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  2. Uses for leftover cola?

    Great ideas! You can also use it in the bottom of a roaster when you bake a ham. It is a good addition to BBQ sauce, either homemade or store bought.
  3. Was this a ghost or some kind of albino sea creature? LOL Gorgeous meals and surroundings! Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us.
  4. Yes, I include the liquid. They present this technique is one of this weekend’s recipes. The sandwich loaf maybe?
  5. Was just in the garden harvesting everything for Thursday. It is so cool to me that 3 of my dishes, I grew myself. Cauliflower update. I have TINY cauliflower, about the size and look of a fancy button on a ladies blouse or sweater. They are soooo cute. Broccoli should be anytime now. I don't know how long between budding and harvesting is but I am so excited.
  6. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Loving the grilled cheese for breakfast ideas! @blue_dolphin – I stuff French toast with roasted pears, but never thought to put them in a grilled cheese – I’ll be trying that! @Anna N – I’m not finding your breakfasts boring at all. To me, there is no better breakfast than eggs on toast – scrambled, fried, poached or boiled! (And you will never become boring!) Breakfast this morning: Pumpernickel bagels w/ lox cream cheese! A childhood favorite and one that I can indulge now, thanks to Wegman’s. I’ve been unable to find pumpernickel bagels lately and was thrilled to see them there – as well as the very good lox cream cheese. I can remember meeting my mother’s extended family for brunch when I was a little girl and they were all appalled that she “let” me eat such a thing! I don’t think that they ever had a bagel until the sweet ones came out!
  7. Thanks. My science background is limited and extremely old so I was wondering if I was missing a step somewhere. So do you add the liquid set aside to the total hydration level or not bother?
  8. Yes, this is definitely true, their salt slurry thing is strange. They have a different technique that they espouse elsewhere where you sprinkle the salt over the shaggy mass (without mixing it in) before the autolyse stage. That's the technique I've settled on, it works well (and I never forget to add the salt ).
  9. I don't do a lot of pickling or preserving, but this time of year I do two things. We eat dinner every Friday after Thanksgiving (absolutely NO leftovers allowed) with friends who love the following, so I take them some: escabeche with cauliflower, carrots and jalapeños and Mostarda di Cremona. The escabeche I like is based on Lisa Fain's recipe in Homesick Texan. The Mostarda is adapted from Mario Batali's Molto Italiano (I go heavy on the fresh pears and NEVER EVER include....drumroll.....raisins!) I bring them some coppa as well, since it is so yummy with the mostarda.
  10. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Oh my - I would happily trade my whole breakfast for a small slice of Moe's toast! French toast, made with a sprinkle of star anise sugar, blueberries, sausage, OJ, black coffee & bright morning sun shining in my window
  11. OK it’s a bit late now for this time but I will try it again and see how I make out. I did proof in baskets and despite having read up on all the tricks etc. including using the liner, my dough stuck. I mean really stuck. I wrestled it from the linen liner, reshaped it, put it back to proof a little longer (on the counter). I had put it into the baskets seam side up so that when I turned it out of the baskets I would have a surface to properly score. So much for that idea. But these things are sent to try us. Then, you know how it is when you want something to be so and want it so badly that you will ignore the evidence of your senses? So it was with my sad sourdough. I absolutely convinced myself that it had proofed properly. It hadn’t of course. But never one to be deterred by mere evidence, I proceeded to bake anyway after making slashes in the rough surface. Loaf number one. Baked in the Cuisinart steam oven on the bread setting at 425°F for 30 minutes. As you see it has the dreaded bread “eczema” (a bubbly crust). And the photograph is somewhat misleading in that it appears to show more volume than this loaf actually had. Loaf number two. Again inflicted with the dreadful eczema. This was also baked in the Cuisinart steam oven at 425°F but I got distracted so it was in there for 35 minutes. This is a little too long. Here is the inside. Much more holey than it is religious. But on the other hand not a complete disaster. As I was pulling the second loaf out of the oven @Kerry Beal showed up at my house with flour, other ingredients, groceries that I had asked her to pick up for me and groceries that she just brought anyway, and guess what else? She brought along her container of French lean dough which would need some folds within the next couple of hours. If those of you who know Kerry wonder how she crams so much into a day —this is how! We had an opportunity to compare notes about our baking and discovered that we were both amused or perplexed by the method of dissolving the salt into some of the water that would be used for hydration. We both came to the same conclusion that the amount of salt and the amount of water was such that that salt would never dissolve. We had both tried stirring, shaking, heating etc. but there is far too much salt compared to the water to allow a solution to form. The best you can get is a slurry. If anyone can tell me different I’m excited to know. We also reached the conclusion based on my appearance that a black chef’s coat even one with an eG type logo on it from an eG type workshop long ago (thanks @gfron1) was not the most practical wear if you were going to be baking bread.
  12. Today
  13. Today the Instant pot mini 7-in-1 is on sale at Amazon.com for $51.99 and Amazon.ca for $67.99. This is a Public Service Announcement!
  14. Instant pot mini 7-in-1 on sale today. Amazon.com has it for $51.99 and Amazon.ca for $67.99.
  15. Great hard-to-find condiments

    Here is the link to my post in 2011 about using the wattleseed and the vendor and some other things I ordered. Further down the page is a mention of black garlic, which is now much easier to find than it was then. If you do a search for wattleseed, you will find a page full of posts from various members. I read all of them eagerly when I first began using it. It has a flavor that is like a combination of coffee, chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and even a hint of pepper. I don't think there is anyway to get the exact flavor by combining these things. I have used it in cookies, including a shortbread that I took to a holiday party and was totally consumed, including the crumbs.
  16. So true. But also helps with handling the dough ...
  17. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Moe's Breakfast. Potato Leek soup with yesterday's bread toasted.
  18. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Me too!!!
  19. Yes, you do. Or, at least I did! And the ones proofed in the bannetons baked up just beautifully. The difference between 39°F and 65°F is not that large considering you're putting them into a 500°F oven. The trick with the refrigerator is to get the surface of the dough to dry out a bit to give cleaner slashes, so if you proofed in baskets you're going to have to turn the dough out of them first. It's not really Modernist Bread's innovation and as I recall they just mention it in passing. I never do it.
  20. Sausage Roll Question

    On our side of the border, the current football dynasty - Laval's Rouge et Or - punched their ticket back to the national championship game, where they'll meet the University of Western Ontario Mustangs, who were one of the great dynasties a couple of decades ago. The Mustangs have a truly dominant ground game...in their playoff this weekend against the Atlantic champion Acadia Axemen, their three running backs and QB accounted for over 450 yards on the ground in an 81-3 (!!) victory. Looking forward to the championship game, it should be a doozy. It's next Saturday, 'cause our football season ends before yours. It's cold up here, doncha know.
  21. Adventures of Fat Rice is 2.99 on US kindle. I am very excited to learn about Macau cuisine.
  22. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Yeah. That's what I want for dinner!
  23. How did I do? 50¢ tablespoon—2/$1—from Dollar Tree. I have some higher quality spoons to bend—larger Cambridge and a much larger Oneida.
  24. Looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip!
  25. Has anyone successfully canned lemon curd, for longer-than-a-couple-of-weeks consumption? A friend's chickens are still laying 10 eggs a day, freezer space is tight, and she's feeling a little overwhelmed.
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