine, and there's a rich trove of ideas to be mined from there! Anyway, hoping to learn a few things around here, nice to finally meet you all! Rick ps-Shout out to @Toliver I've been following the bargain cookbooks thread for a while and it's really expanded my horizons. Now if you could find me some Fuschia Dunlop books on sale...
  13. liamsaunt

    Dinner 2020

    chicken tacos with rajas con crema, guacamole, queso fresco and spicy pickled radishes. Plus some lime rice.
  14. Aspecialtybox and the labels are such a small batch that I’m literally printing at UPs and cutting with an exacto knife and straight edge. That needs to change ASAP. Just really good honey to give it some flavor. Other than that it’s pretty simple.
  15. Most of the upgrades are basically related to branding, the way that the branding is put on the unit. There’s a couple of changes under the hood to simplify the wiring.
  16. I don't see how recipe one above will give you a pH of 4.5, you basically have equal reaction quantities of acid (0.15mols) and base (0.29mols) (given one tartaric acid reacts with two bicarb) and the second recipe has vastly more bicarb compared to citric acid (which is a 1:1 reaction) (0.17mols of acid vs 0.4mols of base) so that one wouldn't be acidic either! my science brain really dislikes things like "neutralise the syrup" then the next bit is "pH must be 4.5" - that's not neutralised 🤣 (mols is a measurement in chemistry to compare the amounts of chemicals that are different sizes)
  17. This is a hazelnut caramel and gianduia. Happy with the result.
  18. i'm thinking of getting this set: https://anolon.com/collections/nouvelle-copper-cookware/products/nouvelle-copper-luxe-hard-anodized-nonstick-frying-pan-set Nouvelle Copper Luxe Frying Pan Set -- 8.5" & 10" does anyone have that smaller 8.5" pan? i'm wondering if it tips when empty on the CF. the handle looks kinda beefy, so that's why i ask. i apologize if someone already answered this question, but i scanned this thread and didn't see it.
  19. BVWells

    Airbrush PSI

    I tried it at about 35-40 PSI and got the what I was looking for. I guess it all depends on the airbrush, nozzle, compressor, etc. Thanks all!!
  20. Sitting here in China, I'm astonished to discover it isn't just us who need to fight viruses these days. Deadly Tomato Virus Confirmed at French Farm Apparantly, it also has repercussions for chillies. Whatever next?
  21. heidih

    Dinner 2020

    Do not miss the ex but do miss the fish from the corporate Mexico fishing trips. Thanks for the lovely images.
  22. Had I the option I wouldn't set my alarm for anything. However I'd gladly stay up late for an @Ann_T breakfast.
  23. BonVivant

    Dinner 2020

    Made my fishing dream come true! The partner and I caught 3 big yellowtail in Loreto. Each weighs about 10kg. Took half of one fish to a restaurant nearby and got it cooked. We shared the meal with the guest house owners. The four of us couldn't even finish it all, it was really a lot. A day without clams is a sad day
  24. I agree. This particular sheet had sections that were diffraction and sections that were flat - had i been more successful i think the contrast would have looked pretty. As it was, my ho hum holograms sort of blended into the flat areas. I just ordered the diffraction grating that Kerry used and will report on my next try. 😁
  25. Those look fantastic @Pastrypastmidnight and I am excited to try some sponge toffee. Do you add any special flavors, or just straight yummy sweetness? And love your packaging too
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