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  3. Katie Meadow

    Salad 2016 –

    On toast. Make toast, butter it. Add a nice layer of ricotta. Then you can add a variety of things, or not. I like thin slices of tomato and salt and pepper. I am also very fond of a drizzle of honey or sorghum on the ricotta layer, then and salt and pepper. Excellent on a white pullman loaf or a rustic crusty loaf or a rye bread.
  4. I have to say I do not measure. Do it all by instinct. Always good - maybe not consistant. Relax - we have done bread for ages and it works without overthinking. OK slap me now
  5. Figs are just who they are.Sometimes majestic and sometimes goofy. BUT the big leaves smell/taste like coconut and make a good wrap in a tamale kind of way. Play
  6. Updates: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-10-17/eng/1571351315547/1571351316154 http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-10-17/eng/1571358364676/1571358365136 http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-10-18/eng/1571442711020/1571442711348
  7. I have only cooked with purchased Moroccan preserved lemons, never made preserved lemons myself. However all the preserving recipes I've seen call for whole lemons, not wedges nor cut up lemons. @Wolfert and her books have much useful information. Some Moroccan tagine recipes call for using the whole preserved lemon, skin and flesh and all -- others just the skin. In which case take a spoon and scrape out the lemon pulp. If it helps I found it was less expensive to buy preserved lemons from Morocco than to buy American lemons in the supermarket which would then need to be preserved. Plus, the ones from Morocco were the correct variety of lemon. If you have a lemon grove in the back yard your mileage may vary. Indeed, salt preserved lemons are salty. Consult the recipe.
  8. I have also read that one should simply use the rind, but I generally use the entire piece of lemon (pulp and rind, but no seeds if possible). A little goes a long way, mind: I don't rinse, and so there's a lot of salt. There's also a lot of nice lemony flavor. For more information there's this older topic in the Middle East and Africa forum. It could surely use a boost: Preserved Lemons.
  9. I don't know much about craqueline, but it sounds as if it might rise more than you want for this use. But as they say, you never know until you try. I was looking for something that would be crunchy but would not shatter, and the Ina's shortbread filled the bill.
  10. Here until Monday. Shall have a look at those dinner options - need to determine who will join me for dinner tomorrow.
  11. Franci

    Dinner 2019

    Soup, salad, chorizo croquettes and edamame
  12. While we're talking preserved lemons, I have little to no experience with them and want to start. I've read in various places where some folks use just the preserved skin while others use the whole preserved wedge. Pretty much everyone agrees that it's best to rinse it off first due to saltiness. What's everyone's experience with this?
  13. We're on the wrong side of the building to be able to wave otherwise I would flash some lights to say hi. We face west. If you see a tall building with what looks like an M on the roof, that's us. We are at Island Park and Scott if you remember those streets, in a section of the city called Westboro. How long are you here for? If you are here tomorrow night you might want to check out Beckta for dinner or Atelier. Both are very good. Beckta is on Elgin Street spitting distance from your hotel while Altelier is a short cab ride.
  14. Mine seem to be on. Head outside and wave - I'll look out the window!
  15. Had @Anna N looking up ideas for dinner for us. She came up with Thali Coconut Lagoon. So Karen, one of my fellow examiners, a doctor from Goose Bay, Labrador and I hopped in an Uber (her first) and headed off. Cider from Picton, Ontario (a big apple area), glass of house red for Karen. Chai Vegetable bhagi with mint chutney We each had a lamb thali - I think we could have shared one and still been stuffed!
  16. Are the lights out where you are? We are only a couple of kms. west of where you are and the lights are on here. You can probably see our place from your window. That afternoon spread looked pretty good, except for the hummus.
  17. The view out my window when I got back to my room.
  18. Mid afternoon they brought out a very nice cheese board.
  19. Very nice, and if you have an immersion circulator/bath setup you can put small jars (SV egg bites, custard), etc in the mesh basket for easy in-and-out.
  20. Yesterday
  21. The one with oil is spicier. The oil is chili oil (红油 hóng yóu). Use it when you want more heat.
  22. It seems to be "hong you," or red oil doubanjiang. Stealing the description from the Ma La Market website's description:
  23. Different products need different level of salt. Sauerkraut for example want about 2% by weight of the cabbage. And after a few days you can measure the pH and see that it is declining pretty fast. And after a few weeks you can titrate some of the pickling liquid with NaOH if you really want to know the acidity, though for preservation you are more interested in the pH than acid concentration (and you should know why pH is not a good proxy for acidity). Once the pH is low enough, you can let taste guide how long you ferment. A batch will continue to get more sour over time as more sugars are turning into lactic and acetic acids. I don't want to quote numbers because USDA has standards that are more complex for assuring food safety, but you can find all of it on-line.
  24. Tonight’s cocktail recipe arrived in my inbox this morning. Apple Brandy Hot Toddy. Didn’t have Apple brandy, used Laird’s Applrjack. No honey liqueur, used regular clover honey. A nice drink on a chilly evening.
  25. So next time I’ll bring hydration at 75% and the paniello weight to 600g, add a tiny bit of oil. My rising is pretty short. I like to mix around noon, so it rise by 5pm and I can give some folds to the dough and let it rise again. I have some very nice YouTube videos for the portioning and shaping of the dough and the final placement in the pan but it’s all in Italian. I think next time I will take some pictures and add them.
  26. As I mention in the dinner thread, I am going to post here my result on the “Pizza in teglia alla romana”, I am putting it in brackets because, I am not really following the tradition here, in the sense that this style pizza has at least 75% hydration and 24 hours minimum rising in the fridge (if you are interested in translating all the characteristics that this pizza should have a good read here). I am planning of first getting a constant good result on a simplified version before going to higher rising and hydration. I think only one time I had that amazing, amazing result that you are left with no speech, would like to go back there. First, I always use the on-line calculator from the Confraternita della pizza. I’ll explain if there is anybody who wants to try. A paniello is the portioning for your pizza dough (how many pizzas are you going to make), peso paniello is the paniello dough weight. The general rule of thumb is taking the area of the pan divided by 2 plus or minus a 20%. I have the standard Paderno blue steel this is 30x40 cm, so area 1200/2=600g of dough. Less than that with little experience gets difficult to do a good job. I used 650g. How much hydration you are looking for is the other box to fill. Then you put the salt/liter water, I decided 30g/L and how long you want your dough to rise, of the total hours how many refrigerated and the room temperature (I put 20C because I often have AC on). You can add a fat (olio or burro, butter to the calculation) and if you are using any poolish, mother, etc and how active it is. Also you can check the box if it’s going to be a pizza in teglia in the pan. The yeast there is fresh, I am using the red star active dry, and to convert from fresh I am multiplying the fresh for 0.375. I think next time I am going to change a couple things.
  27. I just received this: http://amzn.com/B00A9OF6NS I have been using this: http://amzn.com/B01M31VHNZ Both products apparently by the same company. One seems to include oil and the other not. When should I use one product or the other?
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