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  3. BeeZee

    Adorable Gummies

    not so dissimilar from the problem with kids eating detergent pods, they look too much like a candy product.
  4. Somehow my Thermapen has gone missing so I had to order a new one. I ordered the MK-4 which is on sale from it's regular price of $99.00 to $84.14. In addition, they are giving a free mini spoonula and spatula set.
  5. scubadoo97

    Breakfast 2019

    This morning, I had cubes of French feta, sliced kalamata olives and sliced basil leaves with a drizzle of fruity olive oil.
  6. For any others headed to Colorado Springs, I'm here visiting, and found this gem: http://www.tapateria.com/ Spanish tapas and a (relatively) inexpensive wine list with LOTS of choices,
  7. Thank you but I will check around our stores first. Just because I have never seen them doesn't mean they aren't around. If I can't find them I'll let you know.
  8. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2019

    Sweets for breakfast today: rum cake, cherries & vanilla crème fraîche Michael B. Jordan's mom is apparently famous for her rum cake - even Oprah likes it. She baked this one for my cousins, who shared a wedge with me.
  9. liuzhou

    Adorable Gummies

    I saw the Lego gummies here in China a week ago. Lego has been a big craze here for the last couple of years I have to say that I immediately thought what a *^^#&* stupid idea! Kids are always swallowing Lego bricks and choking. Showing them that some "Lego" is edible is really going to help there! I'm not usually one to call for the health and safety police, but...
  10. food mom


    Hi there. To reopen a topic - I bake outside of Munich, Germany. Lots of grains grown around here, so lots of variety and accessibility. Lots of Spelt, and other Ancient Grains. I have a cooking class on American Pizza coming up, and my Director told me to have some spelt on hand, in case someone is allergic to/intolerant of wheat. I know, they should ask/say in advance, but one thing at a time. Does anyone have a good recipe for a pizza dough with spelt? Either thin crust or thicker (not Focaccia, please). I'd prefer one w/o rice or any other flour, if possible. This class is on American Pizza, so any/all help is welcome. Thanks in advance, -betsy
  11. Although I had expressed a wish to try something new for lunch yesterday, I don’t think I was being truthful. For both me and @Kerry Beal, It really seemed a day when familiarity and comfort were in order. Kerry had just flown back from the Workshop in St. Louis and I was dealing with some family issues. So after a brief drive around a small section of Hamilton in search of someplace new, we both agreed that a return to Lemongrass was in order. Ginger tea for Kerry and beer for me. A spicy beef salad. The strange antenna-dish-looking thing is a shrimp chip! Crispy duck. Rice and peanut sauce.
  12. David Ross

    eG Cook-Off #82: Salmon

    The annual rush here in the Pacific Northwest has been begun with the Copper River salmon now turning up in markets. My emotions vary between happiness and shaking my head in frustration. The Copper River is commanding prices nearing $60 per pound right now. The market of course is priced based on what peope will pay, but the years of marketing, PR and rising the Copper River up to a social media iconic status has pushed the cost pretty much beyond reach. If you dine at a restaurant serving Copper River salmon right now you will pay a premium, but you're only buying one plate. At some of the markets that sell Copper River salmon they require you buy a whole or side of salmon. I have to shop at a place that will sell me only a few filets. I don't need a whole salmon at that price but can handle a few filets. What I've done for a few years now is to wait a few weeks and let the Copper River price come down. Even better, wait until the salmon from other rivers in Alaska, (that don't subscribe to the Copper River juggernaught), is available. It's just a rich and has as much deep flavor as Copper River.
  13. Never been, but I heard his restaurant here (Toronto) was vastly overpriced and very poorly executed food.
  14. Sad, but it's been on the cards for some time. Few people in the UK are surprised. A combination of a poor economy, over-stretching and the B word, all contribute.
  15. teonzo

    Adorable Gummies

    That's the perfect plan! When their mamas come to bring them home, just at the last second when they are closing the car's door you say "hey kids, I have a nice gift for you" and voilà the gummy legos (closed in a box). So they leave and you observe a huge hurricane forming and going away. If the next time their mamas bring you something to eat/drink, then be careful. Teo
  16. Duvel

    Lunch 2019

    Working lunch at Kuerle, Xinjiang province. Kaobaozi (baked meat pies filled with braised fatty lamb with coriander & pepper) & Liang Pi (cold noodles in spicy & vinegary soup with cucumber & wheat gluten).
  17. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    Sounds like a keeper recipe for you 😀 ... my guys don’t mind a little sweet for sure - thanks for the heads up! I will try it next time I pull a loin out of the freezer (probably this weekend).
  18. EatingBen

    Kitchen photos

    That's a shame! I wish I could have a bit more freedom to change my kitchen how I'd like.
  19. JoNorvelleWalker

    Adorable Gummies

  20. heidih

    Dinner 2019

    Kinda reminds me of early 80's Mexico City. You enjoyed it right? That is the main point
  21. JoNorvelleWalker

    Kitchen photos

    He redid it.
  22. Kim Shook


    Welcome! So happy you found us. I'd love to hear a little bit about you and your interests.
  23. JoNorvelleWalker

    Food funnies

    I may have mentioned it before -- there is a full page beer advertisement of three nuns, one ancient, two of tender years, sitting barefoot around a lake partaking. Everything about the ad appeals to me. Ought to be illegal. Probably is immoral.
  24. KennethT

    Best way to turn Ramen powder into syrup?

    Isn't syrup sugar+water, by definition? I agree with @pastrygirl that it is probably a chili oil of some kind - note that many chili oils are not just chili flakes and oil, but can be quite complex with herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, etc...
  25. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    Oddly enough, I think I knew this somewhere in the back of my mind. I think Cooks Country made it a while back. I've even bought "Amish" noodles/dumplings. Thanks!
  26. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Greenspan's recipe is only ever so slightly sweet. Good though, I thought. I bought another orange today!
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