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  2. JoNorvelleWalker

    The Ladies Who Lunch (Part 3)

    ...and you had?
  3. A friend and I went to Table Sodam today. She had the soy Dak Gang Jung, boneless chicken with sweet & soy sauce with corn cheese.
  4. Ha! Totally called it! What do I win?🤣
  5. Toliver

    Food recalls

    This has been ongoing and the cases of salmonella poisoning have been increasing. "K2D Foods Recalls Raw Ground Beef Products Due to Possible E. coli O103 Contamination" And possibly related: "Grant Park Packing Recalls Raw Ground Beef Products Due to Possible E. coli O103 Contamination"
  6. Today
  7. Beautiful golf tees but it looks like something is about to get broken.
  8. blue_dolphin


    First popsicles of the season. Back to basics with straight up strawberry and strawberries and cream:
  9. "Mint KitKat! Hershey's announces first new permanent flavor in a decade" For me, the mint flavor can make or break a confection/candy. From the shade of green on this KitKat bar, it looks like the green of the Andes mint candy...subtle and nuanced. My favorite mint would be the bold peppermint in the York Peppermint patties. Anyone else have a preference?
  10. What gorgeous photos - they did a beautiful job capturing the various textures and especially the glow of the natural woods. I liked the linked photos to their party that shows people enjoying the space, the food, drinks and each other. I really need that coffee table ....and someone to come in and present me with an after dinner experience on the regular 🙃 When you have a moment, a couple of questions based on previous discussions here. First, what did you decide to do about music? From listening to some of Dave Arnold's rants on Cooking Issues, it seems like such a difficult thing to manage both control and rights. Second, you mentioned the potential use of Alice Ballard's meditation bowls. I'd love to see how you will use them. After you mentioned her, I purchased a few of them myself and love their shapes, textures and colors.
  11. JoNorvelleWalker

    Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    Well, yes, that's what I was getting at.
  12. From this morning's BookBub email, I am hesitant to post it because it's a "diet" cookbook which I normally don't post. Some of the negative reviews point out that there isn't much revelatory in the recipes or the ideas presented inside: From the Amazon info page for this cookbook... Winner of the 2018 James Beard Foundation Book Awards Winner of the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards Finalist for the IACP Awards Shortlisted for the NCIBA Book Awards, Best Cookbook Deepa Thomas'S "Deepa's Secrets: Slow Carb New Indian Cuisine" Kindle Edition $1.99US Use the "Look Inside" feature to see the list of recipes. I believe this next cookbook has been previously posted but I am posting it again because of the author and his previous cookbooks: Yotam Ottolenghi's "Jerusalem: A Cookbook" Kindle Edition $2.99US I am a US Prime member and the you see may vary.
  13. It all looks, beautiful. I'm glad to see all the great publicity!
  14. Here's the professional shots that the architect did for their website. And for those of you who have been patient you can finally see what the golf tees are for: HERE
  15. Ive purchased the three vac'd veg boxes above. Ive tried the Mediterranean pack and found the artichokes OK , and the rest mushy and flavorless. the pack says the veg are in EVVO , but the oil is completely tasteless to me the Tapas artichoke 1/2's were better , simply because they were just artichokes. the oil is sunflower , and thus tasteless. I have not tried the tomatoes yet , but Im not optimistic .
  16. Not one you'll find in stores. It's from Annatolian Treasures. It's English Lavender - don't see it on their list anymore.
  17. It always seems exotic to me even now after more than one visit. I have never seen anything like the food they serve here served anywhere else. The portions are astronomically large and could probably be shared by a whole table but I appreciate the leftovers. They will keep me going for days.
  18. Ann_T

    Dinner 2019

    Now that is a great looking pizza. With my favourite topping too. I bet the rim was nice with lots of airy bubbles.
  19. blue_dolphin

    New house, new kitchen

    Beautiful! Looks like a bright and beautiful space to cook in.
  20. gulfporter

    Lunch 2019

    Lunch was brunch today, as we acclimate ourselves to Lisbon's time zone. Eggs benedict, but with a ham more similar to a Spanish serrano and a nice slice of a hearty Portuguese bread instead of the English muffin. Two definite improvements. Hollandaise was excellent and the orangest egg I've seen in awhile.
  21. Smithy

    New house, new kitchen

    @kayb, I'm thrilled for you! The kitchen looks beautiful: ready to move into, and all you'll need to do is decide where best to put things. Is that oven a Samsung, by any chance? If so, is it one of their dual-option ovens? That's what I have at home.
  22. Ann_T

    Dinner 2019

    @ElsieD do they still wax rutabagas in Ontario? @shain, love your dinner. So colourful. And those pita........ Not sure if this was a late lunch yesterday or an early dinner. Simple grilled sirloin burgers. Dinner Tuesday night Polenta with prime rib bones braised in the Breville PC. With rapini on the side. Love rapini, but it is only available in one or two stores here.
  23. Chocoguyin Pemby

    Confections! What did we make? (2017 – )

    That bark sounds delicious - I wish I had thought about making something for my examiner today - I have to drive 2 hours on my motorbike for a 15 minute skills test so I can get my learners license - 50 yrs old and I still get nervous - afterwards I am going to the Gourmet Warehouse for some therapy - What brand is the lavender oil? I might find it there and pick it up - and the lemon oil. And some molds. and some olive oil and........:)
  24. lindag

    New house, new kitchen

    Does the micro exhaust to the outside? I ask because it's something that is lacking in my kitchen.
  25. rotuts

    Wine leftovers

    @teonzo you have one vote here for @Duvel atavar come on people , chip in ! BTW a long long time ago , there were box wines from Chile that were dry , no oak sorts of things very inexpensive , table wine sort of stuff. I used to get them every time I passed the refrigerator I had to have a glass , just to make sure they were doing fine. got to be a sort of problem late in the day, they reformulated , thankfully , and added sugar to the dry ones. how I at least have to had enough coordination left to twist a top , or pull a cork ! and M.R. needs a certain skill set .....................
  26. liamsaunt

    New house, new kitchen

    That is a beautiful, spacious kitchen! Lots of storage space too. Is the floor wood or tile? When I remodeled my kitchen I put in wood-look tile. It sort of looks like yours but mine is a blue-gray color. It reminds me of the deck of a ship.
  27. Shelby

    New house, new kitchen

    Oh Kay it's STUNNING!!!! You will have such fun putzing around in there. I just LOVE it!
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