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  2. Now the money shot. Beef that was actually the last savory course but was the highlight of the meal. It arrived rare, glistening with fatty juices, incredibly tender. You get to choose the steak knife. Carbon steel for me, thank you.
  3. One of two fancy dinners planned on this trip was at Chila last night. They highlight Argentinian ingredients and the menu comes with the map of where some their food came from. We ate at 8 which is the earliest time they open. People eat really late dinners at BA. The restaurant was empty when we came in so we got table by the window with the nice view of people walking along the canal. http://www.chilaweb.com.ar/ Menu arrived in a box that was hiding a small bean tart with quail egg on top.
  4. Barnes and noble has 20 percent off coupon with cod DAYMAKER in case it helps to buy MB. It is currently 560 on their website.
  5. Great hard-to-find condiments

    No that is not a description of the Ethiopian variety. See here. I have not yet had much of a chance to play around with them and my ability to describe tasting notes is zero. I find the Timur pepper to be much more fragrant and floral than the pepper I usually use which is Tellicherry. I don’t use it in cooking because I think its unique properties disappear too quickly. So I finish my dishes with it rather than use it in creating them. I am betting @andiesenji will be much more helpful with your questions than I. She is a connoisseur while I’m just a consumer and grateful receiver of such gifts.
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  7. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    My breakfasts, and probably me also, are becoming extraordinarily boring. But I’m on a mission to make bread and food has fallen into the category of fuel. 90°C times eight minute sous vide eggs. I show you this because one of them sustained severe trauma while being undressed. The other one did not. I have no explanation. Served on, what else, Modernist Bread. This is their interpretation of a whole wheat sandwich bread and is mild enough that it even works with eggs.This is their interpretation of a whole wheat sandwich bread and is mild enough that it even works with eggs.
  8. Anna, could you describe these a little? I don't think I've had passion berries before. Do you find this description accurate? Are the ones you have dried? What do you use them for? Also, how is Timur pepper different from other varieties?
  9. I have just cancelled that appointment! Amazon.ca has informed me that Robin Hood Best for Bread flour is no longer available. They sold it at half the price I pay in the grocery store (depending on the store). Do you think Modernist Bread has perhaps hit the bestseller list in Canada? I had to report this but let’s not drag this off-topic if we can help it. I have taken my sourdough from the refrigerator (where it was undergoing cold proofing)and it does not look very happy. After an hour and more on my counter it still looks as though it is quite beyond CPR. I am questioning my sanity and rationality on this one. One of the reasons given for the cold proofing is to make slashing easier. If I let it return to room temperature and pass the proof test does this not negate the whole time it spent in the refrigerator with respect to the slashing problem? Surely you do not attempt to bake it directly from the refrigerator. PerhapsI just need another coffee.
  10. andiesenji, which company have you ordered wattleseed from? Can you compare the taste to anything else you've tried? I hope I can find a jam like the one you described.
  11. Ah so! I am going to see if I can get an appointment with my bank today to finance a ranch-style bungalow with added bakery space and see if they are good for one of these machines at the same time. But wouldn’t that take all the fun out of it?
  12. Please do not apologize. There are many ways to skin a cat as they say although I would NOT like to try anyone of them If we all did everything the same way and all agreed that it was the only way, what would be the point of this forum ?
  13. Home Made Pizza - To Roll or Not to Roll....

    It doesn't really interact, it's like changing what you do to the top crust of a loaf of bread. Bread that just gets steamed has a crunchy crust, oil gives a softer, more flexible crust. (steam still escapes from the crust) But, I suspect that there's a small effect with temperature -kind of like there is with roasted vegetables. The oil can obviously get hotter than boiling water temperature while the dough still has moisture in it. I tend to like thicker pizza dough, but have had nice results with almost every type of crust. (except I don't make the cracker-thin crust) I also tend to build on a screen and then bake on either my steel or stone. (stone is always in the oven and easy, steel weighs a lot and i don't always feel like hailing it out) Try it some time and see what you think; maybe make a mini pizza with this technique the next time you're making pizzas.
  14. Because I make my pizza's very thin, I roll the base to get an even uniformity. My base is about 2mm in thickness. When doing a thicker base, I just hand form it - but it is not often I do a thicker base!
  15. Anna, I believe the solution to your problem is pictured on page 3-183.
  16. I run into 10 dismissive "you're boiling in a bag" culinary luddites for every "supercilious... superior" sous vider. I'm not a fan of SV fish generally (re your black cod... which is sable anyway), but the prime beef? Yes, I think odds are it's going to be much better treated SV unless you have a restaurant quality broiler, and even then it's a very different result that's not my preference. Birds of any description? better SV 95% of the time. Pork or lamb? Odds are in the SV favour.
  17. Last two loaves of the day: each one is a 1kg 4x4x13 loaf of the white sandwich bread, destined to be turned into stuffing on Thursday. This was an interesting experiment. I made these two loaves in succession (I only have one pan that size), so they were actually made separately rather than as a single batch that was divided. The difference between the two? In the first one was the last bit of yeast from a jar I'd been using for years and stored in the freezer. The second loaf (the smaller of the two, on the right: the one that is obviously underproofed) was made with a new, unopened jar of yeast whose expiration date was last month. It was on clearance, so I figured if it turned out to be a flop I'd just pitch it. Well, instead what happened was it needed longer to proof and I got into a hurry so baked it off early, when I should have been more patient. Oh well, I'm sure it will be fine in stuffing.
  18. TicTac, I do. I have the recipe on my blog. You can find it HERE. The only thing I change with this recipe is the hydration. Yesterday's pizza dough was at 76%. And I also made two loaves of bread from the same batch. Posted on the Bread Thread on Pastry and Baking Forum.
  19. I'm glad you tried this, it's definitely on my list. I generally like the taste of whole wheat, but would like more control over it. The "deconstructed" process they present is a great idea, particularly as most whole wheat flours are really just reconstructed after milling in the same way, I think.
  20. Thaw it overnight in the fridge. Take it out later and do not go back and forth. The water content you're seeing is likely from the freezer taking water from the dough. The freezer is a very dry environment, If the dough is in a bag it will be contained there. It needs to be allowed time to go back in when the dough is taken out of Colditz . Incidentally, this is the same for, say, an already baked baguette you've stashed in the freezer. Don't open the bag until it's completely thawed.
  21. It does, you just have to know exactly what they call it (which I didn't remember when I was posting earlier -- sorry!): here it is... https://www.bobsredmill.com/whole-grain-medley.html
  22. Thank you. I was fearful there was some secret priesthood or decoder ring that I was unwitting to. Thing is, I've run into many people lately (e.g., poring over the Prime beef or $$ fish offerings) who--with no bidding at all--volunteer that "I'm doing this sous vide!" with some supercillious intonation that suggests superiority. I just now thinking: How difficult, really, is it to cook $24/lb black cod without a CV circulator? Just checking emperors for clothes. One of my many character flaws. Sorry.
  23. Typically I thaw it the same day on the counter, then put in the fridge, and back to counter to come to room temp before using. Wonder if your suggested method would produce better results....The dough frozen (which is not my preference) often seems to have more water content and far less volume/life to it. I recalled the crumb in your fantastic potato pizza as I made this post and our pizza tonight. Do you make your own dough, Ann? It looked fantastic. Interesting re: the oil. How does that interact with the flour - or do you forgo it in that case?
  24. Pressure canned 14 jars of venison. 11 were taco seasoned, ground venison, and 3 were chunked stew meat. Next round is going to be for chili- so I will add salt and chili powders to it, along with onion and garlic.
  25. Home Made Pizza - To Roll or Not to Roll....

    I have seen some pizza parlors using a docker on the dough before topping it. Sometimes, I lightly coat the ball of dough with olive oil before pulling. I think it helps cooking -kind of like oiling potatoes before baking.
  26. well I do have a spare just incase
  27. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Handmixed a batch of dough on Friday morning and it went directly into the fridge. Used some of the dough to make two pizzas Saturday night and the remaining became a couple of rounds. Baked early this morning in Dutch Ovens. Sliced tonight.
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